What to Watch on The CW in Australia [Updated 2024]

what to watch on the cw

Pondering on what to watch on The CW in November 2022 in Australia. The CW is a unique network and it’s known to embrace a variety of genres to create entertaining shows. The CW has a reputation that is unmatched by any other network and we’ll provide you with the top picks of movies on The CW this November. Moreover, if you are thinking how to unblock The CW in Australia, we have a solution for you using a VPN, but before learning to access CW, just pick your favorite show from here.

With its MediaStreamer feature, users can access the CW on VPN-incompatible devices like Smart TVs, Apple TVs, Xbox One, and Roku and enjoy an uninterrupted HD-streaming experience! Also, check The CW cost to watch The best CW shows 2024. Use ExpressVPN to watch these series as it is the best VPN for The CW.

Let’s check them out:

What to watch on The CW

Here is a list of exquisite ideas of what to watch on The CW:

Name Style Genre IMDB Rating Release Date
Bump Season 2 TV Movie Drama N/A July 31, 2023.
A Waltons Thanksgiving TV Movie Drama N/A November 20, 2022.
Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer TV Movie Animation, Comedy 4.4/10 October 31, 2022.
Silent Night: A Song For The World TV Movie Biography, Drama, History 7.4/10 December 10, 2020.

Upcoming Top shows on The CW

The following is a list of upcoming TV shows on The CW:

Bump Season 2

Watch Bump Season 2 [intent origin=

Welcome to the exciting world of Bump Season 2, where the drama unfolds, emotions run high, and the unexpected becomes the norm. Learn how to watch Bump Season 2 in Canada on The CW.

A Waltons Thanksgiving

A Waltons Thanksgiving
A Waltons Thanksgiving, which will be broadcast on CW, is a faith-filled, family-friendly movie to enjoy this Thanksgiving. The new film is a follow-up to The Waltons: Homecoming, a movie adaptation of the venerable television series ‘The Waltons’ from the previous year.

In 1934, the Depression has an impact on everyone as the Walton family gets ready for Thanksgiving. With the help of his farm and the quirky Baldwin Sisters, John Walton (Teddy Sears) is able to support his family. Now, the time has come for the annual Harvest Festival Fair, where the Waltons are the focus of carnival rides, talent displays, and pie competitions.

Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer

Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer is a 2000 animated Christmas TV special directed by Phil Roman. A youth sets out on a quest to find his grandma who has gone missing and establish the veracity of Santa Claus. Jake Spankenheimer, a little boy, has to assist his parents in stopping their vengeful cousin Mel from taking control of the family business on Christmas Eve as if he doesn’t already have enough difficulties.

Silent Night: A Song For The World

Silent Night: A Song for The World
The documentary titled Silent Night: A Song for the World explores the history of the world’s most popular Christmas carol, which was written in Salzburg in 1818. The song has been translated into 140 languages, and could become Bing Crosby’s third best-selling single.

Bump Season 2

Watch Bump Season 2 Outside USA on The CW

The series entertains and aims to provide valuable life lessons to parents and teenagers, making it an ideal and thought-provoking show. You can watch Bump season 2 online on The CW.


Watch Moonshine Outside USA on The CW

Moonshine is about a dysfunctional family battling to take control of the family business. Despite the struggles, the family has to stick together as a unit as they figure out a mechanism to take care of the family business. The sibling rivalry is outmatched when the family sticks together.

Son of a Critch

Watch Son of a Critch Outside USA On The CW

Son of a Critch is a highly praised comedy series brought to you by the creators of Schitt’s Creek. Drawing inspiration from Mark Critch’s popular memoir of the same title, this show presents a side-splitting and nostalgic portrayal of Mark’s real-life adventures during his 1980s upbringing in St. John’s, Canada.

Run The Burbs

Watch Run The Burbs Outside USA on The CW

n Run the Burbs, the Pham family continues their journey of embracing life to the fullest in the suburbs of Rockridge.

Andrew, the devoted stay-at-home dad, faces new challenges as he strives to balance his responsibilities at home and support his wife Camille’s successful entrepreneurial career.

Fight to Survive

Watch Fight to Survive Outside USA On The CW

Fight to Survive has 17 contestants, some of whom have been on other shows. The most significant task is for them to stay alive for 25 days on a remote tropical island.

The contestants have to face off against the elements and each other while completing challenging tasks.

The winner will receive a total of $250,000. In this life-or-death survival tournament, competitors fiercely compete for life-sustaining supplies. So don’t wait anymore and start streaming Fight to Survive Episode 3 and Episode 4 on the CW now!

The Swarm

Watch The Swarm [intent origin=

The Swarm is an apocalyptic sci-fi thriller series based on Frank Schätzing’s novel. The Swarm will premiere on The CW channel on September 12, 2023. Watch The Swarm on The CW.

Miss USA Pageant

Watch Miss USA Pageant [intent origin=

Miss USA Pageant is all set to air on the 29th of September 2023. All events will be held at the Grand Sierra Resort. Learn how to watch Miss USA Pageant outside USA On The CW.

The Spencer Sisters

Watch The Spencer Sisters [intent origin=

A toast to all the comedy-mystery fans! The Spencer sisters will be on CW on the 4th of October. Fret not if you aren’t in the USA. You can effortlessly Watch The Spencer Sisters outside USA on the CW network.

Sullivan’s Crossing

Watch Sullivan's Crossing [intent origin=

Sullivan’s Crossing is a captivating television series, from Canada that first aired on March 19, 2023. You can now enjoy this show on The CW. However, if you’re located outside USA, you need to opt for a reliable VPN like Express VPN to access The CW. If you want to know more on how to watch Sullivan’s Crossing outside USA on The CW continue reading.

Everyone Else Burns

Everyone Else Burns delves into the untold stories of individuals who have faced challenges and adversity. In this compelling series, we get to see the extraordinary journeys of ordinary people who’ve risen from the ashes of life’s tribulations, emerging stronger and more inspiring than ever. Viewers can easily watch Everyone Else Burns in Australia On The CW.

Penn & Teller Fool Us Season 10

In its 10th season, the magic series welcomes a fresh addition to its lineup; the show will be judged by Penn Jillette and Teller. In every episode, the magicians will showcase their finest tricks in an attempt to amaze and gain the approval of Penn & Teller. You can easily Watch Penn & Teller Fool Us Season 10 in Australia On The CW.


Yes, The CW is free and you don’t have to subscribe to use the service.

Yes, you can access The CW for free without registering a cable account or any other kind of account at all.

You can access The CW on your TV through local TV channels or by next-day video-on-demand from The CW.


This article contains all that you need to know on what to watch on The CW in November 2022 in Australia. Check out your favorite movies now and start streaming.

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