Why is Disney Plus Not Working? 8 Quick Hacks to Fix it in 2022

Why is Disney Plus Not Working? 8 Quick Hacks to Fix it in 2022

Disney Plus not working

The easiest solution to the question “Why isn’t my Disney Plus working”  is to restart your app! Besides that, a stable internet connection or clearing the cache of the app may help too. If none of it works, continue reading to find out quick fixes!

How embarrassing it would be to host a big family movie night where everyone has come together to watch “Pinocchio,” and there comes a voice from the back, “Why did Disney Plus suddenly stop working?” But, you will be happy to know that this blog is here to help you start your movie night and resolve all your Disney Plus issues.

At times something as small as a faulty internet connection or a problem with Disney+ VPN can cause Disney+ not to work. However, if a specific Disney Plus error code is listed, it makes things easier for you to find out, fix and revive your favorite movies and TV shows; it is also possible you entered a wrong Disney+ login code into your device.

If you have also encountered such issues, continue reading below and solve your Disney Plus errors and streaming problems.

8 General Quick Fixes to Troubleshoot Disney Plus Not Working

You can follow these basic troubleshooting methods to fix Disney Plus not working and get rid of all those Disney Plus issues:

  1. The first step is to always check if your internet speed is optimal or not. Remember, the speed must be above 5 Mbps.
  2. The second step is to disconnect your Wi-Fi router from your Android or iOS device and wait for at least 30 seconds, if not a minute.
  3. Restart your internet device (modem, router, etc.) or change the direction of the router antenna or the location of the device.
  4. Install if any app updates are available for your app.
  5. Clear cache data and the history of your web browser. Close the browser, and re-open it.
  6. Try closing and re-opening the app. Sign out of your Disney+ account on all your streaming devices.
  7. Uninstall the Disney+ app. After deleting it, download it again from the app store of your streaming device.
  8. Check if the Disney+ servers are down, if they aren’t, try streaming Disney Plus on another compatible device or on a different web browser.

While these are just a few ways to resolve these unexpected problems, if your Disney Plus won’t load, or you cannot figure out why your Disney Plus is not working, refer to the below-mentioned Disney Plus error codes and resolve it.

Besides these, you can always refer to the Disney+ Help Center and talk to their support team, Disney+ Customer Service will guide you.

Note: Furthermore by applying all solutions still, your Disney+  does not work for you, and you thinking about Delete Disney+ account. Wait for a few hours may be Disney+ servers are down in your region.

Why is Disney Plus Not Working?

Usually, the problems encountered by the Disney Plus streaming service result from a few basic glitches linked to internet connectivity or its speed because of these reasons Disney Plus won’t load. Additionally, cache issues of the app, the web browser (Chrome, Firefox), or the problems with Disney Plus servers can result in your Disney Plus not working. The simplest way to resolve this is by restarting your Disney+ app! If that doesn’t solve your problem, continue to read below for quick fixes!

Note: Try to watch Disney+ with ProtonVPN.

Is Disney+ Down Right Now? [2 Easy Ways to Check Status]

Although it is uncommon that your Disney Plus is not working due to server downtime, using a free VPN, or being under maintenance, it can still happen.

It is always a good idea to check the status of the service prior to troubleshooting error codes or figuring out the app’s settings. Here are two easy ways to answer your question ‘Is Disney Plus down?‘:

  1. DownDetector
  2. Isitdownrightnow

These services compile the reports taken from various subscribers and list down the outage times or days in your region.

How to Fix Disney Plus Error Codes?

To answer the most frustrating question ‘why won’t Disney Plus load?’ or “why isn’t Disney Plus working?”Let us tell you that there is a possibility of the streaming service not working due to the Disney+ errors. System bugs and streaming errors aren’t a new phenomenon. Here are common errors reported with their quick fixes:

The quick fixes suggested in this article will facilitate consistent streaming in any country where the service is available. So whether you want to stream Disney+ UK, Disney+ Malaysia, Disney+ Australia, or Disney+ Peru you won’t have any issues.

Additionally, these solutions will also resolve streaming problems in unsupported countries. So, for example, you can enjoy buffer-free streaming of your favorite content of Disney+ in the Philippines, Vietnam, and Pakistan by subscribing to ExpressVPN.or you can also try other VPNs like NordVPN service, to watch Disney+ Hotstar in UAE.

Recommended VPN for Disney+

Whether you want to access the Disney Plus streaming service from anywhere or you want to get rid of Error Code 73, we recommend ExpressVPN for smooth online streaming. Subscribe now and get 3 free months free!

