How to Watch Somebody Somewhere Season 2 on HBO Max in Germany?


Do you want to know how to watch Somebody Somewhere Season 2 on HBO Max in Germany? You can watch this wonderful series in Germany by using ExpressVPN.

However, as we all know, HBO Max is a geographically restricted platform that is available to people in the United States. As a result, a VPN is required to circumvent the platform’s geo-restrictions, allowing you to watch HBO Max in Germany.

The most awaited show is a comedy series called Somebody Somewhere, which is created together by Paul Thureen and Hannah Bos and is produced by Shuli Harel. The show is planned to premiere on HBO Max on April 23, 2023.

So, if you’re already excited, keep reading to learn some intriguing facts about the show and why ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Somebody Somewhere Season 2 on HBO Max in Germany.

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How to Watch Somebody Somewhere Season 2 on HBO Max in Germany? [Easy – Steps]

You may watch Somebody Somewhere Season 2 on HBO Max in Germany by using a VPN.

  • Download a VPN; ExpressVPN is an excellent choice owing to its outstanding optimization.
  • Simply select the server in the United States. (New York)
  • Browse the HBO Max website to sign up or log in.
  • ExpressVPN would now allow you to watch Somebody Somewhere Season 2 HBO Max!

Note: In case HBO Max doesn’t work in Germany and you face any issues, then you may contact customer support to fix HBO Max anytime.

Where to Watch Somebody Somewhere Season 2 in Germany?

You can watch Somebody Somewhere Season 2 on HBO Max, Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+.

If you want to watch Somebody Somewhere Season 2 2023, you must know HBO Max prices and membership options.

How to Watch Somebody Somewhere Season 2 for free?

You can watch Somebody Somewhere for free using an HBO Max free trial with Hulu. If you have Hulu, you can add HBO Max to your Hulu account and get a trial period for HBO Max with one of the best streaming offers available.

Simply click the symbol in the upper right corner, then Account, and finally Manage Add-ons. HBO Max and additional add-ons are available here, with a one-week free trial tag above it. To begin your HBO Max free trial, tap on HBO Max and then Confirm Changes.

You can also cancel your HBO Max membership at any time and without charge during the free trial.

What is Somebody Somewhere Season 2 Release Date on HBO Max?

The seven-episode Somebody Somewhere Season 2 release date is Sunday, April 23 2023 (10:30-11:00 p.m. ET/PT) and will be accessible to watch on HBO Max.

So mark the date on your calendar, and get ready to watch Somebody Somewhere Season 2 on HBO Max in Germany!

What is Somebody Somewhere Season 2 about?

Season 2 of Somebody Somewhere shows us that even the most enjoyable families can be difficult. Sam and Joel (Jeff Hiller) have established a comfortable routine. But none stays the same indefinitely.

Life’s struggles transcend generations, making Somebody Somewhere a must-see for anybody who enjoys an emotional, relaxing, and authentic narrative. It depicts the story of a 40-something quirky outsider who has returned to Manhattan, where the majority of her family still lives, after years of living in Lawrence.

Everything about the program, including the melancholy, joy, pain, approval, sorrow, isolation, family and friends, and the grief, pleasure, distress, and misery, makes it a fascinating off-center depiction of life in deep-red Kansas.

Who is in the Cast of Somebody Somewhere Season 2?

Co-creators Bos and Thureen will return for season two, as will Everett, who is the star and executive producer in the program.

Executive producers include Jay Duplass, Carolyn Strauss of Mighty Mint, Mel Eslyn of Duplass Brothers Productions, Mark Duplass, Tyler Romary, and Patricia Breen. Producer is Shuli Harel. Thureen, Bos, and Patricia Breen wrote the show, which is directed by Robert Cohen and Jay Duplass.

The Somebody Somewhere Season 2 cast includes:

Cast Cast
Bridget Everett as Sam Jeff Hiller as Joel
Mary Catherine Garrison as Tricia Murray Hill as Fred
Danny McCarthy as Rick Jane Drake Brody as Mary Jo
Heidi Johanningmeier as Charity Mercedes White (Tiffani)
Kailey Albus (Shannon) Meighan Gerachis (Irma)
Tim Bagley (Brad) Jennifer Mudge (Susan)

How many seasons are there for Somebody Somewhere?

Somebody Somewhere is a US comedy-drama television series developed by Hannah Bos and Paul Thureen that stars Bridget Everett. On January 16, 2022, its first season debuted on HBO.

Soon after the first season of the show, the audience started questioning that “will there be season 2 of Somebody Somewhere?” The television drama has been renewed for a second season in February 2022, with the launch date planned for April 23, 2023.

Stay tuned to know if the team will bring Somebody Somewhere Season 3!

How many episodes are in Somebody Somewhere Season 2?

The second season will consist of 7 episodes, which will be released weekly on Sundays beginning April 23 from 10:30 PM-11:00 PM EST.

The season will conclude on May 28, 2023, with the premiere of the seventh episode, and just like that Season 2 of Somebody Somewhere will include seven episodes and will launch on HBO Max.

