How to Watch Disney Plus in Philippines Easily [September Updated]

How to Watch Disney Plus in Philippines Easily [September Updated]

Not sure how to watch Disney Plus in Philippines? You are definitely at the right place! Watching trendy movies like Lightyear or TV shows like She-Hulk in the Philippines is only as far as following our 4 simple steps to watch Disney+ in the Philippines.

There has been speculation around the recently activated Disney Plus Philippines Instagram page, but there’s no official confirmation on its launch since it’s not a verified account. As they say, there’s no smoke without fire, so let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for an announcement soon.

Until then, using the best VPN for watching Disney+ in the Philippines is your answer to stream the latest content from Pixar, Star Wars, Disney, National Geographic, and Marvel.
Even if you try to access Disney+, you will stumble upon Disney Plus error code 73:

“Sorry, Disney+ is not available in your country.”


Disney Plus is geo-restricted in many countries!

Note: You can keep checking our blog on Disney Plus’s available countries to get updates on when it will be available in the Philippines.

However, the way around it is to connect to a US server via a Disney Plus VPN service to bypass geo-blocking policies. To do so, follow the mentioned below steps. By following these steps you can also watch Disney+ Ireland, Disney+ France, and Disney Plus Venezuela content.

[UPDATE] Disney Plus Philippines is Coming & Confirmed!

It’s official good news! Disney Plus Philippines is set to launch in 2022 alongside Disney+ Vietnam. It will be released as Disney+ Hotstar and will feature local language content in its vast library, like all other countries where it has been launched so far.

Earlier, when Filipino viewers tried accessing their platform, they would come across a message saying, ‘It isn’t available in your region, but now you can simply visit the official Disney+ website and click on a button that says, “Keep Me Updated.”


If you want to stay updated, check Disney Plus’s official website!

Once you sign up for emails related to launching news, cost, and content about this streaming platform, it just might become a one-of-kind experience tailored exclusively towards locals with “Star” included in its content hub besides Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar & National Geographic.

Be ready to watch Darkwing Duck, Lizzie McGuire,The Great North and so many more on Disney+ Philippines in the near future – in 2022!

How to Watch Disney Plus in Philippines? [4 Simple Steps]

Follow these simple steps to watch Disney Plus in Philippines in 2022 with a VPN:

  1. Look for the premium VPN service for Disney+ and subscribe to it (We highly recommend ExpressVPN).
  2. Download the VPN app and log in with your username and password.
  3. Connect to the USA server from the list (ExpressVPN Disney+ recommended servers: New Jersey 1 & 2, Washington DC, and New York).
  4. Now visit or Download the app from Google Play Store or App store> login to your account and enjoy.

Note: You must have an active Disney Plus subscription before following these steps. It cannot be assumed that a VPN service will enable you to stream Disney+ for free. Since Disney Plus is a paid streaming service, make sure you subscribe to it.

Having said that, if you travel or reside in countries where Disney+ is launched officially, you can enjoy your Star Wars movies and shows in no time. Streaming Disney Plus in Singapore on Apple TV, watching Ejen Ali the movie on Disney+ Malaysia, and a lot more content in other countries like Disney+ Argentina can be viewed without a VPN. While watching your favourite movie or show and suddenly Disney+ stopped working, for a quick check Is Disney+ down in your country read the blog.

Quick Overview of Best VPNs For Disney Plus in Philippines [September 2022]

If you don’t have time, here’s a quick rundown on the best VPNs to access Disney Plus in Philippines:

  1. ExpressVPNBest Disney Plus VPN for Buffer-free and superfast streaming up to 89.45 Mbps with 3000 servers in 94 countries to stream Disney+ in HD at US$ 6.67/mo(Get 3 Months FREE with annual subscription!).
  2. SurfsharkAffordable VPN app with unlimited simultaneous connections for one user at US$ 2.21/mo(Save 83% on a 24-month subscription) per month for a 24-month subscription.
  3. NordVPNFastest VPN app with WireGuard servers that boosted its speed twofold to enjoy streaming Disney+ with kill switch, threat protection feature at the cost of US$ 5.49/mo(Avail 65% off & get 3 months free on a 2 year subscription) per month for a 24-month subscription with complimentary three months.

Want to compare the Best VPNs for Watching Disney+ in the Philippines?
Jump straight to the comparison table now!

