What to Watch on HBO Max in Canada in May 2023

what to watch hbo max

HBO Max is a streaming service that will offer the best movies and TV shows from the libraries of HBO, Warner Bros, and Cartoon Network, original programming under the “Max Originals” banner. Find out what to watch on HBO Max in June 2023 in Canada.

The service is available in the United States and Latin America and one can not access HBO Max in Canada. For Instance, if you reside in France then you can not access HBO Max in France without a VPN. The same is the case with HBO Max in Indonesia or any other country except the USA. However, it will reach Canada, Europe, and Africa by 2024-25. HBO Max launched in the United States on May 27, 2020.

HBO Max has over 73 million paying global subscribers, and it is going to be a great addition to any home entertainment system. And enjoy another mind-blowing documentary-like Bama Rush on HBO Max.

What to Watch on Max in June 2023

Name Style Genre  IMDB Rating  Release Date
Naked Loud Proud TV Series Drama 7.5 1st June 2023
The Dead Files Season 15 TV Series Horror/Reality-TV 6.8 1st June 2023
Painting with John Season 3 TV Series Comedy/Reality-TV 7.7 2nd June 2023
The Eric Andre Show Season 6 TV Series Comedy/Talk-show 8.6 4th June 2023
The Idol TV Series Drama 5.0 4th June 2023
90 Day Fiance TV Series Romance/Reality-TV 6.4 4th June 2023
Battle on the Beach Season 3 TV Series Reality-TV 4.8 4th June 2023
Burden of Proof TV Series Documentary/Crime/Thriller 6th June 2023
Manchester City vs Inter Milan Live Event Reality-TV/Sports 10th June 2023
Inside Out Season 3 TV Series Reality-TV 9.0 14th June 2023
Champions League Final Event Reality-TV/Sports 7.5 10th June 2023
AEW All Access Event Reality-TV 7.9 9th June 2023
The Righteous Gemstones TV Series Comedy/Drama 8.1 18th June 2023
Save My Skin Season 5 TV Series Reality-TV 7.2 14th June 2023
Beachside Brawl Season 2 TV Series Reality-TV 6.6 18th June 2023
The Great Food Truck Race Season 2 TV Series Reality-TV/Game-Show 6.6 18th June 2023
John Early: Now More Than Ever Movie Documentary/Comedy 17th June 2023
Swiping America TV Series Documentary/Romance 15th June 2023
We Baby Bears TV Series Animation/Adventure/Comedy 6.2 17th June 2023
Outchef’d Season 2 TV Series Reality-TV 6.9 15th June 2023
The Stroll Movie Documentary 7.9 21st June 2023
Hoffman Family Gold Season 2 TV Series Reality-TV 6.0 16th June 2023
Downey’s Dream Cars TV Series Reality-TV 22nd June 2023
Just Like That Season 2 TV Series Comedy/Drama/Romance 5.7 22nd June 2023
Taylor Max 24 Decade History Movie Documentary/Music 27th June 2023
Beachfront Bargain Hunt Renovation Season 7 TV Series Reality-TV 6.8 30th June 2023
Ten Year Old Tom TV Series Animation/Comedy 8.1 29th June 2023
Rock Hudson All That Heaven Allowed Movie Documentary 28th June 2023
Warrior Season 3 TV Series Action/Crime/Drama 8.4 29th June 2023
Magic Mike’s Last Dance Movie Comedy/Drama 5.3 2nd June 2023

