How to watch The Hardy Boys on Disney Plus from Anywhere

Excited to watch The Hardy Boys on Disney Plus? All the fans of The Hardy Boys novel series gather up because all your imaginations have become true in the form of a real TV drama show.

When two brothers and their father along with the help of some loyal friends try to uncover the mysteries happening in Bridgeport town, the story takes unexpected turns.

You can watch the Hardy Boys on Disney plus easily and while you try to connect to it from any part of the world using a Disney Plus VPN, we are always here to help. We have prepared a list of solutions you will need in handy to view all your favorite and most awaited shows on Disney plus.

How to Watch the Hardy Boys from Anywhere

Disney Plus is not available in all the countries of the world and the ones geo-restricted on its website cannot be able to access without a Virtual Private Network (VPN). But you can use it anywhere with the help of Disney Plus VPN.

  • Choose the most suitable VPN according to your needs, we would like to suggest ExpressVPN for that matter.
  • After the subscription of the service chosen, launch the VPN app.
  • Connect to a server available for Disney+ (Australia or New Zealand).
  • Once successfully connected, visit the official website or app for Disney Plus.
  • Log in or sign up.
  • Stream “The Hardy Boys” with ease and enjoy the movie.
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Best Disney Plus VPNs to Watch The Hardy Boys from Anywhere

Here are the top three VPNs that we personally recommend after going through the hard work of downloading and testing out 50+ various VPNs. It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that after reading about these services and their features, you will be saving a ton of time.

1. ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to watch The Hardy Boys from Anywhere

ExpressVPN has 3000+ servers and it is also a Buffer free streaming with no server disconnections and wins the game by being available on all kinds of devices. Let it be a game console or a TV streamer, this VPN has got you covered with the 5 simultaneous streams.

You can switch to various locations whenever the need arises and enjoy choosing from a variety of 94 countries and 160 server locations. Not only that but with its 24-hour live chat support system, you won’t be getting too far with any concerns arising in the future. Masking your IP address and keeping your identity safe is one of the strongest features of this VPN.

With the lightning speed of 92.26 Mbps downloads when pinged on a 100 Mbps connection, it only gets better with the more advanced advantages of using ExpressVPN.


ExpressVPN speed test on 100 Mbps internet connection

ExpressVPN split tunneling allows you to route some sites through the VPN and others without it. With the help of the Network lock kill switch, you will be notified of the halting of all connections if the security of the VPN drops.

With private DNS and Trusted server technology it is inevitable for your data to get leaked or traced in any way while keeping your encryptions secure and also hastening the connection speed. Blocking out malicious websites is why a Threat Manager is built-in the software along with the promise of not logging any kind of data.

Light way Protocol and one of the best kinds of encryptions pave the way for ExpressVPN in being of the best services to opt for at just AU$ 10.2 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) (Get 3 Months FREE with annual subscription!). Not only this, but you can also refund all your money-back guarantee in 30 days.
Probably the best time to catch up with the leftover episodes of You’re the Worst on Disney Plus with this deal.

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2. Surfshark: Most Affordable VPN to stream The Hardy Boys on Disney Plus

Not to worry anymore, because we present you with Surfshark VPN that is so affordable, that it is offering exceptional benefits at such a little price.
Providing you with a complete barricade against any security compromise it also works with 10 Gbps servers that are 100% RAM-only.

You can also make Unlimited simultaneous streams on Disney+ while having the choice to opt from 100 Countries and more than 3200 servers on this service. It also gives you strong protection against click-baits and virus-filled websites through Clean Web and can easily hide your identity by using the Camouflage mode.

The Smart Pay Technology allows you to use this service on various devices in your house as well as compensate for a built-in Military-grade encryption code. With an astonishing upload speed of 79.42 Mbps and download speed of 88.48 Mbps on an average 100Mbps connection mode, it also has the features of White Lister and No border Mode.


