Disney Plus Is Not Working On Firestick Outside USA [10 Easy Hacks To Fix]


Is your Disney Plus not working on Firestick? Many fixes can help you ride over the issue.

One main culprit could be that your real IP address has revealed your location and Disney plus has acted swiftly to block you. If you’re watching Criminal Minds, Tales of Jedi, or Disenchanted in a country where Disney Plus is not available, you will be blocked. Try using a premium Disney+ VPN such as ExpressVPN to see if Disney Plus will start working on Firestick.

Most Disney Plus users ask, “Why is my Disney Plus not working on Firestick? or why is Disney+ not working on my TV?” The issues could range from poor internet connection which is the cause of questions such as, why is Disney Plus buffering on Firestick? or How to watch Disney+ on Firestick?

Also, it could be a faulty Disney Plus app, or your Firestick may need a restart. In such a case, try this; hold down both your Firestick remote CENTER and PLAY buttons for like 15 seconds. This is to force shut down and reboot the Firestick. Within a minute the Firestick will restart, give it some minutes to connect again, and hopefully your Disney Plus will work.

See, it’s also common to find users with queries such as, “does Disney Plus work on Amazon Fire Stick? The answer is yes. If you have a compatible device, Disney plus will work well, but the catch comes in when you start experiencing lags, freezes, or bugs.
Let’s see some of the best fixes users need for Disney Plus not working on Firestick 2022. 

Why is my Disney Plus not working on Firestick Outside USA?

Disney Plus not working on Firestick is quite a concern. Many issues could attribute to this; internet issues, Firestick problems which can be resolved by a restart or it could be that the Disney Plus app has problems leading to Firestick not working.

How to Fix If Disney Plus not Working on Firestick Outside USA?

Firestick is known to work well with Disney Plus. But if you have issues with your Firestick, here are 10 best solutions to your Disney Plus not working on Firestick 2022;

Check if Disney Plus Server is Down

Rarely will Disney Plus servers go down, but this may happen. It would suffice to check the Disney Plus server status before attempting any fix. It could be happening anytime, whether you’re watching from Disney+ Germany , Disney+ UK or outside USA.

If servers have issues, this may lead to Disney Plus not working on firestick error code 142 or error code 76. One best way to check this is to use tools such as Isitdownrightnow or DownDetector to know the app server’s status. If there is an issue with the servers, and Disney+ won’t Load, you will need to wait for the service to be back online.

Reset your Firestick Device

Those who have had issues with their Firestick devices on Disney Plus can tell that resetting curbs lots of issues. The reason is, that a reset clears your device cache and data which could be loaded with corrupt files. The latter is the cause of buffers, app crashing, freezing, etc.


Always reset the firestick device when it stops working

To restart you can; hold down both your Firestick remote CENTER and PLAY buttons for approximately 15 seconds, then wait for some minutes for your Firestick to reboot and reconnect. By this, you will have forced a restart.

Another best way is to hold your remote Centre button for 3secs, go to Settings, and then to My Fire TV and Restart. Both methods will clear your cache that could render Disney Plus working again.

Check If Your Firestick Is Compatible.

Disney Plus will work properly on FireStick, this is pretty cool for anyone who wants to view 4K content on the app. Unfortunately not all Firesticks support the 4K. But, you’re not doomed if Firestick doesn’t support 4K; you can use the 4K TV or the Fire TV Cube.

Clear Cache and Data on your Firestick Device

If when you performed a reset to your device nothing happened, you will now be forced to clear cache and data by resetting your Fire Stick to factory settings.


Always clear the cache and data of your device!

Once you clear cache and data, this should solve multiple issues such as Disney Plus not working on Firestick code 83. The device will be restored to its default state. It’s advisable to clear the cache first and then the data, this way you may not have to log back again to the app.  When using sometimes you will face error code 90.

Update your Firestick Device


Always install updates on your device

If the fixes above fail, it could be that your Firestick may be out of date which may lead to Disney Plus not working on Firestick code 83. The issue may be corrected by checking for new updates by going to Settings > My Fire TV > About > Install Update. When an update is available click install, it will only take a few minutes.

Turn off Your Firestick Device


Turn off your device for a few seconds!

One fix that seems obvious to solve Disney Plus not working on Firestick 2022 is to turn off your Firestick. You can unplug the device from the wall or you can do it from the back of your Fire TV. Wait for a minute after unplugging the Firestick and TV from power.

Once done, wait for a minute and then plug the TV and Firestick back again to power. Ensure that you hold the power button for half a minute to drain all the power. It’s more likely your Disney Plus will start working.

