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If you find dating reality shows that step away from typical formats and venture into trying out creative themes and setups, you’ll end up adoring the new show Pink Lie on Disney Plus this October. However, if you cannot find the show in your country’s content library and are wondering how to watch Pink Lie outside USA, this post will serve as the only guide you’ll need.

Disney Plus has no shortage of reality shows for its subscribers worldwide. However, with the release of Pink Lie, Disney Plus takes its first step into reality dating programs on the 5th of October, 2022, with an innovative mystery-packed twist you’ll enjoy.

outside USA, you’ll be unable to stream this exciting new show directly and will require a Disney Plus VPN. However, to help you achieve access, our next section reveals some essential yet easy steps to follow, so keep reading.

Watch Pink Lie outside USA – [Easy Steps]

Here are the step-wise details to help you watch Pink Lie outside USA by accessing Disney Plus smoothly:

  • Subscribe to a feature-rich premium VPN go with our top-ranked ExpressVPN.
  • Download & install the ExpressVPN application onto your streaming device.
  • Connect to one of the USA servers.
  • Run the Disney Plus website or app, type Pink Lie in the search area & stream away!
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Why do You Need a VPN to Watch Pink Lie outside USA?

You need a VPN to watch Pink Lie outside USA because the title’s recent release by Disney Plus limits direct viewership only to Korea because of the platform’s licensing-related geo-restrictions. However, once a quality VPN like ExpressVPN backs your connection, this regional blockage will vanish because you’ll be able to connect via a USA server and enjoy watching all the Kdramas on Disney Plus.



Where to Watch Pink Lie?

Disney Plus is where you can watch Pink Lie from your current location within USA boundaries. The platform owns exclusive rights to this new dating reality show. However, while attempting to honour its licensing commitments, Disney won’t allow the show’s direct viewing outside USA, so you’ll need a VPN-aided connection to unblock Pink Lie and other titles on Disney Plus.

What is Pink Lie Plot?

The Pink lie plot moves around the show’s contestants searching for true love amidst mysteries they must uncover. The entire idea of the show is to explore whether or not true love can exist between two people who don’t know much about each other’s life history and status. Contestants will not divulge critical personal information in the show until a specific time arrives.

What Does Pink Lie Mean?

A pink lie is a false statement but one that’s made unconsciously by the speaker. Since the information doesn’t come from a place of active deceit or malice, the person who hears it cannot blame the speaker for it because there was no ill intent behind it, and therefore a pink lie isn’t treated as a falsehood in contrast to other types of lies.

Who are the Contestants in Pink Lie?

The contestants’ names in the new dating reality show Pink Lie aren’t known. However, we know there will be seven contestants, all belonging to South Korea, who will reside together for twelve days in a unique “Pink House.” Meanwhile, the show will feature four celebrity hosts with the duty of judging the contestants’ activities during the show’s episodes.

Who is Director of Pink Lie?

Kim In Ha is the director of Pink Lie. Kim has previously directed multiple variety shows, including the popular Weekend Playlist, which aired from September 2018 to January 2019, and the sports show Cash Back which appeared in 2020. However, Pink Lie will be Kim’s first attempt to direct a dating reality program.

What is IMDB Rating of Pink Lie?

Pink Lie doesn’t have an IMDB yet because the show’s official release date was the 5th of October, 2022, and since it is so recent, IMDB hasn’t added it to its list of titles. However, an FAQ related to updating statuses on the site suggests that it typically takes one to seven days for new submissions to be processed, so it will not be long before the Pink Lie rating appears.

What is Release Date of Pink Lie 2022?

The release date for Pink Lie 2022 was Wednesday, the 5th of October, 2022, when this new dating reality show debuted on Disney Plus. The show will release two episodes simultaneously and contain ten fun-filled and intriguing episodes. In addition, Kim Heechul will feature as one of the show’s four hosts.

Is There a Trailer of Pink Lie?

Yes, a Pink Lie teaser trailer is on the ZAPZEE Official YouTube channel. The short promo lasts for just 44 seconds and has been available since the 5th of September, 2022. It shows male and female contestants talking about how they want acceptance for who they are and are looking for affection without regard to their reputation or status.

Is Pink Lie Reality Show?

Yes, Pink Lie is a reality show in the dating competition genre that will be available on Disney Plus from October 2022. Contrary to regular dating reality programs, the series will have the twist of contestants keeping crucial information to themselves until they can finally reveal it to test whether someone’s affection for them is genuine and free of judgment.

Is There a Tested VPN to Watch Pink Lie outside USA?

Yes, ExpressVPN is a tested VPN to watch Pink Lie outside USA. The service’s proven track record of providing its massive list of global users with top-notch speeds alongside high-end security features is unmatched in the industry. To increase your awareness of the service’s unique capabilities, go through its detailed review below.


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ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Pink Lie outside USA

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Pink Lie outside USA. This VPN client’s consistency stems from its massive servers fleet 3000 internationally with its presence in 105 countries, including South Korea.

Beyond the immense server count, ExpressVPN boosts streaming speeds through its innovative Lightway Protocol, which functions efficiently through a limited set of code, thus ensuring your device’s power conservation while giving high-speed results.

With ExpressVPN, you don’t worry about whether the service will work on your device since its compatibility spans almost every gadget, be it your smartphone, Smart TV, desktop PC, gaming console, tablet, or even wireless router.

Furthermore, ExpressVPN offers subscribers outstanding security through several high-impact features. These include Threat Manager, MediaStreamer, and no log policy. Beyond Disney+ Korea, you can comfortably access several additional Korean streaming platforms like Netflix Korea, AsianCrush, and Kocowa.

Finally, the service’s affordability is evident from its low yearly subscription price of US$ 6.67 /mo - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free, instantly resulting in 49% savings and adding 3 FREE months. Plus, you can always give the service a risk-free trial run for 30 days, with a quick and convenient refund if you’re unsatisfied for any reason.

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Disney Plus has an amazing collection of star movies and TV shows. You can watch the following Star content with your Disney plus subscription.


Yes, Pink Lie is now available on Disney Plus, with the show’s first two episodes released on the 5th of October, 2022.

Yes, it is worth watching Pink Lie, especially if you enjoy dating shows with innovative themes and twists.

Kim In Ha is the producer (and also the director) of Pink Lie.

Wrap Up

For fans of out-of-the-box dating shows beyond formulaic setups, the highly innovative Pink Lie will be a fun, entertaining, yet immensely intriguing watch on Disney Plus starting this October. To guarantee that you can watch Pink Lie outside USA without any restrictions, subscribe to ExpressVPN’s top-class features at an affordable yearly cost today.

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