Do I need a VPN for Disney+ in the Philippines in 2022?

Yes, you do, and if you are familiar with the content distribution policies of the Walt Disney Company, you have an idea that streaming services like Disney Plus use an IP tracking mechanism to ban all the users who try to access Disney content from geo-restricted countries like the Philippines or other Asia and Pacific regions.

Since your internet connection contains your local IP address, when you browse the Disney+ website or download the app from Play Store in the Philippines, it activates the IP tracking system that immediately bans you.

However, when you connect to a USA server via VPN, it hides your local IP with an American IP address and gets you a virtual location IP. In this way, a VPN tricks the IP tracking system that you are residing in the USA and allows you to access all the Disney+ content such as Star Wars in the Philippines.

Moreover, you can also access the Disney Plus Bundle on your Smart TV using a VPN service, which gives complete access to 3 streaming platforms; Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+. Furthermore you can also utilize the option of enjoying content in your native language by understanding turning on or how to turn off subtitles on Disney Plus!

Best VPN to Watch Disney Plus in Philippines [Detailed Analysis – 2022]

To find the best VPN that Disney Plus streaming service will not detect, we have tested 50+ VPNs and shortlisted the following three that will provide ease of access in streaming Disney Plus in Philippines. Let’s not waste time and get to the point of our recommendations:

1. ExpressVPN | Best VPN for Disney Plus in the Philippines

It is the best VPN to access Disney Plus in PH for a reason ExpressVPN is popular because of its geo-unblocking capabilities. During testing, it provides us with a download speed of 92.26 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection. We found this provider’s #1 VPN to watch Disney+ in the Philippines.


Access Disney Plus in Philippines by connecting to ExpressVPN’s New York server.

This provider offers the fastest VPN server ever used and provides 3000 servers in 94 countries, including 150+ US servers to watch Disney Plus in the Philippines. With ExpressVPN’s single account, you will get five simultaneous connections along with a 30-day money-back guarantee for US$ 6.67/mo(Get 3 Months FREE with annual subscription!).

ExpressVPN provided great speeds on we tested it on a 100 Mbps connection. It showed us a download speed of 92.26 Mbps and an upload speed of 89.45 Mbps. With the excellent service of Express VPN, you can watch the most awaited Star series Solar Opposites in the Philippines. And with this buffer-free VPN, you can also watch Disney+ in Pakistan.

express vpn speed test

ExpressVPN provided us with an amazing speed!

ExpressVPN’s New York, Washington DC, London, and Paris servers are recommended. Dallas server, however, provides slow connectivity.

Unblock Disney+ with ExpressVPN!Our Top Recommendation

Note: By using this fantastic VPN you can also access Disney Plus UK, Disney+ Canada and other countries’ Disney Plus content library.

2. Surfshark | Affordable VPN to Unblock Disney+ in the Philippines

Surfshark is amongst the most affordable VPN in the industry available for US$ 2.21/mo(Save 83% on a 24-month subscription) to unblock Disney Plus Philippines on Mac, Android, Smart TVs, and other devices.


Unblock Disney Plus in Philippines through Surfshark.

It offers 3200 servers in 65 countries, including 100+ optimized US servers to access Disney Plus in the Philippines or in any country.

It provided us with a download speed of 88.48 Mbps and an upload speed of 79.42 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection.

surfshark speed test

The speed was fast enough for streaming!

In addition, this provider is the only provider in the market that offers unlimited simultaneous connections on a single account. And it also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can also use it to unblock Hotstar in USA.

Surfshark’s Atlanta, Miami, and Chicago servers effortlessly unblocked Disney+ without issues. San Jose server, however, kept disconnecting.

3. NordVPN | Fastest VPN to Stream Disney Plus in the PH

This VPN offers the fastest streaming for Disney Plus in the Philippines on US servers as other servers are less speedy comparatively. You will experience a fantastic streaming service with NordVPN‘s 5500 servers in 60 countries with high-speed servers.


Watch US Disney Plus in the Philippines through NordVPN.

It provided us with a blazing fast download speed of 93.42 Mbps and an upload speed of 87.68 Mbps when tested on a 100 Mbps connection.


