How To Fix Disney Plus Error Code 73 Easily in USA [Jan 2023 Guide]


Disney+ Error Code 73 in USA
When Disney Plus Error Code 73 appears on your screen in USA, it indicates that the streaming platform is geo-restricted in the country you are accessing it. It also happens when you are connected to a VPN and Disney+ identifies it. To resolve this issue, disconnect the VPN.

Disney+ is an excellent streaming platform that caters to both children and adults. However, with the number of movies and TV shows in its content library for its subscribers, there comes a point when you may face problems, and your Disney Plus stops working.

Do you feel frustrated and feel why does Disney Plus keep giving me an error in USA? The streaming issues could be due to several reasons. Disney+ support Error Code 73 in USA is not an uncommon one. You will see the following message:

“Sorry, Disney+ is not available in your country.”

Wondering why my Disney Plus keep giving me error code 73 in USA, and how do I fix error code 73 Disney Plus in USA? The quick answer is to use the Disney Plus VPN and avoid free VPNs. Keep reading for more details on what does error code 73 mean on Disney Plus in USA, causes of Disney+ Error Code 73 in USA, or how to fix Disney Plus Error Code 73 in USA when you’re in USA.

How do I fix Error Code 73 Disney Plus in USA? [10 Quick Fixes]

1. Switch your location services on in USA

To fix Disney Error 73 in USA, try switching your location services. For instance, if you are browsing Disney Plus via Smartphone in USA, try turning on your location service that reflects your physical location.

Disney Plus tracker would be able to determine your correct geo-location, and your streams will no longer be blocked on the platform.

Switch Location Services On (For iPhone Users) in USA

Here are the easy steps to switch on location services on your iPhone to fix Disney Plus support Error Code 73 in USA:

  • Go to the settings on your iPhone.

    Go to the settings.

  • Select the Privacy menu.

    Select the privacy menu.

  • Choose location services.
  • Switch on the green toggle on Location services.

    Switch on the location services.

Switch Location Services On (For Android Users) in USA

If you are using an Android device in USA, follow these steps to turn on location services to fix Disney+ support error code 73 in USA:

  • First, navigate to the settings menu.
  • Select Security & Privacy.

    Select Security & Privacy.

  • Turn on the toggle in front of Access My Location.

Turn on location access.

2. Turn off your VPN connection in USA

Turning off your VPN will resolve your issue in USA. Once your VPN is disabled, close all the apps and perform a system restart.
After restarting your device, ensure that your device’s IP address has been updated to your real one.

3. Use a reliable premium VPN to avoid Disney Plus Error Code 73 in USA

One should always rely on a trusted VPN service that will save from all the hassle of Error Code 73 in USA. For example, ExpressVPN is a trusted VPN for streaming Disney Plus in USA or the fastest VPN like NordVPN.

Free VPNs cannot unblock Disney Plus’s restrictions; therefore, we always recommend avoiding them. Use premium VPN like ExpressVPN. By using this awesome VPN, you can also access Disney Plus from anywhere, or other available countries. And with help of a VPN, you easily watch Disney Plus Hotstar in UAE and can also able to watch Malaysian dramas on Disney Plus Japanese Drama on Disney Plus and Taiwan Drama on Disney+.

Here are the quick steps on how to fix Disney Plus Error 73 with the help of a premium VPN:

  • First, sign up on the ExpressVPN website.
  • Then, download and install the ExpressVPN application.
  • Connect to the US NewYork server from the list of servers. You can also choose any other country server where Disney+ is available.
  • Head to the Disney+ site.
  • Sign in with your email id and password.
Remove Geo-Restriction with ExpressVPN in USA!Our Top Recommendation for unblocking Disney Plus

4. Try switching connection to a different device in USA

Switching connection often helps with fixing Error Code 73 in USA. For instance, if you are streaming Disney+ on your Smartphone in USA with a data package, try accessing it via laptop or Smart TV connected to your home Wi-Fi.

Similarly, try it the other way around and see what works for you.

5. Check the availability of Disney+ in your area

Check if Disney+ is available in the region you are trying to access it in. You can check the list of countries it is available in on Disney Plus’s official website.