Episode # Date of airing Platform
Episode 1 April 23, 2023 HBO Max
Episode 2 April 30, 2023 HBO Max
Episode 3 May 7, 2023 HBO Max
Episode 4 May 14, 2023 HBO Max
Episode 5 May 21, 2023 HBO Max
Episode 6 May 28, 2023 HBO Max
Episode 7 May 28, 2023 HBO Max

Is there any trailer for Somebody Somewhere Season 2?

The teaser begins with Sam (Everett) and her colleague and friend Joel (Jeff Hiller) riding in a car, Joel discussing his “dream wedding.” Joel discusses his wedding vision, and then we see Sam, in her normal humorous and captivating form, performing “Gloria” by Laura Branigan once Joel requests it.

The two then begin singing together, relishing their newfound bliss in self-discovery. Season 2 is set against a sweet, hilarious, and delightful setting in the 1-minute teaser, indicating more enjoyment to come.

Why ExpressVPN is the best VPN to Watch Somebody Somewhere Season 2 on HBO Max in Germany?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Somebody Somewhere Season 2 on HBO Max in Germany, since it offers advanced features, quick servers, a 1-month refund guarantee, fantastic customer service, and a boatload of other excellent incentives.

ExpressVPN: The best VPN to Watch Somebody Somewhere Season 2 on HBO Max in Germany?

ExpressVPN offers among the best connections in the industry, providing you with seamless and buffer-free viewing, making it the best VPN for HBO Max in Germany.

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To test this assertion, we employed HBO Max on Firestick with this VPN service on a 100 Mbps connection. We were ecstatic when we discovered that we could obtain download rates of up to 90 Mbps.

We further put the system’s promises to the test by using a number of its 3000+ data centers distributed over 94 nations.

We also employed its 23+ US-based servers to watch HBO Max on LG TV, which might be challenging to link to and observed that we could rapidly establish a link.

With all of the aforementioned benefits, ExpressVPN also has a Media Streamer tool that allows you to link HBO Max on Chromecast and any incompatible gadgets effortlessly.

ExpressVPN is also suitable with a wide range of streaming gadgets, as well as different operating systems, so it is easy to get HBO Max on Roku, Firestick, iOS, Apple TV, Mac, Windows, Android, and Linux, as it supports a maximum of five gadgets at the same time.

You can also utilize this VPN to watch MLB Games on one of Max’s Content Hubs which includes DirecTV, Crunchy Roll, TNT Library, and so much more.

ExpressVPN provides a 30-day refund policy, 24/7 assistance from a customer support representative, and EUR 6.22 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) (Get 3 Months FREE with annual subscription!). This rate is enough to watch Somebody Somewhere Season 2 on HBO Max in Germany.

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Fans Expectations from Season 2 of Somebody Somewhere

This is what fans can anticipate from the second season of Bridget Everett’s critically praised HBO series “Somebody, Somewhere.”

Everett, a Manhattan-born actress, singer, and comedian, says the concert was influenced by her childhood in Kansas. She received her degree from Manhattan High School in 1990 and attended Arizona State University on a music scholarship before returning to New York to work in the entertainment industry.

The show envisions what her existence might have looked like if she went back to her village. Everett portrays Sam, who was devastated by the loss of her sibling last season. This season, she’s trying to start a new life with her closest companion, Joel, played by Jeff Hiller. The news brings them both delight and support.

Who is Somebody Somewhere based on?

The play is based in part on Everett’s life, which adds emotional depth to Sam’s journey. Somebody Somewhere Season 1 was likewise about Sam returning to her hometown, even though she never felt at ease there.

Due to her family’s predicament, the people near her greeted her with pity, and that was not something that the heroine needed. The first season of the sitcom had 7 episodes, with Mary Catherine Garrison, Jeff Hiller, and Danny McCarthy filling out the roster.

What happened at the end of Somebody Somewhere?

Somebody Somewhere’s ending explained that Sam achieves the moment she goes into her bedroom. We tried it earlier in the season but it just didn’t seem right, so we moved it to the conclusion of the season. Here it is: She’s discovered her folks, and she’s starting to embrace herself a little more, knowing that she’ll get over her pain with Holly — or, more accurately, through it.

Holly was her lifeline, and she thought she’d be the sole individual who believed in her. Sam felt quite detached after losing that. But she has since met folks in the town where she was raised, a place where she never believed she might find herself. It’s exciting.

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Somebody Somewhere


Sam Miller, a 40-year-old ex-bartender who returned to her homeland a year ago, slept on a couch in her little house.

Are you thinking if Somebody Somewhere canceled or will air its season 3?  HBO has yet to decide whether to continue airing or cancel Somebody Somewhere Season 3. We are constantly watching the situation with Somebody Somewhere.
Why does Sam sleep on the couch in Somebody Somewhere?

Sam spent the whole season sleeping on her parents’ sofa rather than in Holly’s former room. the room of her sister who passed away just recently of cancer.

The cult favorite show ‘Somebody Somewhere’ is based on the biography of Bridget Everett.

Wrapping Up

ExpressVPN is recommended if you want to watch Somebody Somewhere Season 2 on HBO Max in Germany. Its dependable servers and fast-running server make accessing geo-restricted libraries straightforward.

HBO Max will certainly debut this year with a diverse selection of original programs, movies, and television episodes. We’ve also discussed how to watch Somebody Somewhere Season 2 on HBO Max in Germany.

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