What to Watch on AMC+ Outside USA


Thinking of what to watch on AMC+ in 2023 outside USA? AMC+ is an excellent choice to opt for if you want handpicked entertainment that includes a touch of everything. You don’t need to worry because we have you covered with the best, trending content that is currently available on the platform.

Let’s check out the best movies and TV shows available on AMC+, just choose your favorite movie, learn how to watch AMC+ outside USA, and enjoy this season.

What to watch on AMC+ in 2023 Outside USA

Here is a list of unique ideas of what to watch on AMC+ in 2023 outside USA:

Name Style Genre  IMDB Rating  Release Date
Film Independent Spirit Awards Reality Award Shows 4 March 2023
Lucky Hank Film Comedy, Drama 19 March 2023
Frozen Planet II TV Series Documentary 9 28 Jan2023
Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches TV Series Drama, Fantasy 8 8 Jan 2023
The Graham Norton Show TV Series Comedy, Talk-Show 8.4 2 Dec 2022
Litvinenko TV Mini-Series Drama, Thriller 7.3 16 Dec 2022
Burial Short Film Drama, Mystery 4.6 29 Dec 2022
Christmas With the Campbells TV Movie Comedy, Romance 4 15 Dec 2022
Cooper’s Bar Season 2 TV Series Drama, Thriller 7.3 1 March 2023
Love After Lockup TV Series Reality-TV 6.2 22 March 2023
Taurus Short Film Drama, Fantasy 6.9 3 March 2023
Hap & Leonard TV Series Crime, Drama, Thriller 7.5 7 March 2023
Corsage Short Film Drama, Romance 7.3 10 March 2023
Leave Short Film Drama 5.9 17 March 2023
The Almond and the Seahorse Film Drama, Romance 6 24 March 2023
The Unheard Documentary Film Documentary 9.3 31 March 2023
Eternal Boys Film Drama, Romance 6.3 19 March 2023
The Madame Blanc Mysteries TV Series Crime, Drama, Mystery 6.7 20 Feb 2023

Upcoming Top shows on AMC+ in 2023 Outside USA

The following is a list of upcoming TV shows on AMC+ in 2023 outside USA:

Film Independent Spirit Awards

The Film Independent Spirit Awards annually held to recognize the efforts of those bright and shiny independent film makers who dare of push boundaries and tell stories that are often overlooked by Hollywood. From romantic drama to edgy comedy series or any tragic documentary, the Spirit Awards celebrate the art of independent filmmakers. So, if you want to see the most talented and innovative filmmakers honored, be sure to watch the Film Independent Spirit Awards.

Lucky Hank

Luck Hank is Bob Odenkirk action-comedy movie that revolves around Bob Odenkirk aka Hutch in Luck Hank. The Hutch becomes a hero after invasion of his home. He has to protect his family in this series and also take revenge from thieves. While protecting his family and taking revenge from thieves Hutch also discovers his hidden skills and a past that he never knew he had. If you want to see Hutch’s transformation into a badass, be sure to watch Lucky Hank.

Frozen Planet II

Frozen Planet II is a breathtaking landscapes nature documentary based on incredible wildlife of the Arctic and Antarctic regions. This documentary narrated by Sir David. In Frozen Planey II we’ll learn more about wildlife that struggle to survive in frozen landscapes all over the world. Frozen Planet II demonstrate the disastrous transformation of earth due to climate changes. So, If you’re a nature lover and want to witness the wonders of the frozen world, be sure to watch Frozen Planet II. It’s a mesmerizing and unforgettable journey into the heart of the poles.

Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches

Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches series is based on book. The story of Anne Rice Mayfair Witches follows Rowan Mayfair, a perceptive young neurosurgeon who come to know that she is the improbable heir to a wealthy family of witches. The story spans generations and explores themes of love, betrayal, and the supernatural. She battles to save her family from a powerful and malevolent entity that has been stalking from decades. The story of this series is full of thrill. So, If you’re a fan of the book series or just love supernatural dramas, be sure to watch Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches.

The Graham Norton Show

The Graham Norton Show is a television talk show hosted by Graham Norton. In this show Graham invites celebrities for lighter chitchats. The show is known for its relaxed and informal atmosphere, and Graham’s hilarious and irreverent style of hosting. So, if want to see your favourite celebrity or want to enjoy Grahams hosting style be sure to watch The Graham Norton Show. It’s the perfect blend of humor, music, and celebrity gossip.



Litvinenko story is based on former officer of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) Alexander Litvinenko who was poisoned in 2006. Litvinenko assassination plot is believed to have been carried out by Russian agents and has been the subject of extensive investigation and media coverage. The murder case of Litvinenko also raises many question on political freedom and human rights in Russia. If you want to learn more about Litvinenko and the political climate that led to his assassination watch Litvinenko Now.



Burial story is based on a group of soldiers active during the final days of World War II.  The soldiers given a secret mission to take Hitler’s remains and bring them to Stalin in Russia. But things didn’t go according to plan. The story is full of suspense and thrill so grab your seats and watch Burial.

Christmas With the Campbells

Brittany Snow, Alex Moffat, and Justin Long play the Campbells in the new romantic comedy Christmas with the Campbells. The protagonist of Christmas Campbells is a young lady named Jesse who experiences a breakup with her boyfriend Shawn just before Christmas. Watch Christmas with the Campbells to see how she handled the split during the holiday season.

The Walking Dead Season 11

The series, which is set in a post-zombie apocalypse world, centers on the survivors and the challenges they encounter. The series, which stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Melissa McBride, and Norman Reedus, has received a lot of praise and has been nominated for a number of awards over the years. The last season of The Walking Dead, which premiered in August 2021, has been airing since 2010. Beginning on November 6, its final three episodes will air. You can watch The Walking Dead Season 11 on AMC+.

Gangs of London Season 2

Gangs of London is a more recent series that centers on the rivalries between various multinational gangs on the streets of London and how the death of the city’s most potent crime family affects those rivalries. Gangs of London was made by Gareth Evans, who is best known for the Raid action movie series and is loosely based on the computer game of the same name. The Gangs of London Season 2 is available on AMC+, you can watch Gang of London Season 2 at any time on AMC+.


Yes, Amazon Prime Video offers a seven-day free trial of AMC+.

Channels on AMC+ include AMC, BBC America, IFC, SundanceTV, Shudder, Sundance Now, and IFC Films Unlimited.

AMC+ costs $8.99 per month.


We’ve provided everything that you need to know on what to watch on AMC+ in 2023 outside USA. Check out your preferred TV shows and movies now and start streaming.

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