How To Fix Disney Plus Error Code 39 On Devices [2022 Guide]

How To Fix Disney Plus Error Code 39 On Devices [2022 Guide]

Disney Plus Error Code 39
Disney Error Code 39 is usually associated with Xbox one and indicates a problem related to digital rights permission. To resolve the error, launch the Disney+ app on a compatible device or use a computer with a supported configuration to access Disney Plus. Ensure you have a stable internet connection.

Disney Plus Error Code 39 is common if you stream Disney+ on gaming consoles like Xbox One. You come across Disney Plus not working errors mainly because the streaming service requires a secure connection, and your streaming setup is unable to ensure it. There can be an issue with the Disney+ app, streaming device, the HDMI cable, or your TV that may disrupt a secure HDMI connection.

There are higher chances of seeing annoying error codes on streaming devices or the Error Code 39 Disney Plus Xbox because of geo-restrictions, so rely on the best Disney Plus VPN only.

If you cannot stream due to Error Code 39 in countries where Disney+ is officially unavailable, like  Disney Plus Philippines or Disney Plus South Africa, let us tell you that geo-restriction is not the only reason for this error.

The same Disney Plus support Error Code 39 can appear in Disney Plus Malaysia, Mexico, Ireland, and other countries like Australia. In fact, this Error Code can also be encountered while you are streaming the popular show Doctor Lawyer on Hotstar in USA or even the movie Lightyear.

So, why do I keep getting Error Code on Disney Plus? Let’s look at what is error code 39 on Disney Plus, the causes of Disney+ Error Code 39, and how do I fix Error Code 39 on Disney Plus.

What is Disney Plus Error Code 39? What Does it Look Like When it Appears?

Disney Plus Error Code 39 is caused due to support issues and can occur due to temporary data being corrupted, possible failure of copy-protection check, passively generated temporary files, in-game capture settings of your gaming console, or possibly because of the HDMI splitter.

Whenever you get this Error Code 39 Disney Plus, the following message will appear on your screen:


“We’re sorry, but we cannot play the video you requested. Please try again. If the problem persists, contact Disney+ Support (Error Code 39).”

Let’s understand the causes in depth further:

What Causes Disney+ Error Code 39?

Typically, a rights management issue causes the Disney+ Error Code 39 and prevents the Disney servers from playing the requested video. If Disney is not streaming content in your region at all, then sadly you cannot do much to resolve this problem.

In most cases, Error Code 39 is caused by an issue from the user’s end and can be easily resolved by using a different television, switching your HDMI port, using a different HDMI cable, or simply streaming on a different device.

You can also faceDisney+ Error Code 14. Let us understand the causes in depth further.

How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 39 in 2022 [10 Easy Fixes]

Fixing Disney Plus Error Code 39 is extremely easy. Although Error Code 39 is mostly associated with Xbox game consoles, it can also occur while you’re watching Disney Plus on Roku, Smart TV, or Chromecast.

Follow these steps in order till the error finally goes away and you can start streaming Disney Plus normally:

1. Try Loading the Video Again

Reload the video because, in some cases, this error only occurs once. Simply refreshing the page and reloading the video fixes the error, and you’re able to play the video again. However, if it stops again and you see Disney Plus Code 39, return to these troubleshooting tips and try another fix.

2. Try a Different Streaming Device to Fix Disney Error Code 39

Try streaming Disney Plus from another device. Although the Disney Error Code 39 is commonly experienced on Xbox One, it has also occurred while streaming Disney Plus from a smart TV or any other device as well.

Whatever the case, try another streaming device and see if you get the same error or not. If you see Disney Plus Error Code 39 Xbox One only, then there’s some problem with your game console. Try another streaming device if you face the error code on a particular device.

3. Try Restarting Your Streaming Device

Restarting your streaming device also fixes the Disney Plus Error Code 39. Turn off your television and leave it unplugged for a at least 10 seconds before plugging it in again. If this fails to work, power cycle your streaming device and television simultaneously. If you see that it works, you’ll have to repeat this process again to have a successful HDMI handshake.

4. Remove Video Capturing Device if You’ve Installed it

If you have installed a video capture device to record videos or stream games, then consider unplugging it. Sometimes, these video-capturing devices trigger Disney Plus Code 39.

5. Try to Switch to a Different HDMI Port to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 39

If one HDMI port fails to ensure a successful handshake, switch to a different HDMI port and fix the Disney Plus Error Code 39. Using the same device which showed you the error code, just switch to another HDMI port on your TV. Keep switching the HDMI ports till one of them work for you. If one works, keep your streaming device connected.

6. Use a High Quality HDMI Port to Fix Disney Plus Error 39

It’s better to use an undamaged, high-quality HDMI cable. If you find a cable that supports HDMI 2.1 and works perfectly fine for Disney Plus, keep it plugged in.

7. Make Sure You’re Using an HDMI to HDMI Cable for Your Streaming Device


Only use a standard HDMI to HDMI cable for streaming Disney Plus without facing Error Code 39.

Ensure that you’re only using the standard HDMI to HDMI cable. Using any other kind of HDMI cable, such as HDMI to VGA, can be a cause of Error Code 39 Disney Plus. A standard HDMI cable has HDMI connectors on both sides, and it can be directly plugged into the HDMI port on your projector, television, or monitor.

