33+ Facts that Prove Disney Plus is a Force to be Reckoned With in Canada

Disney Plus Facts in-Canada

As early as it may seem, Disney Plus has taken the video streaming industry by surprise. Initiated by The Walt Disney Company in late 2019, it managed to bag millions of subscribers on its first day of launch. 

Since Disney Plus is relatively new and is still in the midst of expansion, while most of the world has already begun streaming using a VPN for Disney Plus, that means people living in Canada can also watch Disney Plus UK or Disney Plus Thailand with the help of a reliable VPN. We decided to compile a factual guide for users who are still fairly new to the streaming business to select easily. 

The Walt Disney Company is one of the oldest companies and is a legacy for children and young adults who have grown up watching all their original content and visiting their larger than life theme parks and resorts. 

In less than a year, Disney+ has become a robust contestant in the infamous stream wars amongst the top oldest SOVD streaming services like Netflix and Amazon. And with the Disney Bundle, it offers something for everyone, families, adults, and sports freaks. 

So keep on reading if you want to know 35+ facts on just how popular Disney Plus has become, and what the future holds for the streaming service in an already saturated industry. 

Facts about Disney+ you may not have known

1. Disney has 100+ Million Subscribers

Not even a year ago, Disney Plus launched in November 2019, and it already has over 100 million subscribers. The numbers combine the subscribers from the Disney Bundle, which include Disney Plus with 60.5 million, Hulu with 35.5 million and 8.5 million for ESPN+. 

2. Disney Plus bags 60.5 million subscriber count in Q3 2020

On its own, Disney Plus managed to bag 60+ Million subscribers as of August 2020. And the number keeps on growing—a surprising victory for a service that began just a few months ago.

3. 59% of people are willing to add Disney Plus on their existing plans

A survey conducted back in 2019 stated that almost 59% of people are willing to add Disney+ along with other streaming services they own. And 16% were likely to replace their existing plans with Disney+. This survey took place before the launch of Disney Plus, proving it’s popularity.

4. 41 million downloads in just 2 months brought in a revenue of $100 million

A total of 41 million downloads of Disney+ were recorded just 2 months into the launch, along with a $100 million figure attached to it. 

5. One of the most affordable SVOD service out there

Considered one of the cheapest streaming services out there, with a price tag of $6.99 per month. What makes it even more attractive is that Disney +’s biggest competitors are twice as expensive—making Disney+ or the Disney Bundle an easy choice for the user, offering better value for the money. 

6. 80% increase in subscriber count since February 2020

Since February 2020, Disney Plus has seen a soaring 80% increase in its subscriber count. It majorly has to do with the lockdown imposed after February. Screen Time increased by a significant number during these months. 

7. The most downloaded app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store in the US in Q4 2019

Disney Plus US

It was the most downloaded app on Google play store and Apple app store, crossing the 30 million figure. Breaking the record and becoming the most downloaded app in the US in Q4 2019. The last app on Google to surpass the 10 million thresholds in a quarter was Facebook Messenger back in 2017. 

8. Disney Plus is the best streaming service for families

Disney+ is considered the best streaming service for families. And the timings couldn’t have been better, with the ongoing pandemic and millions of families in quarantine, Disney+ is exactly what everyone needs to keep in the family’s sanity and peace. 

9. $ 27.8 Billions spent on content for Disney Plus and other Disney networks

Disney spent $27.8 billion across their studios, networks, and subscription on video demand services like Disney Plus in 2019. The highest figure was in comparison to its competitors, which had a $15 billion tag attached to it. 

10. Disney Plus groups with Hulu and ESPN+ to provide a versatile experience for its viewership 

Disney+ also comes in with a package by the name of Disney Bundle. To make things versatile for its viewership, Disney brought 3 streaming services together. Disney+ caters to all the family-friendly needs, like Hulu with Disney Plus, for your adult self and ESPN+ through Disney Plus in Canada for the sports freak in you. Good enough to cut your cord forever and save tons of bucks as you get 3 services for a price of one. 