If your country name is not on the list, then it is the reason you are getting the error code. You will also get error code 73 if you are on travel in a country where Disney+ is not officially available.

6. Disable your antivirus protection in USA

Antivirus often disrupts or restricts the services to work on your device. If Antivirus is installed on your system, disable it to check if Disney Plus Error code 73 is fixed on your system in USA. Here are the simple steps to perform this action:

  • Click on the Windows icon on your screen in USA.

    Click on the Windows icon.

  • Choose the settings menu.

    Choose the settings menu.

  • Now select Privacy & Security.

    Select Privacy & Security.

  • Then choose Windows Security.

    Select Windows Security.

  • Select Virus & Threat Protection.

    Choose Virus & Threat Protection.

  • Click on Manage Settings or Virus & Threat Protection Settings.
  • Turn off real-time protection.

7. Try reconnecting to your Wi-Fi connection in USA

Reconnecting your Wi-Fi connection sometimes fixes the Disney Plus Error Code 73 problem in USA. It is easy to reconnect to your network:

  • Click on the Wi-Fi icon in your screen’s taskbar at the bottom right corner.
  • From the list of networks, choose your network and disconnect it.

    Reconnect your Wi-Fi.

  • After a few seconds, connect to your Wi-Fi and see if Disney Plus is working fine in USA.

8. Cross-check your IP address in USA

It is possible that the IP address your ISP is showing is wrong, which is causing the Error Code 73 on Disney Plus in USA. First, check your IP address; if it appears to be the wrong one, contact your internet service provider.

If you are connected to a VPN, disconnect it and then check if your home location IP address is showing or not.

9. Switch to a different DNS server to fix Disney Plus error code 73 in USA

You can try switching to a different DNS server to fix error code 73 in USA. It will help you increase the internet speed on your device and bypass the geo-restrictions. For instance, you can easily watch Dr. Romantic Season 3, The Owl House Season 3, J-Hope in the Box, Chainsaw Man, and many more in USA on Disney Plus without any buffering.

Follow these steps to switch your DNS server to a better DNS in USA:

  • Simultaneously press the Windows logo and R keys. The run application will open.

    Open Run application.

  • Go to the Control Panel by typing control.
  • Click on Network & Internet and then choose Network & Sharing Center.

    Next, click on Network and Internet.

  • Choose Change adapter settings. A new page will open.

    Choose Change adapter settings.

  • Right-click on the network you are using and then select properties.

    Select Properties.

  • Scroll down and choose Internet Protocol Version 4. From the menu bar, select properties.

    Choose Internet Protocol Version 4.

  • Choose the option Use the following DNS server addresses.

    Select Use the following DNS server addresses.

  • Type in the first option and in the second. It will change your DNS to a server.
  • Choose OK.

10. Contact your internet service provider if the issue still exists in USA

If Disney Plus error code 73 still appears despite trying all the fixes mentioned above in our guide in USA, contact your ISP. The problem might be on their end. Or they might have assigned you an IP address that makes Disney Plus assume that you are visiting the platform from a restricted region; this happens rarely.

You can also contact the Disney Plus customer support team in USA and report the errors; they will help you fix them. It is only possible if Disney+ is available in your area.

If these fixes don’t solve the issue, our detailed guide on how to fix Disney Plus not working will definitely provide the core solution to get rid of this problem easily!

What does error code 73 mean on Disney Plus in USA?

Error Code 73 on Disney plus means the service is unavailable in the area where you are trying to access the platform. When you visit the Disney Plus application or website, it first tracks your location. If it identifies that you are residing in a region where the platform is restricted, it immediately blocks you from the platform and shows Error Code 73.

What is Disney Plus Error Code 73 in USA look like when it appears ?

Now that you know what is error code 73 on Disney Plus and how to fix it, let’s see how Disney+ Error Code 73 appears in USA.

Disney Plus Error Code 73 usually appears if the Disney+ tracking mechanism thinks you are attempting to stream from a geo-restricted region. Even if it detects that you are connected to a VPN, it won’t allow you to access the stream.

The following message will appear on your screen:


Disney Plus Error Code 73 notification.