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What is Disney+ Execute Error Code 83?

The compatibility issue with the device culminates in Disney+ error 83. People often wonder if their device is not compatible, how were they able to download it in the first place? The compatibility issue is one of the significant issues faced by the subscribers.

Error code 83 is a result of attempting to stream Disney+ either with a data package or hotspot. Several other factors cause this error, but let us concentrate on solving the error for now.


Disney Plus blocks your access with Error Code 83.

How to Fix Disney+ Error Code 83?

Here are quick tips that may help resolve Disney Plus Error code 83:

  • Power off your streaming device and switch it on again.
  • Check your device’s compatibility with Disney+. If your device isn’t compatible, it will be rejected by Disney+.
  • Go to your device’s settings and check for any updates through your firmware settings.
  • If you are using the Disney Plus app, try to delete and re-install it from the app store of your device. (Google Play store for Android devices and App store for iOS devices.)
  • Use the same credentials and try to log in on another compatible device.
  • If nothing works, refer to the Disney Plus support or other platforms like Reddit to find out if other subscribers are facing the same issue.

What is Disney+ Error Code 73?

Location and content availability issues lead to Disney Plus error code 73. This error arises when a subscriber from one country is trying to stream content from another country.
For instance, local content of Disney+ Hotstar Indonesia may not be available for Disney Plus Canada.

If a Canadian subscriber coincidentally lands on the title of local Indian content (that has not been released in Canada), then error 73 will appear.


Disney Plus Error code 73 blocks your access!

How to Fix Disney+ Error Code 73?

You may try to go through these simple steps to get rid of location and content availability issues:

  • Do some research and see if the title of the content is available in your country (you can do that by searching it on Disney Plus.)
  • Restart your WiFi router.
  • If you are using mobile, reset your mobile network connection.
  • Check your IP address with an IP address lookup tool to find out where exactly you are browsing from the browser plugin. If it appears that your browsing location is different from your current location, quite possible a VPN is switched on – close it right now as location settings may be causing this error!
  • If the change of location is not due to the VPN app, reset your location settings.

What is Disney+ Error Code 43?

Login or Internet connectivity issue produces error code 43. In simple words, it may occur when you have a terrible internet connection or the particular content has been taken off from Disney Plus.

How to Fix Disney+ Error Code 43?

Try these three simple steps to fix error code 43:

  • Reset your network connection settings.
  • Restart your streaming device.
  • Log off and log back into Disney Plus.
  • Check the downtime schedule for Disney+.

What is Disney+ Error Code 42?

Issues connecting with your service cause Disney Plus error code 42. The message states, “Please check to see that you are still connected to the Internet and try again.” This error code is related to the user’s internet connection, and any inconsistency in internet connectivity may disrupt the stream quality or even cause Disney Plus not to load.

How to Fix Disney+ Error Code 42?

The following steps will help alleviate Disney Plus error code 42:

  • Check your internet speed by running an internet speed test (5 Mbps and the above rate is good to go!)
  • Re-login to check if Disney Plus works.
  • Reset your WiFi modem by plugging it off for a few minutes. Make sure Airplane mode is off.
  • Check for any updates for either your device or your WiFi router.
  • Check the DNS from your Wi Fi router settings, and change them to either Cloudflare, Google, or OpenDNS.
  • Another thing that you can do is to clear the browser cache of your web browser.
  • Lastly, disconnect any other devices (like video game consoles) from your WiFi that are consuming a lot of bandwidth.

What is Disney+ Error Code 39?

Streaming through the Xbox One issue produces Disney Plus error code 39. This Error Code is solely for Xbox one users.

How to Fix Disney+ Error Code 39?

Error code 39 has the most straightforward solution and the easiest Disney Plus issue to resolve:

  • Ensure that there isn’t any simultaneous streaming on any other device. If there is, it’s best to close Disney Plus on that device.
  • Another quick fix is to change the HDMI port of the TV/monitor, which is connected to your Xbox.

If you prefer streaming on your Xbox, why don’t you refer to our blog on watching Disney Plus on Xbox?

What is Disney+ Error Code 24?

Login or Connection issues tend to cause Disney+ error code 24. It is, in fact, very similar to error code 43. It can either be due to a slow internet connection, a problem with HDMI cable, a problem with the streaming device, or the Disney+ app itself.
By following these steps you can enjoy Disney Plus on Chromecast and other streaming devices.

How to Fix Disney+ Error Code 24?