Surfshark speed test on 100 Mbps internet connection

You absolutely can’t go wrong with a service that was selected for Editor’s Choice by many esteemed publications in 2021. So, go back to streaming Hawkeye, Once Upon a Time, and more like The Muppet Show available on Disney Plus by just pitching in the minimal AU$ 3.38 /mo (US$ 2.21 /mo ) (Save 83% on a 24-month subscription). Not only this, but you can also refund all your money back guarantee in 30 days.




3. NordVPN: Fastest VPN to watch The Hardy Boys from Anywhere

This Nord VPN is the fastest VPN blazing fast speeds by far the most reliable source of hiding your identity and region among avid users of VPNs. It provides one of the most secure connections and has the ability to deceive the protocols on a highly encrypted website as well.

Giving you a remarkable download speed of 93.42 Mbps and upload speed of 87.68 Mbps while being connected to the internet on 100 Mbps is not just it.


NordVPN speed test on 100 Mbps internet connection

With over 60 Countries and 5500+ servers to access, it never fails to amaze us with its Nord Lynx Security Protocol. This inclusive feature offers you to connect from hidden servers and allows for better traffic management protocols and also provides the 6 simultaneous streams.
With Multi-factor authentication, ISP throttling, Smart Play technology, and Private DNS properties you can also benefit from its Cybersec feature to block advertisements, spyware, and botnet control.
Get back to watching Mrs.America and What we do in the shadows on Disney plus by being a part of this subscription plan in just AU$ 8.39 /mo (US$ 5.49 /mo ) (Avail 65% off & get 3 months free on a 2 year subscription) also, Nord VPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How a VPN Allows you to Access ‘the Hardy Boys’ on Disney+ from Anywhere?

It’s basically just deception. VPN allows you to deceive your server by virtually placing you in a server or country which can enable access to a certain website or app.

VPN basically means Virtual Private Network. Giving away its purpose in its full form, a VPN allows you to access websites even through a geo-restricted site. Disney Plus is under the hefty regulations of its content managers and publishers which impose strict policies against publishing their entertainment sections in regions they do not approve of.

Unfortunately, Disney + Is currently only available in India, Australia, the UK, Canada, and the United States. If you try to access from any other region you will be prompted with a Disney Plus Error Code 73. So, it would be better if you connect to your preferred VPN service and then try to access the Disney Plus website or app.


Disney Plus is geo-restricted in many countries!

How to Create Disney Plus Australia Account from Anywhere [Easy Steps]

Creating a Disney Plus account is not a complicated task and all you need is a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN to help you throughout the process.

  • Create an ExpressVPN account and download it on your designated device.
  • Connect to servers in Australia so that Disney Plus is deceived into believing your access from that location.
  • Now, open the Disney Plus website on a browser or launch the app.
  • Select the option which provides you with account registration.
  • Fill in the necessary details.
  • For payment, choose an international service or redeem a gift card.
  • Confirm your preferences and start your account.
  • You can now even host a binge party if you like.
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On What Devices can I Watch The Hardy Boys on Disney Plus?

Smartphones, Tablets & Mobiles
  • iOS 10 and above
  • iPad 10 above
  • Android mobile 4.4.4
  • Mobile web
Browsers on Computers or Laptops
  • Google Chrome v 75 and above
  • Safari v 11 and above
  • Microsoft Edge v 79 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox v 70 and above
  • Mac OS 10.2 and above
  • Opera
  • UR Browser
Other devices
  • Apple TV OS 11 and above (Gen 4 and above)
  • Android TV OS 7 and above
  • Other Smart TVs (Samsung Smart TV, Sony Smart TV, Vizio, TCL & LG)
  • Google Chromecast Firmware 1.43 and above (Gen 2 and above)
  • Roku device and Roku TV
  • Firestick and Fire TV


What to Do if ‘The Hardy Boys’ on Disney Plus is not Working?

If “The Hardy Boys” doesn’t seem to be working on Disney Plus then it could be due to error codes. Error Code 42, Error Code 83, Disney+ Error Code 39, or Error Code 41 could be some of the codes you are viewing.