What to Watch on HBO Max in May 2023

Name Style Genre  IMDB Rating  Release Date
TV Series Biography/Drama/History 6.8 1st May 2023
1000% Me: Growing Up Mixed Movie Documentary 6.3 2nd May 2023
Batwheels Season 1E TV Series Animation/Action/Adventure/ 6.1 2nd May 2023
Run All Night Movie Action/Crime/Thriller 6.6 2nd May 2023
Fifty Shades of Grey, 2015 Movie Drama/Romance/Thriller 4.2 3rd May 2023
The Other Two TV Series Comedy 7.8 4th May 2023
Unicorn: Warriors Eternal TV Series Animation/Action/Adventure/ 9.0 5th May 2023
Legion of Super-Heroes, 2023 Movie Animation/Action/Sci-Fi 5.7 8th May 2023
The Conjuring, 2013 Movie Horror/Mystery/Thriller 7.5 8th May 2023
Two Sides of The Abyss TV Series Crime/Drama/Thriller TBA 8th May 2023
Manchester City vs Real Madrid Semifinals Event Sport 9.1 9th May 2023
Milan vs Inter Milan Event Reality-TV TBA 10th May 2023
Inter vs Milan Semifinal Leg 2 Event Reality-TV TBA 16th May 2023
Manchester City vs Real Madrid Semifinal Leg 2 Event Sport 8.8 17th May 2023
Rick and Morty, Season 6 TV Series Action/Adventure/Comedy 9.1 11th May 2023
We Baby Bears: Little Falling Star, Season 1G TV Series Animation/Adventure/Comedy 6.1 14th May 2023
Land of Gold, 2022 Movie Drama 8.0 15th May 2023
Unbreakable, 2000 Movie Drama/Mystery 7.3 15th May 2023
Angel City TV Series Documentary TBA 16th May 2023
Men in Black, 1997 Movie Animation/Adventure/Comedy 7.3 16th May 2023
Men in Black II, 2022 Movie Animation/Adventure/Comedy 6.2 16th May 2023
Men in Black III, 2012 Movie Animation/Adventure/Comedy 6.8 16th May 2023
The LEGO Batman Movie, 2017 Movie Animation/Action/Adventure/ 7.3 19th May 2023
Spy/Master TV Series Action/Drama/Thriller 9.6 19th May 2023
Love to Love You: Donna Summer Movie Documentary 7.2 20th May 2023
San Andreas, 2015 Movie Action/Adventure/Thriller 6.1 22nd May 2023
Shazam: Fury of the Gods Movie Action/Adventure/Comedy 6.1 23rd May 2023
Smartless on the Road TV Series Documentary TBA 23rd May 2023
Gremlins: Season 4 TV Series Animation/Adventure/Comedy 7.8 23rd May 2023
Succession Season 4 Finale TV Series Comedy/Drama 8.8 28zth May 2023
Sarah Silverman Show TV Series Comedy 6.9 TBA
Being Mary Tyler Moore Movie Documentary 8.7 TBA

What to Watch on HBO Max in April 2023

Name Style Genre  IMDB Rating  Release Date
Royal Crackers, Season 1 TV Series Animation 5.4 3rd April 2023
Craig of the Creek, Season 4E TV Series Animation 7.4 4th April 2023
Looney Tunes Cartoons TV Series Animation 8.0 6th April 2023
The Winchesters TV Series Action/Adventure/Drama 6.3 6th April 2023
Kung Fu TV Series  Action/Adventure/Drama 5.5 7th April 2023
Music Box: Jason Isbell: Running With Our Eyes Closed TV Series Signature Music Acts 7.3 7th April 2023
Happy to be Home with the Benkos, Season 1 TV Series Reality-TV TBA 9th April 2023
U.S. Women’s Soccer vs. Republic of Ireland  Event Sport 11th April 2023
Highlights: U.S. Women’s Soccer vs. Republic of Ireland Event Sport 11th April 2023
The Last Ship, 2014 TV Series Action/Drama/Sci-fi 7.4 11th April 2023
Titans TV Series  Action/Adventure/Crime 7.5 13th April 2023
A Black Lady Sketch Show, Season 4 TV Series Comedy 7.5 14th April 2023
#BringBackAlice TV Mini-Series Drama/Mystery/Thriller TBA 14th April 2023
Clone High TV Series Action/Comedy/Sci-Fi 8.2 14th April 2023
100 Foot Wave TV Series Documentary/Sports 8.1 16th April 2023
Barry, Season 4 TV Series  Action/Comedy/Crime 8.4 16th April 2023
Para – We Are King (Para – Wir Sind King), Season 2 TV Series Drama 6.7 17th April 2023
Bugs Bunny Builders, Season 1D TV Series Animation 8.0 18th April 2023
U.S. Men’s Soccer vs. Mexico Event Sport 19th April 2023
Highlights U.S. Men’s Soccer vs. Mexico Event Sport 19th April 2023
Fired on Mars, Season 1 Movie Animation 7.2 20th April 2023
Diary of an Old Home, Season 2 TV Series Reality-TV TBA 21st April 2023
Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?, Season 3 TV Series Talk-Show 4.0 21st April 2023
Doctor Who: Power of the Doctor TV Series Adventure/Drama 7.7 23rd April 2023
Somebody Somewhere, Season 2 TV Series Comedy/Drama 7.9 23rd April 2023
The Dog House: Season 4 TV Series Documentary 8.7 27th April 2023
Love & Death TV Mini-Series Biography/Drama/Crime 9.2 27th April 2023
Moonage Daydream TV Series Documentary 7.8 29th April 2023

