Best Movies on Discovery Plus In USA To Watch in 2023!


Are you looking for the best movies on Discovery Plus in USA? Don’t look further. We have compiled the best Discovery Plus Movies list for you, which will help you select Discovery Plus Movies that rock- whether you like comedy or horror, Discovery Plus has something for everyone.

Discovery Plus is one of the top streaming services. It offers over 55,000 hours of content – and it’s just getting better!

The platform includes everything you’d expect to see on any streaming service: nature shows about insects or animals, reality shows, cooking shows, and documentaries, which means you can find some great Movies to watch on Discovery Plus.

The only drawback of Discovery+ is that it is geographically restricted and isn’t accessible everywhere. If you want to watch Discovery+ Outside USA, you will require a subscription to a reputable VPN service like ExpressVPN.

If you are still wondering what Movies Discovery Plus have, read the entire blog it will guide you on what new movies are on Discovery+. Let’s get started!

What are The Best Movies on Discovery Plus In USA to Stream in 2023?

Discovery Plus is America’s leading streaming platform, which offers a wide variety of content, including TV series, reality shows, cooking shows, and documentaries. You can also stream some of the most Trending Movies on Discovery Plus.

If you are tired of scrolling and want to know what the best Movies on Discovery Plus are, here is the list of the Best Discovery Plus Moviesin USA:

The Girl Who Escaped: The Kara Robinson Story (2023)


Genre: Thriller, Crime, Drama
Director: Simone Stock
Cast: Katie Douglas, Kristian Bruun, Cara Buono, Erik Athavale, Robert Nahum, Lisa Marie DiGiacinto, Brandon McEwan, Sophia Carriere
IMDb Rating: 6.5/10
Runtime: 1 hour, 28 minutes

The Girl Who Escaped: The Kara Robinson Story (2023) is the story of Kara Robinson, a teenage girl who was kidnapped from the porch of her childhood friend’s house in 2002 by a violent serial murderer, Richard Evonitz, who had earlier murdered three young girls, like Kara.

Kara acted sensibly and managed to escape Evonitz’s residence, in which she was being kept hostage and assaulted. After she escaped, she assisted the police in locating her abductor and was awarded a $150,000 prize.

This is one of the Best Discovery Plus Movies 2023 that’s totally worth watching!

Vacation Home Nightmare (2023)


Genre: Thriller, Drama
Director: Lindsay Hartley
Cast: Aubrey Reynolds, Felisha Cooper, Justin Berti, Yolanthe Cabau, Anastacia McPherson, Grant Wright Gunderson, Christopher Sky, Nick Checket
Trailer: N/A
IMDb Rating: 5.0/10
Runtime: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Vacation Home Nightmare‘s story centers on a crime scene in which the culprits change their clothing to wipe up the evidence. This suspense thriller film is full of secret actions that the spectator will discover at various points.

Danielle Banks, the movie’s main character, was attacked in her rental. Following the attack, the cleaning crew of the company arrives to assist her in cleaning the room. The lady eventually realizes that the cleaning crew may be a fraud.

The team’s charming leader could be clearing up the room only to remove the evidence. He’d do everything to get out of trouble and silence Aubrey. It’s one of the trending movies on Discovery Plus!

The Devil’s Academy (2023)


Genre: horror, documentary
Director: N/A
Cast: N/A
Trailer: N/A
IMDb Rating: N/A
Runtime: N/A

The Devil’s Academy‘s storyline is about a paranormal event. In 1979, on October 25, it appeared that the Miami Aerospace Academy student body had been subjected to extensive demonic possession.

Students ripped doors off hinges and damaged windows in complete disturbance as a young boy who appeared to have superhuman strength. One female was observed levitating, claiming to be the devil. Reports of the tragedies at the Miami Aerospace Academy quickly circulated.

Forty years after the devil took over the school, a group of ex-MAA students, law enforcement agents, demonologists, and paranormal investigators gathered to recount their experiences.

This movie will release on 26th February 2023 – mark your calendars!

Hoax The Kidnapping of Sherri Papini (2023)


Genre: Crime, Drama
Director: Marta Borowski
Cast: Jaime King, Matt Hamilton, Josh Collins, William Carson, Eva Brooke Baker, Maegen Eastwood, Lisa MacFadden, Christina Sicoli
IMDb Rating: 5.5/10
Runtime: 1 hour, 28 minutes

The story of Hoax The Kidnapping of Sherri Papini centers around Sherri’s disappearance while jogging in 2016. The case sparked intense interest among true crime enthusiasts who were unconvinced by her narrative of abduction when she returned home.