11. Verizon pairs with Disney Plus, providing free subscription for almost a year

The famous wireless cellular service Verizon paired up with Disney+ and is now providing 6-12 months of free subscription, based on your Verizon package. 

12. Disney Plus emerged as a fierce competition to Netflix by beating it in the revenue market

Disney Plus Revenue

Disney+ also emerged to beat Netflix in the revenue market of Q4 2019 by 16%. And reducing the dominance of Youtube by 3% in the US.

13. Disney+ show “The Mandalorian” broke Netflix’s “Stranger Things” 5 months streak 

Disney Plus’s most popular TV series linked to the Star Wars franchise “The Mandalorian” broke the 21-week streak of “Stranger Things.” The Netflix series was the top streaming show in the US for 5 months straight, until the premiere of The Mandalorian, which became the most in-demand show in Canada.

14. Majority Americans supported Disney Plus’s decision to attach a disclaimer warning on racist content

With the ongoing protests on racial discrimination around the US in 2020, Disney took a stand to attach a disclaimer on their old school movies back from the early 90s, warning the viewer of racist content. 58% of Americans from all ethnicities approved the decision, while 18% who disapproved of this decision were white. 

15. Disney Plus is popular among Millennial 

Another survey conducted in February 2019 measured the likelihood of Disney+ subscription sorted by age groups. 30% of people from 18-29 were somewhat likely to buy the Disney Plus subscription. At the same time, 16% were very likely in the same age group. 

16. Launch of Disney+ grew Disney’s impact on digital media

According to a survey conducted in March 2020 regarding the influence of the leading companies in digital media, Disney grew massively with 23.7% in the year 2020 compared to the 1.2% impact in 2019. The numbers soared majorly after the launch of Disney+, with predictions from the industry professionals that it will significantly affect the markets throughout 2020.

17. 200,000 downloads of Disney Plus app in Netherlands in the First Week 

Disney Plus made its debut in the Netherlands back in September 2019 and bagged 200,000 downloads in the first week. The decision behind their launch in the Netherlands before anywhere else came because of their high-speed internet. Along with the fact that the Dutch citizens do pretty well with the VOD streaming services, Netflix profited off pretty well from 2015-2018. 

18. Disney Plus became a source of Profit for The Walt Disney Company

Disney+ became the reason for the surge in the revenue of The Walt Disney Company upon its launch. And despite the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak, the streaming service has managed to keep the revenue afloat, if not increase. 

19. Estimated subscriber count for Disney Plus may surpass 200 million from year 2020-2025

Disney Plus became a popular choice as soon as it was released. And hence the subscriber expectations have also surged. According to monthly stats and data compilation, it is analyzed to go from around 101 million to 1202 million by 2025

20. Disney Plus is streaming all the Box Office Hits produced by Disney

Disney+ is readily streaming all the Disney Studios blockbusters, which ruled the silver screens and surpassed $11 billion in box office earnings worldwide—claiming the throne to their box office dominance overall.

21. House to all Marvel and Star Wars Franchise

Disney bought Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilms, and 20th Century Fox over the span of 15 years, from 2006-2019. Due to this, Disney Plus is the only service now that has all the Marvel Franchise at their disposal along with the entire Star Wars legacy. 

22. Disney+ broke the internet by introducing Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda broke the internet when Disney Plus’s original series “The Mandalorian” began streaming along with the launch of Disney Plus in the US on November 12, 2019. Baby Yoda became the talk of the town and memes, literally taking over the internet for good. 

23. Disney+ reached its 5-year goal in less than a year

The Q3 earnings call from the Disney CEO Bob Chapek revealed that Disney+ completed the 5-year plan in only a few months, with 60+ million subscribers under the belt. That is a massive success, and it further paints a bright picture for the future of Disney+. 