What to Watch on HBO Max in March 2023

Name Style Genre  IMDB Rating  Release Date
Creed I & II Drama Action 7.1 01 March 2023
I Love You, Man Comedy Romance 7.0 01 March 2023
Marlon Wayans: God Loves Me Standup Comedy Comedy 6.7 02 March 2023
Mariachis Dramatic Comedy Traditional Music 7.8 02 March 2023
Perry Mason season 2 Drama Crime 7.6 06 March 2023
Rain Dogs Drama Comedy 6.3 06 March 2023
Mortal Kombat Movie Action/Adventure 6.0 08 March 2023
The Last of Us (Season Finale) TV Series Action/Adventure 8.9 12 March 2023
Beach Cottage Chronicles, Season 2 TV Mini-Series Documentary 7.8 17 March 2023
All the Beauty and the Bloodshed Story Documentary 7.6 19 March 2023
Only You: The Animated Shorts Collections, 2023 TV Series Animation 7.2 23 March 2023
Succession season 4 TV Series Comedy 8.8 26 March 2023
Those Who Wish Me Dead Movies Action/Thriller 6.0 29 March 2023

What to watch on HBO Max in February 2023

Name Style Genre  IMDB Rating  Release Date
Dionne Warwick: Don’t Make Me Over Story Documentary 7.8 02 February 2023
Super Villains, The Investigation (Supervillains, l’enquête) Story Documentary 02 February 2023
Flordelis: A Family Crime (Flordelis: Em Nome da Mãe) Story Documentary 6.9 02 February 2023
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, 2014 Extended Version Movie Fantasy 7.4 03 February 2023
C.B. Strike: Troubled Blood TV Series Mystery 8.2 06 February 2023
All That Breathes, 2022 Story Documentary 7.4 07 February 2023
Edge of Tomorrow Movie Action 7.9 07 February 2023
Empire of Light TV Series Romance 6.8 07 February 2023
Aqua Teen Forever: Plantasm, 2022 Movie Animation 6.3 08 February 2023
Harley Quinn: A Very Problematic Valentine’s Day Special TV Special Animation TBA 09 February 2023
Puppy Bowl XIX TV Special Sport 8.8 12 February 2023
King Star King!/!/!/ TV Mini Series Animation 5.5 14 February 2023
Poor Devil TV Series Comedy Animation TBA 17 February 2023

What to watch on HBO Max in January 2023

Name Style Genre  IMDB Rating  Release Date
The Menu Movie Horror 7.2 03 January 2023
Velma Season 1 TV Series Adult Animation 1.3 12 January 2023
The Climb Season 3 TV Series Game Show 6.8 12 January 2023
The Big Soirée (El Gran Sarao) TV Series Reality-TV 5.7 13 Jan 2023
I Don’t Like Driving (No Me Gusta Conducir) TV Series Comedy 7.3 13 Jan 2023
The Last of Us Season 1 TV Series Action 9.3 15 January 2023
USWNT vs. New Zealand Event Sport 17 January 2023
Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons Movie


Animation 6.7 17 January 2023
Sesame Street Mecha Builders Season 1 TV Series Animation 8.2 17 January 2023
The Cabin Chronicles Season 3 TV Series Documentary 8.6 20 January 2023
​​YOLO: Silver Destiny Season 2 TV Series Animation 6.9 23 January 2023
USMNT vs Serbia Live Sports Event Sport 25 January 2023


No, HBO Max is not for free.

No, HBO Max is not available in the UK yet.

No, HBO is not on Amazon Prime.


If you are looking for what to watch on HBO Max in May 2023 in Canada, check out the list above. HBO Max is the most advanced streaming service with exclusive content from HBO, Cinemax, and other premium channels. With more than 73 million subscribers, it is the largest subscription streaming service in the world.

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