If Disney Plus is not in your region and the error code appears due to VPN, we suggest connecting to a reliable and paid VPN service like ExpressVPN. It has unblocking capabilities, which will never disappoint you to switch Disney+ libraries anytime. You can easily watch your Disney+ while travelling too. For example, to access Disney+ South Africa or Disney+ Greece on your trip to USA, you can do it with ExpressVPN.

What causes Disney+ Error Code 73 in USA?

Following are the two leading causes of Disney+ Error Code 73 in USA:

Error 73 cause no.1- Location mismatch

Location mismatch is the foremost reason behind this Error Code 73 in USA. However, it is a broad term and can be looked at in three different ways:

1. Your physical location issue:

Although Disney+ has launched in most countries, there are quite a few countries where the service has not been launched officially.

If Disney Plus is inaccessible in your region, you will face this Error code 73. If this is the case, you will receive the notification regarding location not allowed exception: user is not allowed to use the app in their current location.

2. VPN issue:

A smart blocker of Disney+ will not allow you to stream if it finds out you are accessing the platform with a VPN. Generally, substandard or free VPNs are the ones that must be avoided.

All the major platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and BBC iPlayer restrict using a VPN for streaming. Only use a premium Disney Plus Error Code 73 VPN.

3. Device location service issue:

It happens in rare cases but is worth taking note of. Sometimes problems with the internet service provider or the location services on your device can result in this Error Code in USA.

Always make sure to check the location services of your device. If you are not aware of the Disney Plus supported devices in USA, have a look below:

Error 73 cause no.2- Content unavailability

Content unavailability is another possibility behind Error 73 Disney Plus in USA. Some may argue that Error Code 73 is entirely based on issues around location mismatch, but it is not valid.

The content across different regions varies, and an attempt to view another country’s content may cause this error.

Other common Disney+ Error Codes in USA:

Apart from Disney+ Error Code 73 in USA, there are other common Disney+ error codes listed below:

Disney+ error code 142 or error code 90 Disney Plus servers issue
Disney Plus error code 83 Incompatibility of your device
Disney+ error code 75 Crossing the limit of 4 concurrent devices
Disney+ error code 401 Cache and corrupt data
Disney+ error code 43 or error code 76 Internet connection or login problem
Disney+ error code 42 Service connection problem
Disney+ error code 39 Xbox One streaming
Disney+ error code 30 Issues with adding a new account
Disney+ error code 24 Login or connectivity issue
Disney+ error code 6 or error code 14 Email or password issue
Disney+ Error Code 93 Disney+ is configuring some suspicious activity from your account

Access Different Content Libraries of Disney Plus

You heard it right! you can access regional content libraries too with a premium VPN. Some of our favorite content libraries of other regions are:

 Disney+ UK Disney+ Thailand
Disney Plus Mexico Disney Plus Pakistan
Disney Plus Philippines Disney Plus South Africa
Disney Plus Sri Lanka Disney Plus Singapore

FAQs | Disney Plus Error Code 73 in USA

With the help of a VPN, you trick the location on Disney Plus in USA. VPN changes your current IP address to the country’s IP address you are choosing on its servers’ list. It encrypts the data and sends it via the server location of your choice. We recommend using a top VPN service like ExpressVPN.

Try the fixes mentioned in our guide above to fix the issue of Disney Plus not available in your region error. For instance, disconnect the VPN, remove the cache, use a premium VPN, check your device compatibility, switch on location services, change your Wi-Fi connection, etc.

Here are the fixes for Disney Plus Error Code 73 firestick in USA:

  • Reconnect to your Wi-Fi network
  • Remove the cache from your device
  • Check if Disney Plus is available in your region
  • Disconnect the VPN
  • Confirm the IP address
  • Restart your device
  • Check if there is an issue with Disney Plus servers.

There are different reasons for errors on Disney Plus in USA. There might be network connection issues, outdated Disney Plus application, or servers not supporting the app. To resolve the issue, update your Disney+ app on the device you are using it on in USA.


Disney Plus Error Code 73 in USA is related to the geo-blocking system. Living in an unsupported country, using a substandard VPN, or trying to access content from a different country may result in this Error.

We hope our guide helped you understand how to fix error code 73 Disney Plus in USA. Fix the issue and enjoy streaming!

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