How to Watch Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2 in USA

How to Watch Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2 in USA

Are you a Bollywood buff with a love for thrillers examining psychological and societal issues through a unique lens? If that’s true, you’ll like Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2 on Disney+ Hotstar. Sadly, due to its licensing limitations, Disney+ Hotstar’s geo-restrictions will be active in the US. So if you’re looking for how to watch Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2 in USA, this post reveals the answer.

Disney+ Hotstar boasts a healthy and quickly growing collection of Bollywood’s most popular thriller titles, with new, fascinating ones regularly added to its impressive list. Adding Khuda Haafiz takes Disney+ Hotstar content up a notch after the film’s 2nd of September 2022 release.

While Disney+ Hotstar has been providing streaming services in more and more countries over time, unfortunately, the USA is not among them. And so USA folks eager to this new film will need VPN support, and our next section provides all the necessary steps to steam Khuda Haafiz on Hotstar in USA.

How to Watch Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2 in USA – [Easy Steps]

Here are the four crucial steps to focus on for opening convenient Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2 access anywhere in US territory:

  • Subscribe to a reputable VPN service ExpressVPN is our #1 selection.
  • Download, then install the ExpressVPN app on your chosen device.
  • Connect to an available Indian server.
  • Launch Disney+ Hotstar website app & search for Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2 to begin streaming!
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Why do You Need a VPN to Watch Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2 in USA?

You need a Disney Plus VPN to watch Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2 from your current United States residence because Disney+ Hotstar licensing contracts result in content blocking by the platform in the country. A potent VPN, however, will allow you to transform your existing IP to one from India comfortably, and Disney+ Hotstar will begin considering you an Indian viewer, thus allowing access to this new film.


Where Can I See Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2?

You can see Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2 on Disney+ Hotstar, the Indian over-the-top (OTT) streaming platform. Since Disney+ Hotstar has to meet the requirements set by its licensing deals, it hasn’t included the US in its list of countries directly receiving its services thus far, so you’ll need a VPN to unlock it there.

What is the Story of Khuda Hafiz 2?

The Khuda Hafiz 2 story picks up where the film’s first installment leaves off, with the protagonist Sameer alongside his wife Nargis, returning to India after rescuing her from flesh traders. But things don’t go so smoothly once they’re back because Nargis suffers from PTSD, and even though the couple tries its best to act normal, the trauma seems too heavy to face.

Who’s in the Cast of Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2?

Khuda Hafiz Chapter 2 cast you see below.

Cast Characters
Vidyut Jammwal Sameer Chaudhary
Shivaleeka Oberoi Nargis Chaudhary
Dibyendu Bhattacharya Rashid Qasai
Sheeba Chaddha Thakur Ji (Sheela Thakur)
Riddhi Sharma Nandini Chaudhary

What is the Khuda Haafiz 2 Movie OTT Release Date?

The Khuda Haafiz 2 OTT release date is the 2nd of September, 2022. The movie comes after more than two years of the first installation of the film in 2020. The second chapter of the movie first began appearing in theatres on the 17th of June, 2022, with full theatrical release the next month. Below is a summary of the Khuda Haafiz OTT release date and other info.

Film Title Khuda Haafiz 2
OTT Streaming Platform Disney+ Hotstar
OTT Release Date The 2nd of September, 2022
Theatrical Release The 8th of July, 2022
Director’s Name Faruk Kabir
Stars Shivaleeka Oberoi and Vidyuth Jammwal
Language featured Hindi
Industry of Origin Bollywood

Is There a Trailer of Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2?

Yes, the Panorama Studios YouTube channel released a trailer for Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2 on June 8, 2022. The 143-second promo has attracted more than 35 million views. It shows the couple featured in the film trying to make their lives normal after the trauma they’d seen in part 1 of the film. More shots show things take a horrible turn when their daughter gets kidnapped.

Why ExpressVPN is The Best VPN to Watch Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2 in USA?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2 in USA. We derive this confidence in the service because ExpressVPN leaves no stone unturned in giving its colossal subscriber base secure streaming while simultaneously offering them ultra-fast, industry-topping speed. Now go through the section appearing next to explore several of its compelling features.

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On top of Disney+ Hotstar, ExpressVPN will enable easy viewing of many Indian streams, including Netflix India and Disney+ Hotstar.

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What Should I Watch on Disney+ Hotstar in USA?

There’s a lot to watch on Disney Plus Hotstar US. You can watch TV shows and movies from HBO, Showtime, and Fox, all-time Disney favorites, tons of Indian TV shows and movies, and live sports events coverage like Indian Premier League and English Premier League.

What is new on Disney Plus Hotstar in September 2022? Following are the movies and shows that are new on Disney Plus Hotstar in USA in September 2022:

What are The Most Popular Titles on Disney+ Hotstar?

The most popular and exciting list on Disney+ Hotstar in USA 2022 are:

Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2


Yes, Khuda Haafiz is available on Hotstar, but you can only stream its first part there. For Chapter 2 of the movie, Zee5 has exclusive distribution and digital rights.

Yes, according to multiple posts on Quora, the Khuda Haafiz story is inspired by the real struggle of a man to save his wife.

Yes, Khuda Haafiz is based on the true story taking place around the time of the worldwide financial crisis of 2007-08, during which flesh traders kidnaped a man’s wife, and he attempted to rescue her. Khuda Haafiz 2 actress has claimed that she had to undergo a complete transformation in the film to make her depiction as accurate as possible.

Wrap Up

If you’re a Bollywood buff, you shouldn’t skip the incredibly impactful and high-action Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2 on Disney+ Hotstar this September. To ensure Disney+ Hotstar’s geo-restrictions do not challenge you, get ExpressVPN elite functionality and high-end security features without delay to watch Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2 in USA.

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