  • Error Code 42, is prompted when there is a connection problem with the Disney plus app or website specifically. You can also spot it when you are unable to see the movie screen, but the audio is still playing.
  • Error Code 83 might appear due to device compatibility issues, internet connection errors, or account issues.
  • Disney+ Error Code 39 is a rather more concerning error because it is the reason for temporary data corruption, Failed copy-protection check, passively generated temporary files, In-game capture settings, and most probably Issues with the HDMI splitter.
  • Error Code 41 is usually the result of un-reachable content on Disney plus servers. Sometimes, movies and Tv shows are restricted in one region and accessible in the other.

You can check the quick fixes to resolve these errors by referring to Disney Plus not working.


Disney Plus Error Message when it stops working!

There are a few other things you may try to fix this issue quickly.
Simply reload the Disney Plus app to see if the problem has been resolved then you can also restart your router and streaming device.
Additionally, inspect your internet connection and remove the app cache.

Everything About The Hardy Boys

You might be anxiously waiting to just access Disney plus and watch the Hardy Boys, but you need to hold your horses because we have got some necessary facts for you to be enlightened with.

Release Date

All of the 13 episodes of the first season were released on December 4th, 2020, on a popular video streaming platform (Hulu).

This story is based on the lives of two brothers, Frank and Joe Hardy along with their father. They notice unusual stuff in their town Bridgeport and are determined to get to the depth of the matter. Even as kids, they are persistent in finding out the truth and uncovering the real mystery.

Watch the epic trailer to get yourself some goosebumps.



There have been two seasons of the Hardy Boys up till now.
There are a total number of 23 episodes comprising 13 episodes in the first season and the rest of the 10 in the second one.


Cast Role
Rohan Campbell Frank Hardy
Alexander Elliot Joe Hardy
James Tupper (season 1) and Anthony Lemke (season 2) Fenton Hardy
Keana Lyn Bastid Callie Shaw
Linda Thorson Gloria Estabrook
Bea Santos Aunt Trudy
Adam Swain Chet Morton
Cristian Perri Phil Cohen
Atticus Mitchell JB Cox
Riley O’Donnell Elizabeth “Biff” Hooper
Laara Sadiq Kanika Khan
Janet Porter Laura Hardy
Stephen R. Hart The Tall Man
Saad Siddiqui Rupert Khan
Rachel Drance Stacy Baker/Anastasia Nabokov
Jennifer Hsiung Jesse Hooper
Frank Licari Paul McFarlane
Bill Lake Ezra Collig
Philip Williams Wilt
Ric Garcia Stefan
Charolette Lai Sandra
Jim Codrington Sam Peterson
Sean Dolan Ern Cullmore
Tara Peterson Shawna Meyer
Joan Gregson Anya Kowalski
Mark Sparks Nigel
Philip Craig George Estabrook
Marvin Kaye Sergei Nabokov
Vijay Mehta Ahmed Kahn

IMDb rating

The Hardy Boys stand at a rating of 6.9/10 on the IMDb platform.


You can easily access the first season on Netflix, Disney Plus, and Hulu. While using ExpressVPN if you live in a geo-restricted location.

You will be able to view the recent title of The Hardy Boys on Disney Plus Canada. However, if you reside abroad in Canada, you can also be at ease. The IP masking feature of ExpressVPN allows you to appear from Canada even when you are sitting in Bangladesh.

Yes, it has recently scored its first season on Disney Plus and is available to stream.

Here is a list of websites that are offering free streaming of The Hardy Boys season 1Be careful while accessing these websites and always connect to a premium VPN to keep you away from any viruses or data logging.
Except for these, you can always start a free trial of 7 days on Hulu and try to binge-watch the whole season within the week.

There was a movie named The Hardy Boys released in 2012 in the US.



You can watch The Hardy Boys of Disney Plus and enjoy it as it is an epic master-mind mystery plot that takes a ton of twists and turns and brings out the detective in all of us. While all of us try to uncover the real truth behind the ongoing tragedies, we mustn’t forget the accessibility features of ExpressVPN which allow us to binge our favorite movies and series from any part of the world.

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