24. Expansion of Disney Plus across the globe

Along with its release within the USA, Disney Plus made its way to Canada on November 12, 2020. Followed by Disney Plus Australia and Disney Plus New Zealand a week later. Ever since the streaming service is expanding globally with new release dates and launches every other day, it is stated that by 2021 Disney Plus will become global, available in all the continents. 

25. Owned by The Walt Disney Company, a 97 year old legacy

Disney Plus is run by one of the oldest and the most successful companies globally, The Walt Disney Company. It made a total of $69.57 billion in revenue in 2019. This is a promising figure to guarantee the progress and success of Disney+.

26. Earned 50 Million in it’s initial 30 days after release

The 16% revenue generation of Disney Plus accounted for $50 million in its first 30 days of launch. Beating major rivals like HBO NOW even in their best months of business. 

27. Ruled the SVOD download market share by 34% in 2019

Disney Plus Market share

On its launch, Disney Plus expanded its reach and took 34% of the market share in the last quarter of 2019 according to sensor tower. The highest as compared to its competitors. The idea was to expand the market rather than taking it over, and it did. 

28. Disney Plus, top trending search of 2019 in Canada

Google releases “A year in search” annually that takes a look back and defines the kind of year it was. And in 2019, Disney’s streaming service “Disney Plus” was Google’s biggest search trend. The service’s most popular show, “The Mandalorian,” was also on the leading US TV shows search trend. 

29. Boycott of Facebook advertisements by Disney Plus amidst the uncontrollable racism on the social media platform

Disney+ cut ties with Facebook advertisements when they refused to monitor and control racism on their platform. As Disney was a major spender on Facebook ads, this act cost facebook millions. But Disney stood up to racism effectively at the time when the whole world was sorrowful and protested for the Black community. 

30. Disney+ Introduced a new VOD venture “Premier Access” 

Covid-19 brought challenging times for movie producers and theater owners, who lost millions when movies saw various delays, months, and years ahead of their schedule. That is when Disney+ bought out a new venture, “Premier Access.” A VOD service, a safer alternative to theatrical release where the subscriber buys the movie online. It was a way to cover up the losses the pandemic brought on the movie business. The service will commence on September 4th with the release of Live-Action Mulan on Disney Plus

31. Within the US, Disney Plus became the top downloaded app, pushing Netflix in second place

Beating another Netflix record, Disney+ became the top downloaded app in the US in 2020. With 14.1 million downloads, Disney Plus was number 1 on the list, followed by Netflix and Hulu, a Disney-owned service. 

32. Launch in Europe brought in millions worth of revenue for Disney Plus

Disney Plus launched across Europe on March 24, 2020, which generated 15.6 million downloads. This launch brought 18.5 million in revenue to the Disney Plus venture. 

33. Parent company of Disney Plus is on the list of top 100 companies in market capitalization 2020

Disney Plus is a venture of The Walt Disney Company, one of the most prestigious companies globally. It is one of the 100 largest companies in the world by market capitalization. The company’s initial market cap in May 2020 was $195.3 billion, but as of now, in September, the figures rose to $241.33 billion.  

34. Former Disney Plus CEO was the third highest paid CEO in the US

Disney’s former CEO, Robert Iger, was the third highest-paid CEO in the US in 2019. He was replaced by Bob Chapek, who is currently reaching new heights with Disney Plus. 

35. Delayed Disney+ launch in France to cooperate with the French Government

On the French Government’s request, Disney Plus delayed the launch of the streaming service in France by 2 weeks. It was to ensure their broadband infrastructure’s smooth functioning, which took a hit as Covid-19 took over. The launch was originally on March 24 but was moved to April 7. 

What Future Holds for Disney Plus

It is safe to say that Disney Plus is in great hands, and its future is quite fruitful. With so much success in such let time, it is on the rightful path of giving other major streaming services a run for their money. And with all the leading production houses by its side, Disney Plus will soon get rid of the “Just for kids” label and become a versatile platform for all ages.



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