NordVPN speed test on 100 Mbps internet connection

With its new threat protection feature, you will have a safer browsing experience as this feature blocks malware, third-party trackers, and ads. In addition, it provides six multi-logins on a single subscription (which isn’t bad at all!) and not to miss its 30-day money-back guarantee at US$ 5.49/mo(Avail 65% off & get 3 months free on a 2 year subscription).

NordVPN servers – Atlanta, Miami, and Chicago, were super quick to unblock US Disney+. Charlotte servers had slow speeds.

Compare Best VPNs to Stream Disney+ in Philippines

VPN Providers Cost Concurrent Streams Servers US Servers Money-Back Guarantee
ExpressVPN US$ 6.67/mo(Get 3 Months FREE with annual subscription!) 5 3000 150+ 30 Days
Surfshark US$ 2.21/mo(Save 83% on a 24-month subscription) for 24 monthly subscription Unlimited 3200 100+ 30 Days
NordVPN US$ 5.49/mo(Avail 65% off & get 3 months free on a 2 year subscription) for an annual subscription 6 5500 1900+ 30 Days

What Devices are Compatible with Disney Plus in the Philippines?

Following devices support the Disney+ streaming service:

Best Disney+ Movies & TV Shows

Best TV Shows

  1. She Hulk
  2. High School Musical
  3. I am Groot
  4. The Right Stuff
  5. Disney Gravity Falls
  6. Glee
  7. The Walking Dead Season 11
  8. Snowdrop
  9. Marvel Studios Assembled
  10. Just Beyond
  11. Turner & Hooch
  12. The Kardashians
  13. Moon Knight

Best Movies

  1. Lightyear
  2. Beyond Infinity: Buzz and the Journey to Lightyear
  3. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
  4. Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love and Thunder
  5. Turning Red
  6. Eternals
  7. Shang Chi
  8. West Side Story
  9. Free Guy
  10. Encanto
  11. The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild
  12. Jungle Cruise
  13. Death on the Nile

How Much is Disney Plus in Philippines?

The most affordable way to get Disney+ in Philippines is to sign up for its subscription at the following cost:

  • US$ 7.99/mo, which is equivalent to 402 Pesos ( priced based on US server connectivity)
  • $79.99 for an annual subscription which is equivalent to 4029 Pesos, and the cheapest way for streaming Disney Plus (again subject to connectivity via US server )

Note: It is important to note that Disney Plus free trial does not exist anymore and you will have to purchase a subscription by following one of the methods stated below.

How Do I Pay for Disney Plus in Philippines?

Since Disney Plus has not launched in the Philippines yet, there are 4 ways you can pay for Disney Plus. These are listed as follows:

How to Pay for Disney Plus in Philippines on iOS with Apple iTunes?

You can follow the steps below to pay for Disney+ in the Philippines on your Apple TV, iPhone, iPad or Mac:

  • First and foremost, sign out of your current Apple ID and create a new one.
  • Get an Amazon gift card for iOS.

Purchase an App Store card from Amazon!

  • Redeem your gift card and sign in to your new Apple ID.
  • Get yourself a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN, sign in and connect to a USA server.
  • Now sign in to your Disney+ App and watch the latest movies.
Unblock Disney+ Now!Recommended Choice

How to Pay for Disney Plus in Philippines on Android with Google Play Store?

Follow the method below to pay for Disney Plus in Philippines on your Android Smart TV, Phone, Tablet, Amazon Fire TV and Firestick:

  • Sign out of your current Google Play Store account and get new credentials.
  • The next step is to get a Google Play gift card.

Purchase a Google Play Store Card from Amazon!

  • Redeem your gift code via email.
  • Go to Google Play Store and add your newly created Account.
  • Sign in to your VPN app, and connect to a USA server.
  • Log in to your Disney Plus app and watch your favorite TV shows.

Note: It is always recommended to check if you have compatible devices before purchasing the subscription.

Unblock Disney+ Now!Recommended Choice

How to Pay for Disney Plus in Philippines with Paypal and Revolut?