She was found on a highway with her face bruised, haircut, and chained up. She told police she had been kidnapped by two Hispanic women and kept in a bed, forced to use a litter box, and branded for attempting to escape.

However, after months of searching, investigators concluded that Sherri had not been abducted but rather had spent the three weeks with her ex-boyfriend.

This is one of the best Movies on Discovery Plus right now – make sure to watch it!

Gwen Shamblin: Starving for Salvation (2023)


Genre: Drama
Director: John L’Ecuyer
Cast: Jennifer Grey, Karen Cliché, Jorja Cadence, Connor McMahon, Brittany Drisdelle, Evelyne Morissette, Vincent Walsh, Karine Dion, Carlo Mestroni
IMDb Rating: 5.8/10
Runtime: 1 hour, 28 minutes

This story focuses on the life of a highly influential and controversial religious leader and weight loss coach in Tennessee, Gwen Shamblin Lara. Gwen Shamblin Lara, a highly powerful and controversial religious leader and weight reduction instructor in Tennessee, is the subject of this narrative.

She founded the Weigh Down Workshop and the Remnant Fellowship Church, which taught people how to lose weight via prayer.

Her church swiftly developed, and her control strengthened as she separated members from non-members, punished people who were overweight, and sometimes even threatened legal action against dissenters.

One of the best movies on Discovery Plus, Gwen Shamblin: Starving for Salvation is a must-watch if you’re into controversial series!

Michigan Hell House (2023)


Genre: Horror, Documentary
Director: N/A
Cast: Steven Shippy, Hunter Foretich, Cindy Kaza
Trailer: N/A
IMDb Rating: N/A
Runtime: N/A

Steve Shippy and Cindy Kaza, a psychic medium, star in Michigan Hell House as they look into one of the most documented and frightening paranormal occurrences.

Most people weren’t aware of the case, so Shippy and Kaza delved into the mystery behind the phenomena and uncovered some new facts concerning the haunting.

The movie is based around the Pomeranian family’s farmhouse located in Merrill, Michigan, where they were exposed to multiple disturbing and violent paranormal activities for over a year.

Strange noises, unexplained explosions, and sudden combustion took the family and their home apart. This is undoubtedly one of the great movies to watch on Discovery Plus!

The Wrong Step Mother (2023)


Genre: Thriller
Director: David DeCoteau
Cast: Vivica A. Fox, Tracy Nelson, Corin Nemec, Cindy Busby, Calli Taylor, Michael Bergin, McKinley Blehm, Gina Hiraizumi
IMDb Rating: 4.5/10
Runtime: 1 hour, 23 minutes

Lily Stone has had to shoulder a lot of responsibilities after her mother’s death while also attempting to move on from the misfortune with her father, Michael, and younger sister, Nicole.

Then one day, Michael informs his children of something unexpected: he has recently begun seeing a lady he met online and wants his daughters to meet her.

Despite the fact that Michael’s new companion Maddie soon likes Nicole, Lily is hesitant to accept Maddie into the family. As Maddie attempts to persuade Lily to accept her, Lily begins to believe something is wrong with her father’s girlfriend.

Even though Michael dismisses Lily’s sentiments, she soon discovers that Maddie is set on having a place in her family – and will do anything to create the perfect family she desires.

This is one of the best Discovery Plus movies that you need to watch!

Cocaine Godmother (2022)



Genre: Drama, Crime, Biography
Director: Guillermo Navarro
Cast: Jenny Pellicer, Warren Christie, Alejandro Edda, Raul Mendez, Catherone Zeta-Jones, Juan Pablo Espinosa, Josa Julian
IMDb Rating: 5.6/10
Runtime: 1 hour, 40 minutes

Cocaine Godmother is the tale of Miami-based drug boss Griselda Blanco, a leader in the cocaine trade.

Griselda Blanco traveled to the United States with her first husband, Carlos, at the age of 17. Griselda, who lived in Queens with her three kids, was drawn into the drug world by the money it offered and rapidly became involved with local drug dealers.

Griselda oversaw the employment of attractive ladies, children, and the elderly as mules, as well as the creation of false-bottom luggage to import cocaine from Colombia.

