How to Watch British Cult on BBC iPlayer in USA? [Quickly]

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Wondering how to watch British Cult on BBC iPlayer in USA? You can make use of a premium VPN such as ExpressVPN to watch BBC iPlayer in USA and stream A Very British Cult episodes hassle-free.

A Very British Cult was a sitcom situated in the suburbs and revolving around a cult that was designed as a cover for a profoundly ugly man to have sex with the wives of other people.

But alas, as is so frequently the case when one adopts an optimistic interpretation, you would be incorrect. A Very British Cult is a meticulous, sensitive, and ruthless inquiry and dissection of the real misery that appears to have been inflicted by an organization known as Lighthouse.

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How to Watch British Cult on BBC iPlayer in USA? [Easy Steps]

Following are the 5 easy steps to watch British Cult on BBC iPlayer in USA using a premium VPN:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable BBC  iPlayer VPN (Recommended: ExpressVPN).
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your device and sign in with your credentials.
  3. Launch the VPN and connect to a UK server (Recommended: Docklands server).
  4. Go to the BBC iPlayer website and sign in to your BBC iPlayer account.
  5. Search and watch British Cult on BBC iPlayer in USA!

Where can I Watch A Very British Cult on BBC iPlayer?

Wondering where to watch A Very British Cult? You are able to watch British Cult on BBC iPlayer in USA using a premium VPN such as ExpressVPN.

A Very British Cult release date was April 5th, 2023. You can watch its episode on BBC Three and the streaming service BBC iPlayer anytime you want.

BBC iPlayer cost is none as it is a free streaming platform. You just need to register for a free iPlayer account and are good to go watching any of your favorite TV shows and movies in USA.

What is A Very British Cult about?

Life coaching is one of the services that Lighthouse offers with the hopes of assisting clients in achieving their goals. An investigation that lasted for 18 months and was conducted by the BBC found that it takes control of people’s life, keeps them apart from their loved ones, and harasses those who are critical of it.

Lighthouse International Group asserts that it is unique among the majority of other organizations that provide life coaching and was founded in 2012 by the businessman Paul Waugh.

As the investigation heats up, the group fights back, culminating in a bizarre final showdown. This shocking exposé on the downside of self-improvement is not to be missed.

Who is in the cast of A Very British Cult?

Let’s have a look at A Very British Cult cast:

Real Name (Actor/Actress) Character
Rehman Chaudri Self
Anthony Church Self
Dawn Ingram Self
Jeff Leigh-Jones Self
Jai Singh Self
Alexandra Stein Self/Cult Expert
Paul Waugh Self

How many episodes of British Cult are there?

A Very British Cult has a total of 8 episodes, which you can watch on BBC iPlayer and BBC Three. The ominous life counseling firm that will eventually take control of your life. Catrin Nye is conducting the investigation. As the plot thickens, they begin to fight back, and the confrontation that follows is entirely unreal.

Episode 1: Lighthouse – April 5, 2023: Dawn calls to tell me that her companion is a member of a cult, and thus the story begins. The episode lasts 28 minutes.

 Episode 2: The Daily Call – April 5, 2023: Jeff is on the phone all day, every day, listening to his boss. The episode lasts 28 minutes.

Episode 3: The Life Coach – April 5, 2023: Can a life coach help Catrin fulfill her full potential? This episode lasts 29 minutes.

Episode 4: Getting Out – April 5, 2023: The real difficulty starts when people start asking challenging questions. The episode is 30 minutes long.

Episode 5: Paulie – April 5, 2023: Who precisely is Paul Waugh, the beloved leader of Lighthouse? The episode is 29 minutes long.

Episode 6: Control – April 5, 2023: Simon, a former Lighthouse recruiter who quit the organization, is introduced to Catrin. The episode is 29 Minutes long and full of excitement.

Episode 7: Us and Them – April 5, 2023: Inside Lighthouse, there are still individuals there, including a father who was left behind. The run time of the 7th episode is 29 Minutes.

Episode 8: The Showdown – April 5, 2023: As Lighthouse ultimately goes to court, Catrin confronts the organization’s leader. The run time of this episode is 29 minutes.

Is there any official trailer for A Very British Cult?

Yes, A Very British Cult trailer has been made available on YouTube. You can watch the video and take a sneak peed of what the original documentary is based on:

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British Cult


The IMDb rating of British Cult is 6.8 out of 10. A Very British Cult BBC iPlayer has an above average!

Benjamin Carter is the director and producer of the series “A Very British Cult”. You can watch its episode on BBC iPlayer in USA with the help of a premium VPN such as ExpressVPN.

Hard rock, heavy metal, and glam metal post-punk are the genre of A Very British Cult. The series begins premiering on April 05, 2023.

Wrap Up!

Life coaching to assist people in achieving their goals is one of the services advertised by Lighthouse. An 18-month BBC investigation, however, reveals that it dominates users’ time, drives individuals apart from their loved ones, and harasses those who speak out against it.

Lighthouse International Group, founded in 2012 by businessman Paul Waugh, positions itself as unique among life coaching organizations.

You can watch British Cult on BBC iPlayer in USA using a premium VPN such as ExpressVPN due to its wider server network and robust unblocking capabilities.

Wondering what to watch on BBC iPlayer, you can watch a wide range of amazing content for free and stream live sports events like the Manchester United V Manchester City Final of 2023 on BBC iPlayer. So get BBC iPlayer and VPN ready to watch this documentary worldwide. Happy streaming!

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