You can easily pay for Disney Plus in the Philippines or any other geo-restricted country by making sure you are connected to the server of a region where Disney+ is available. Here are the steps to do so:

  • Get yourself a reliable VPN subscription and connect to a US server.
  • Visit the official Paypal website, and sign up by entering your Filipino address in the first line with a US zip code
  • Create a Revolut account and you will get a virtual credit card by linking your Revolut account to your bank account.
  • The next step is to link your Paypal and Revolut account by simply selecting “Link a card or bank.”
  • Now head to the Disney+ website and sign up for either a monthly or yearly offer.
  • For the payment, select “Paypal” as your payment method according to your desired plan.
  • You can now enjoy streaming the latest movies and shows at your convenience!
Unblock Disney+ Now!Recommended Choice

How to Pay for Disney Plus in Philippines with a virtual US gift card?

Here are easy steps to pay for Disney+ with a virtual US gift card:

  • Sign up for a premium VPN and choose a server in the USA for connection.
  • Head to the GiftCards website and buy a virtual gift card.
  • Now add funds from your debit or credit card and activate your virtual gift card.
  • Visit the Disney+ website, subscribe and sign in to your account.
  • Under the payment option, enter the details of your virtual US gift card.
  • Log in and start watching top-rated content in the Philippines!
Unblock Disney+ Now!Recommended Choice

What to do if my Disney Plus is not Working in Philippines?

Disney Plus is a streaming service that offers many Disney classics and original content. As you might expect with any good product, there are some hiccups or bugs that need to be ironed out before it can work flawlessly. Let’s have a look at some of the things you can do if your Disney Plus stops working in the Philippines:

  • The first thing you should do if the service isn’t working for you is to check your internet connection (Wi-Fi or data) and make sure it’s not the problem. If your Wi-Fi is down, switch over to cellular data.
  • If your internet connection works but still doesn’t show Disney Plus on your device, try restarting the app itself by closing it completely from all devices then opening again after one minute has passed. Remember to use the same login details as before when re-opening so they’re saved.
  • Check the Disney Plus website for any updated information about whether or not it is working.
  • Update internet browsers to make sure you have the newest version – make sure that scripts and plugins are updated as well.
  • Upgrade your internet speed by getting a service provider that offers faster speeds.

If none of the above works for you, you can refer to our blog posts for comprehensive solutions to your Disney Plus not working.


No, Disney Plus is not available in the Philippines at the moment, but rumor has it that it will be launched officially later in 2022. Until then, you can stream your best-loved Disney+ movies and TV shows by subscribing to a trusted VPN.

If you wonder when Disney Plus will be available in the Philippines, the answer is; in 2022. Though there hasn’t been an announcement yet on a final date, following the release of Disney Plus Thailand on 30th June 2021, there has been anticipation that next in line for the Disney+ official launch is the Philippines.

You can watch Disney Plus in the Philippines by subscribing to a premium VPN service. The tip here is to always choose a VPN with US servers to access Disney Plus in the PH.

Disney+ may not be available in your country due to geo-restrictions.
Disney+ is available in selected regions only. Some of the countries with its availability are America, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France, Austria, Ireland, India, Switzerland, Denmark, etc.
If you are from a restricted region, you can easily access the vast library of Disney Plus using a VPN.

No, you cannot watch Disney Plus in the Philippines with a free VPN. Although numerous free VPNs out there allege unblocking Disney Plus, it is far from reality. To stream Disney+ hassle-free, one must use a reliable VPN such as ExpressVPN (our recommendation) or any other mentioned above.

One way to pay for Disney+ Philippines is to get a gift card and the other is to get a virtual credit card. You can purchase a US google gift card from Amazon and redeem it from the account settings once you create a new google account. Then all you need to do is download Disney+ app and stream away.

The payment process for iOS user is the same. First, you get an Apple gift card and then sign in using your new Apple ID.

DisneyLife subscription has been shut off since 1st April 2020. The only way to get the content of DisneyLife subscription Philippines is by subscribing to Disney+ separately.

No, since there is no Disney Plus free trial in the Philippines.

Yes, you can easily watch Disney Plus in the Philippines by using a premium VPN. Once you connect to it, make sure to use a US server!

Our Verdict on the Best VPN to Watch Disney+ in Philippines:

All the Disney+ lovers in the Philippines may have to wait a little longer for the official launch of Disney Plus Philippines, but we have provided a step-by-step guide on how to watch Disney Plus movies and TV shows. The payment can be made with 4 different payment methods.

Android users will need a new Google ID, and iOS users will require a new Apple ID beside the virtual gift card and Paypal methods. The key to hassle-free browsing is to connect to a US server with a reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN. Feel free to give us your feedback in the comment section.

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