How to Watch Aoashi on Disney Plus in USA

How to Watch Aoashi on Disney Plus in USA

Aoashi is a manga written and illustrated by Ygo Kobayashi that has been published in Big Comic Spirits since January 2015 and is compiled in bound volumes by Shogakukan. The studio Production I.G produced an anime television series adaptation, which has been broadcast since April 9, 2022. It is available to stream on Disney Plus in Japan. So, find out how to watch Aoashi on Disney Plus in USA in this article.

Aoashi is gradually gaining global fame among otaku communities worldwide. 21 episodes have been aired on NHK TV in Japan so far, and these are available on Disney Plus in Japan. The season 1 finale is scheduled on October 1, 2022.

Much of the region-specific content on Disney Plus and other streaming services is geo-blocked outside that region. This is practised because of copyright and licensing issues. Thus, it is not viewable in USA by ordinary means. Disney Plus VPN is the solution to this problem.

Watch Aoashi on Disney Plus in USA – [Easy Step]

Follow the given easy steps to watch Aoashi on Disney Plus in USA:

  • Choose a VPN that is designed for streaming. ExpressVPN comes highly recommended.
  • Download the VPN and login with provided credentials.
  • Connect to a server in Japan by selecting from the list of servers.
  • Connect to Disney Plus and watch AoAshi on Disney Plus in USA.
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Why do You Need a VPN to Watch Aoashi on Disney Plus in USA?

You need a VPN to watch Aoashi on Disney Plus in USA due to the platform’s geo-restriction policies. Since the beginning, Disney Plus has amassed a sizable subscriber following. It has a large video content library. Yet, all the content is region-specific, and it is not accessible in other regions due to licensing agreements and copyright issues. Aoashi is available on Disney Plus in Japan. This means it is not accessible from the USA.


With a premium VPN like ExpressVPN, you can watch Aoashi on Disney Plus in USA. When you use a VPN, you are assigned a masked IP address from another region. If you’re in the USA, you may connect to a server in Japan. When you launch Disney Plus, you will have access to the Disney Plus library in Japan.

What is Aoashi About?

The main storyline of Aoashi is about Ashito Aoi, a young and talented soccer player from a small town in Japan. At the beginning of the series, Ashita plays soccer in his local league, and his performance appears to be much better than most of his opponents.

His hopes of getting into a good high school with a good soccer team are shattered when he causes a problem during a critical game for his team, which causes them to lose and get kicked out of the tournament. Still, he gets the attention of a significant person visiting from Tokyo.

Where to Watch Aoashi?

Other than in Japan, the series Aoashi can be watched on Disney Plus in Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. It is also available by subscription on Crunchyroll as well. All you must do is sign up for a Crunchyroll account.

You can watch many other Japanese animated shows and movies on the Crunchyroll streaming service. In the USA, you can watch Aoashi on Disney Plus with the help of a premium VPN.

How Many Episodes Will Aoashi Have?

Season 1 of Aoashi has 25 episodes of 24 minutes each. The series season 1 premiered on April 9, 2022. The season finale is scheduled on October 1, 2022. The series is broadcasted on NHK TV Network. It was adapted for Television by Production I.G. Studio.

Who is Aoashi Based on?

The story of Aoashi comes from a Japanese comic/manga series written and illustrated by Yūgo Kobayashi. It has been published sequentially in the seinen manga magazine Weekly Big Comic Spirits from Shogakukan.

Will Aoashi Get an Anime?

The studio Production I.G turned the comics’ story-based episodes of Aoashi into an animated TV show that has been airing since April 9, 2022. The first season shall finish airing on October 1, 2022. Since the manga continues to publish, likely, Aoashi anime will also come back for a second season as well.

What Day Does Aoashi Come Out?

The anime series Aoashi studio Production I.G was first released on April 09, 2022. One episode of 24 minutes duration was released every week. In May 2021, the anime television series adaptation was announced. Production I.G Studio has produced the series directed by Akira Sat, with screenplays written by Masahiro Yokotani. The characters are designed by Saki Hasegawa, Manabu Nakatake, Asuka Yamaguchi, and Toshie Kawamura.

What is IMDB Rating of Aoashi?

Aoashi is a top-rated animated series, and currently, it’s rating on IMDB is 8.1/10. This shows the audience’s interest in this popular manga-based animation produced by studio Production I.G

Who’s in The Cast of Aoashi?

The top cast of this popular animated series is as follows:

Cast Characters
Kouki Osuzu Ashito Aoi
Tatsumaru Tachibana Eisaku Otomo
Seiichiro Yamashita Soichiro Tachibana
Taku Yashiro Keiji Togashi
Shun Horie Kanpei Kuroda
Wataru Katoh Jun Machisu Asari
Junya Enoki Yuma Motok
Kentaro Kumagai Ryuichi Takeshima
Chikahiro Kobayashi Tatsuya Fukuda
Maki Kawase Hana Ichijo

Is There a Trailer of Aoashi?

Yes, you can watch the trailer for Aoashi:

The trailer depicts Ashito Aoi, who is from Ehime Prefecture. Ashito has a strong soccer talent that he attempts to conceal. Because of his honest personality, he causes a disaster that is a significant setback for him.

Why ExpressVPN is The Best VPN to Watch Aoashi on Disney Plus in USA?

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No. Blue Lock is a different anime which has not started airing yet.

Yes. It has an IMDB rating of 8.1/10, which indicates its high fame.

Yes. Aoashi is available on Disney Plus in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore.

Although Haikyuu is a volleyball anime and Aoashi is a football anime, they do have some similarities in the beginning.

Wrap Up

Fukuda recognizes Ashito’s limitless potential and invites him to participate in his team’s trials in Japan’s capital. The story of the youngster who would permanently revolutionize the football game in Japan has begun to unravel swiftly.

Aoashi is available to stream on Disney Plus in Japan. You can watch Aoashi on Disney Plus in USA using ExpressVPN, the best VPN for streaming.

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