With money flowing in, her boys dropped out of school and went into the family business. Cocaine Godmother is one of the best movies on Discovery Plus! Make sure to get it a watch.

She Made Them Do It (2023)


Genre: Drama, Crime
Director: Grant Harvey
Cast: Jenna Dewan, Richard Hull, Sarah Jo Pender, Steve Bacic, Mackenzie Phillips, Tricia Nordman, Nels Lennarson, April Telek, Andrew Cataldi
Trailer: N/A
IMDb Rating: 6.2/10
Runtime: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Sarah Jo Pender was convicted of two murders but maintains her innocence.

She plots her escape after exhausting her appeals options, with the assistance of a security officer, her current and previous fellow convicts, her father, and an unexpected friend, while attempting to keep her innocence.

This is one of the great movies to watch on Discovery Plus in 2023 because it is suspenseful. You can also get Discovery+ free trial to watch this movie.

Note: You can cancel your Discovery+ subscription at any time during the free trial.

Her Deadly Sugar Daddy (2023)


Genre: Thriller
Director: Brooke Nevin
Cast: Lauren Swickard, Brent Bailey, Aubrey Reynolds, Elise Robertson, Rick Otto, Jim Poole, Virginia Tran, Jack Merrill
IMDb Rating: 4.3/10
Runtime: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Bridget, 21, moves to a new place with her closest friend Lindsay after graduating from college.

Since she desperately needs a job to finance her growing literary career, she gets appointed as an Executive Assistant to Anthony Gloss, a business tycoon.

The income is exorbitant, and the benefits are endless, but she will eventually find that a luxurious life can be fatal. Her Deadly Sugar Daddy is one of the trending movies on Discovery Plus!

My Nightmare Landlord (2023)


Genre: Mystery, Horror, Thriller
Director: Dylan Vox
Cast: Caroline Harris, Sinéad D’arcy, Spencer Belko, Ignacyo Matynia, Willow Hale, Lashan Anderson, Andre Boyer, Lucy Boryer
Trailer: N/A
IMDb Rating: 4.4/10
Runtime: 1 hour, 27 minutes

Lydia feels lonely and alone after moving into a new residence after splitting up with her boyfriend.

Her attractive landlord first appears to be a breath of fresh air until he establishes an unhealthy fascination with Lydia and becomes overly engaged in her life.

The desire to alleviate her loneliness evolves into a hunt for her mind’s calm. This is one of the best Discovery Plus Movies 2023 as it involves horror, thriller, and mystery!

All you have to do is pay the Discovery+ cost and you can enjoy hours of streaming.

I Am Somebody’s Child (2023)


Genre: Drama
Director: Camille Thomasson
Cast: Ginnifer Goodwin, Sherri Saum, Angela Fairley, Kim Hawthorne, Lauren Cochrane, Aaron Radwanski, Monique Coleman, Jessica Loeppky
IMDb Rating: 7.5/10
Runtime: 1 hour, 27 minutes

The story of I Am Somebody’s Child revolves around a young African-American girl who has been in more than thirty foster homes and psychiatric hospitals before reaching the age of 18 and the one lady who believes in her, Jeanne.

Their bond is forcefully shattered after Jeanne’s unsuccessful adoption attempt owing to a racially discriminatory judgment.

After 25+ years, Jeanne is ultimately allowed to adopt Regina in the exact courtroom that earlier refused them. If you’re into movies that involve drama, I Am Somebody’s Child is one of the Discovery Plus movies that rock!

His Fatal Fixation (2022)


Genre: Thriller, Drama
Director: Stuart Acher
Cast: Kyle Buchanan, Sarah Fisher, Robin Dunne, Cory Lee, Stephane Garneau, Kyana Teresa, Helena Marie
Trailer: N/A
IMDb Rating: 5.8/10
Runtime: 1 hour, 22 minutes

After surviving a horrific attack by a jealous stalker, perfect beauty Lily Abrams relocates to a new city in search of a new beginning.

Lily is physically wounded and trying hard to cope with her past horrific trauma. She is troubled by her stalker’s visions at every step and is risking her new work and her new life.

This is one of the best movies on Discovery Plus that you need to watch. You can also get a Discovery Plus Student Discount on your subscription. Make sure to check it out!


We hope you liked our blog and you’ve selected a movie to binge-watch this weekend from our list of best movies on Discovery Plus. We have listed the latest releases of Discovery Plus as well as some old popular titles.

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