8. Reinstall Your Disney+ App to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 39


Uninstall the Disney+ app and then install it again to fix Disney Plus Error Code 39.

More often than not, simply deleting and reinstalling the Disney+ app fixes the Error Code 39. It’s advisable to uninstall the app, shut down your streaming device, unplug it, and then plug it back in. Now, install the Disney+ app again and check if it works.

9. Log Out of Disney+ on Other Devices to Fix Error Code 39

It’s also possible that you’re logged into too many devices at the same time. To fix Error Code 39, log out of as many devices as possible and stay logged into a single device to stream Disney Plus.

10. Contact Disney Plus Customer Support


You can contact the Help Center to report Disney error code 39.

If all the fixes fail to work, simply contact Disney Plus Support. You can directly go to the Help Centre on the official Disney+ website and explain the issue you’re facing.

How Do I Fix Disney Plus Error Code 39 on Xbox One?

Here are a few quick fixes for Error Code 39 Disney Plus Xbox:

  • Shut down the PC Xbox streaming app. If you have been streaming your Xbox One to your computer via the Windows 10 or 11 Xbox apps, then stop the stream and close the application. By doing so, you’ll fix Disney Plus Error Code 39 Windows 10 and Disney Plus Error Code 39 Windows 11 easily.
  • Restart the Disney Plus app. You might need to close the Disney+ app and restart it to fix the Error Code 39 and stream Disney Plus on Xbox.
  • Restart your Xbox One. If restarting the app doesn’t resolve the Disney Plus Error Code 39, try restarting your Xbox One. Once you stop streaming from Xbox One to the computer, you must have successfully resolved the Disney Plus Error Code 39 Xbox One.
  • Factory reset the Xbox One. Firstly, confirm if Disney+ works with your television and HDMI cable. If it does, then factory reset your Xbox One but ensure that you choose the Reset and keep my games & apps to not lose your data. After the reset, delete and reinstall the Disney+ app.

How Do I Fix Disney Plus Error Code 39 on Smartphones?

Here’s a list of possible solutions to Disney Plus Error Code 39 on phones:

  • Try replaying the video.
  • Restart the Disney+ app and your device.
  • Use a high-quality HDMI cable or move to a different port.
  • Turn off or remove any screen recorders installed as it triggers Error Code 39.
  • Log out of your Disney+ account on all other devices.
  • Try another streaming device.
  • Uninstall the Disney+ app, unplug your system, replug after 10 seconds, and reinstall the app.

How Do I Fix Disney Plus Error Code 39 on my Android Device?

Disney Plus Error Code 39 Android can be fixed by following these troubleshooting tips:

  • Log out of your Disney+ account on all other devices, except for the one you wish to stream on.
  • Move the HDMI cable into a different input.
  • Reset or reboot the Xbox or any other game console you’re using.
  • Remove any video-capturing devices or tools you have installed.
  • Uninstall the Disney+ app, unplug your system for 10 seconds, and then download the app again after plugging in your system.

How Do I Fix Disney Plus Error Code 39 on Sony TV?

If you were streaming Disney Plus on your Smart TV and encountered this Error, try switching the HDMI port of your Smart TV and ensure you are using a standard HDMI cable that has the same connectors at both ends.

You can also try the following troubleshooting tips for Disney Plus Error Code 39 Sony TV:

  • Try to reload the video you’re trying to play.
  • Restart your Sony TV.
  • Reinstall the Disney+ app.
  • Contact the Disney+ Help Centre.
  • Log out of Disney+ on all the other devices, except for the one you want to use for streaming.
  • Delete video capturing tools if you have any installed.

Other Disney Plus Error Codes

Several other error codes can be encountered during Disney Plus streaming. Some of the most common ones are mentioned as under:

For those having location mismatch or geo-restriction issues, make sure you are using a premium VPN app or connected to the server in a country that has Disney Plus officially available.

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FAQs | Disney Plus Error Code 39

You may be getting Disney Plus errors for various reasons. Some of the reasons include device compatibility issues, Wi-Fi network issues, and support issues of Disney Plus with your streaming device. We suggest figuring out the particular error code and looking up fixes specific to that error code.

Here are few easy fixes for network errors on Disney Plus:

  • Run a speed test to determine if the network error is due to slow internet speed.
  • Check if Disney’s servers are down.
  • Please turn off your Wi-Fi router for a few seconds, and restart it.
  • You can restart your streaming device whether it is iOS, Android, Smart TV, Firestick, Chromecast, Roku, or any other device.
  • Switch to a different browser.
  • Clear the browser cookies and cache.
  • Un-installing the Disney+ app and reinstalling it may also help.

If you keep getting Error Code 39 on Disney Plus, it’s possibly because of the copy-protection check’s failure, corruption of temporary data, the HDMI splitter, and other reasons.


Disney Plus Error Code 39 is mainly related to the Xbox one or any compatible Xbox series user. Though it occurs mostly in gaming consoles, you can encounter the same Error Code when streaming Disney Plus on your Smart TV or even a projector. With our in-depth fixes mentioned above, we are sure you will resolve this Error and continue to watch your favorite movies on Disney+ hassle-free.

Now that you have the answer to what does Error Code 39 mean on Disney Plus, there’s no stopping you. Get started with streaming your favorite content, and if you ever come across this error—come straight to this blog and find the right fix!

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