Here are the solutions to resolve Disney Plus issues related to error code 24:

  • First and foremost, try to refresh and reload the video.
  • Restart the device you are streaming on, whether a smart TV, Windows, Android, or iOS device.
  • Delete the Disney Plus app and re-install it to see if Disney+ app runs smoothly.
  • There may be a Disney Plus server issue or server error; check for the downtime of Disney Plus servers.
  • Try to log in to Disney+ from a different device.
  • If nothing seems to help, you better check your billing details.

Other Disney+ Error Codes and Their Fixes

Is Disney Plus not loading? Here are the quick fixes of other Disney+ Error Codes that we have in the Disney+ Help Center:

Disney+ Error Codes Causes of Errors Quick Fixes of Errors
Error Code 4 Unsettled Payment issue Verify that the card isn’t past its expiration date, and that it isn’t from a country where Disney+ isn’t available.
Error Code 9 A payment or login problem Make sure you’ve entered your correct login information and payment/billing information.
Error Code 11 Problem with availability of content Wi-Fi router, turn off the VPN, or double-check whether the content is available.
Error Code 13 Concurrent device connection limit exceeded Delete Disney Plus on the devices you don’t use, change your login password, and delete any downloads you don’t need.
Error Code 22 Geo-blocked content Check whether the service is accessible in that region, turn off the VPN, reset location settings, or sign out of Kids mode.
Error Code 25 Disney+ Internal error issue Restart your Disney Plus online web browser player, log out and log back in, and contact customer care.
Error Code 30 An issue with the device’s registration Check to see whether the device is compatible with Disney+, log out and sign back in again on your streaming device.
Error Code 31 Location mismatch Set your location services to On, turn off your VPN, and reset the location settings.
Error Code 32 Login credentials issue Check payment/billing information, change your password, and then log out and in again.
Error Code 35 Geo-blocked content Check whether the service is accessible in that region, turn off the VPN, reset location settings, or sign out of Kids mode.
Error Code 36 Geo-blocked content Check whether the service is accessible in that region, turn off the VPN, reset location settings, or sign out of Kids mode.
Error Code 38 Device clock settings Make sure your device’s clock settings are set to “automatic” or in sync with the world clock.
Error Code 41 Content not available on Disney+ servers You can try clearing your cache, reinstall Disney+ app, or check if the content is taken off by Disney Plus.
Error Code 76 Disney+ server congested Delete the app and reinstall it; log out of the app and sign back in; restart your Wi-Fi router.
Error Code 86


Error Code 90

Account may be blocked, or the terms of service may be violated Verify that the account holder is at least 18 years old, turn off the VPN, switch on your location settings, and contact customer service.
Error Code 87 Login credentials issue Sign out and log in again to your account, verify payment/billing information, and change your password if necessary.
Error Code 142 Server problems Check if Disney Plus is down on DownDetector, and wait for the servers to be up.

Disney Plus Not Working [Device Issues in 2022]

Is your Disney app not loading? Here is a list to fix Disney app not working on various devices!

Why is Disney Plus Not Working on My Laptop?

The prime reason for Disney+ not working on laptop or PC could be due to various factors. However, the Disney Plus app not loading could possibly be due to software issues, device issues, or issues with Disney Plus servers.
Check Disney Plus server status, reduce the quality of the streaming video, test your internet speed and reset your WiFi router, clear cache or any malware off, check for system updates, try updating or re-installing Disney Plus.


Why is Disney Plus Not Working on My Roku?

Is Disney Plus not working on Roku, there may be several reasons. You can start by checking your Roku’s version compatibility with Disney Plus.

If it is compatible, try to check the Roku server and Disney’s servers downtime. This can be followed by resetting your internet connection, re-logging into your Disney Plus account, clearing Roku’s cache, restarting, or updating Roku or Disney+.

Though we are sure that after following our quick fixes, you will be able to stream Disney Plus on Roku, it’s best to report it to Disney Plus if the problem persists.


Why is Disney Plus Not Working on my iPhone?

Got problems with the Disney app not working on your iPhone? The streaming problem on iPhone can be fixed by restarting your iPhone, checking your internet connection, refreshing the Disney+ app, updating the Disney Plus app on your phone, reinstalling the app, or updating your iPhone may hopefully sort this one out.


Why is Disney Plus Not Working on my Xbox one?

Many people love their Xbox to the extent that they prefer watching Disney Plus on Xbox. Is the  Disney app not loading on your Xbox one? it will put you off!
This issue was discussed earlier in this article; please refer to the “How to fix Disney+ Error code 39” section.