Reinstall the Disney Plus app on your Firestick Device

One best fix that has worked for most Firestick users is to uninstall and then reinstall Disney Plus on the device.


Reinstall your Disney+ app on your device!

For this, you can go to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Application. Head to the Disney Plus app and tap on Uninstall.

Restart your Wifi Router


Reset your Wifi connection!

Most Disney Plus not working on Firestick 2022 issues are a result of having too many WIFI networks, but such issues are easy to fix by simply restarting your router.

You can use your Android phone or any other device to see if they connect, if not, know that your router has issues and need a reset. You can unplug it and wait for some minutes then plug it back; this should solve the Disney Plus issue.

Check your Internet Connection and Internet Speed

Perhaps you’re experiencing Disney Plus not working on Firestick error code 42, this could emanate from internet issues. Note that you may be connected, but there is not enough strength to stream with your Firestick.


Always Check your Internet Connection!

Since streaming is like downloading, you have to be concerned with the download speed on your device which should be at least 50Mbps.
Again, when there is a slow internet connection, you will hardly stream anything. Firestick recommends a minimum of 3 Mbps and 5 Mbps for SD and HD video streaming respectively. In fact, 20Mbps would do good for 4K UHD. This way, you can solve issues such as Disney Plus not working on Firestick error code 42.

Factory Reset your Firestick Device

If you’ve hit a dead end, the best option now is to do a full factory reset on your Firestick device.


Factory Reset Your Device

To do this, go to the Home menu, select Settings > My Fire TV > Reset to Factory Defaults. The exercise will leave you with no apps and downloads. Luckily, since all are linked to your account, you will be able to get them back again once the Firestick reconnects. This hopefully solves your issue of Disney+ not working on Fire TV.

Note: If these fixes don’t solve the issue, our detailed guide on how to fix Disney Plus not working will definitely provide the core solution to get rid of this problem easily!

Why is Disney Plus taking so long to load on my Firestick Outside USA?

It could be that your Firestick needs a reboot. Previously, we have seen such cases from Firestick and Fire TV users, and once they do a reboot on their device, Disney Plus starts working again.

Why Disney+ doesn’t work on Firestick, but works on other devices Outside USA?

It could be that your Firestick device needs a restart. Use your Firestick remote; hold down both the Select and Play buttons for approximately 5 seconds and your Firestick will restart.

Once done, your Disney should start working, You can also update the Firestick to see if the problem ends with your Disney Plus not working.

Why is Disney+ Error Code 42 on Firestick?

Disney Plus not working on Firestick Error Code 42 happens due to connectivity issues. Also, it could be that your Firestick has issues connecting to Disney servers.

If servers are not working, this can cause Disney Plus not to work on Firestick error code 142  and if you enter the wrong credentials on your Disney+ account you get error code 14 on your Firestick device. Check on your internet and use the Downdetector tool to see if Disney servers have issues.

How to update Disney Plus on Firestick?

If your app is not updated, you may experience Disney Plus not working on Firestick due to the Disney Plus error code 83. You need to install Disney Plus again. Go to Apps section Settings > Application > Appstore and locate Disney Plus, this will probably solve your Disney Plus issues.

If you are still facing issues related to error code 83, you can check out our detailed guide on Disney Plus Error Code 83 fixes.


It could be that you have no less storage. Low RAM is the number one cause of buffering on Firestick devices. The best step is to clear your RAM space, which is done by closing all the background applications running.

Your Firestick needs a restart. Use your remote, press Select and Play, this will ensure your device turns off and then restarts. You can also update the Firestick too or other installed apps and try to use Disney Plus again.

If you have issues with Disney+ not working on Fire TV or Firestick, restart the device. With the use of your remote, press Select and Play until your device turns off and restarts. You can also try to update the device or any other installed app. Then try to see if the problem of Disney+ not working on Fire TV will be solved.

The main reasons could be internet issues, a problem with your Amazon Fire tablet, or the device may require a restart. Or, it could also be an issue with Disney Plus itself. And if there is a Disney server issue, more often you will find Disney Plus not working on Firestick error code 142.

You need to check for updates by opening the Play Store to search for Disney Plus new updates available. If there is, update the app, this should make your Disney Plus start working again

If you can’t trace Disney Plus on Firestick, consider clearing your cache and data on your Firestick device. Once done, restart the device and connect Disney Plus, hopefully, it will start working.

Wrapping it Up!

If you’re having issues with your Disney Plus not working on Firestick try to follow the above solution serially. They will definitely fix the problems related to Disney Plus not working on Firestick 2022.

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