Why is Disney Plus Not Working on my Firestick Device?

Often background apps and other similar factors contribute to Disney Plus not working on Firestick. Hence, it can get frustrating for users who enjoy streaming Disney plus on Firestick.

Therefore, the primary step is to restart your Firestick, followed by clearing the cache of Disney+. You can do that by navigating to Firestick “Settings,” go to “Applications,” scroll to “Manage Installed Applications,” scroll to “Disney Plus,” and finally click on “Clear Cache and Clear Data.

If the problem continues, try to re-install Disney Plus.


Why is Disney Plus suddenly not working on my TV?

Is your Disney Plus not working on TV? and you’re left thinking ‘why is Disney Plus not working on my TV?’ Try these fixes:

  • Restart the Disney Plus app on your Smart TV.
  • Power off the Smart TV for at least a few minutes and switch it back on.
  • Clear Disney+ cache and all the temporary data.
  • Check for Disney Plus app updates and install if there are any.
  • Uninstall the Disney+ app and re-installing it back.
  • Check for your Smart TV’s update and if available, install them.
  • Perform a factory reset of your Smart TV from the ‘Settings Menu.
  • All of these fixes can be applied to any Smart TV and help you resolve Disney Plus not loading on TV!

Why is Disney Plus Not Working on my PS4?

Have a look at the fixes below and tell us how they worked out for you and if you can stream Disney Plus on PS4:

  • First and foremost, check the Disney+ server status to see if it’s online or down.
  • Try to stream another content from the media library to determine if particular content unavailability is causing the issue.
  • Sometimes, reducing the stream quality helps.
  • Sign out and sign back into your Disney Plus account.
  • Run a speed test of your internet and might as well restart your WiFi router.
  • Why not try to continue PS4 and see if that works.
  • Check for updates for both Disney Plus and PS4. If there are available updates, install them.
  • Uninstall the Disney Plus app and re-install it.
  • Change your DNS settings from your “Set Up Internet Connection” from the “Network” menu. Scroll to “Custom” and click “Personal WiFi.” Change the Primary DNS to and and Secondary DNS. Make “other configurations” to Automatic and click “Save.” This should sort it out.
  • In the end, contact Disney Plus support to report your issue.

Note: You can also check our quick steps to fix Disney Plus not working on Chromecast.


Disney Plus may not work for several reasons, but most of the issues are related to internet connection or problems related to the account. These can be solved by simply reconnecting or re-logging.

Follow the steps below to clear the cache of your Disney Plus:

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Go to Apps.
  • Select “Disney+” and then “Storage.”
  • Press “Clear cache.”

Is the Disney Plus not loading? and the app does not display content that has been downloaded, there may be storage space, memory, or app issues. To fix the problem, you should first make sure that there is enough storage available on your streaming device. Then, restart your streaming device (iOS or Android). Make sure you’re Disney+ app is updated. or reinstall the app on your device from App Store or Google Play Store. After that, content must be re-downloaded again.

The primary reason you may not have been able to mirror screen Disney Plus could be internet connectivity issues. So first, check for any connection issues by rebooting your WiFi device. The next thing you can do is to check for any available updates for your operating system.

Your ad-blocker may be preventing you from logging in to Disney Plus on your desktop or laptop. The easiest solution is to disable extensions and re-check.

You can update Disney+ by going to the App Store (Apple device), Play Store (Android device), or the Google Play Store and checking for the updates available. Install the updates if they appear as pending. 

A problem with the caption settings could cause issues with the subtitles on your TV. Simply go to the settings and look up “General.”From the menu, select “Accessibility” followed by “Subtitles and Captioning.” Once you highlight or select the subtitle option, you can choose to either enable or disable them.

The possible reason for your Disney Plus having trouble loading could be that the app must be awaiting update installation. What you should do is check for the Disney+ app update and install it if there is any available.

Summarizing Why Disney Plus is not Working

Why is Disney Plus not working” is a question frequently asked. The answer to this is that Disney Plus is relatively new and continues to counter minor problems as they board thousands of new subscribers daily. Disney+  is geo-restricted in almost half the countries worldwide because it has yet to launch there.

Sadly, no troubleshooting or error codes will fix this, except for trusted Virtual Private Networks (We recommend ExpressVPN.)

We have tried to cover some specific issues like Disney Plus not working on TV, and your Disney Plus app not loading we discussed all Disney Plus issues and suggested possible solutions to fix them. However, if we have missed out on any, do let us know in the comments below!

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