Sky Go Free Trial: Can I Get it for Free in Spain? [Best Guide 2022]


While there is no Sky Go free trial as Sky Go is free to stream for all Sky TV subscribers in the UK and Ireland, but users in Spain can also get Sky Go at discounted prices by using the hacks we have discussed in this guide!

Sky TV is one of the most trustworthy services in the UK for streaming, but most streamers looking to subscribe to the service in Spain ask does Sky Go have a free trial. Unfortunately, the answer is no. Therefore, you will need to pick just the right plan before subscription because of the unavailability of a trial period for testing out the service.

The Sky Go Original Plan costs US$25.01 (GB£20)/mo, while the Variety bundle is priced at US$40.03 (GB£32)/mo. If you want more information about Sky Go prices and packages, read our blog comprehensive guide on how much Sky Go subscription packages costs in Spain.

You can access Sky Go in Spain or other non-UK territories with the best VPN for Sky Go, ExpressVPN. Top Gun: Maverick and The Handmaid’s Tale are just two titles that you can stream with Sky Go anywhere with a premium VPN.

To learn more about what to watch on Sky Go app and how to get discounted Sky Go subscription in Spain, buckle up for the next sections.

Does Sky Go have a free trial in Spain?

No, Sky Go does not have a free trial in Spain. However, Sky Go online can be availed at discounted prices using vouchers from which provides Sky Go free trial code and other exclusive vouchers for Sky customers.

The time for how long the voucher will last will also be provided on Vouchergains. All you need to do is note the expiration date down and then enjoy the Sky Go voucher to its fullest. If you reside in Spain, you can avail of the voucher using a Premium VPN service.

Following are the vouchers you can use via Vouchergains for Sky Go:

Voucher Type Feature Expiration Date
50% discount 1/2 saving Your Total Order Expires Jan 9, 2023
Voucher Code Best offer Expires Dec 29, 2022
Sale US$12.26 (GB£10) reduction for Sky Go voucher code Expires Dec 27, 2022
Verified savings US$40.21 (GB£32.80)
Average Savings

What are some other ways to get Sky Go for free or at a discounted price in Spain?

There are several ways to watch Sky Go without having to worry about how much is Sky Go. One of these methods includes trying Now, a Sky-powered TV streaming service available online. You may get exclusive Sky channels and Sky programs live, or stream them afterward when you are free. However, you will need a Reliable VPN service to get Sky Go for free in Spain or anywhere outside the UK.

Following are all the ways to get Sky Go for free or without a subscription:

  1. With Now: Now is a Sky-powered online TV streaming service. It provides live streaming as well as on-demand material from Sky channels, allowing you to keep pace with missed episodes of Sky programs. For this, you need to purchase passes on a daily or monthly basis for the channels you want to stream in Spain with the help of a VPN.
  2. Add the Sky channels you want to other services: If any of your friends or family has a subscription to Virgin Media or BT TV, then you can add Sky Go to these services and enjoy streaming it in Spain!
  3. Get a shared Sky TV subscription: If your family member or friend has a subscription to Sky TV, then you can simply request them to make you a secondary user as Sky Go allows multiple users to stream at the same time in Spain.

To learn how to cancel Sky Go free trial or subscription in Spain, read on:

How to cancel Sky Go extra free trial in Spain?

You can cancel your use of the Sky Go app or Sky Go Extra in Spain by connecting to a premium VPN (our recommendation: ExpressVPN), and then by reaching out to their live customer support chat. If you had Sky Go with the Multiscreen package, chances are that the cancellation will not be possible due to Sky Go being a part of your standard package.

Which Devices Are Compatible to Watch Sky Go in Spain

Following are the devices that are compatible with streaming Sky Go in Spain.


What Is Coming on Sky Go in 2023?

This is the best content coming on Sky GO in 2023:

  • Funny Woman
  • Django
  • Vera Season 3
  • Landscape Artist of the Year 2023
  • Colosseum
  • The Last of Us
  • The Hillside Strangler: Devil in Disguise
  • The Lost Pirate Kingdom
  • Lucifer
  • The Two Ronnies
  • American Carnage
  • Hunter Hunter
  • A Christmas Story Christmas
  • One Shot
  • The Outfit
  • Selma
  • Lansky


To watch Sky Go abroad for free, you can use vouchers through by connecting to a premium VPN service.

Yes, you can allow someone else to use your Sky Go in Spain as you can register and use Sky Go on more than 6 devices.

The original plan of Sky Go is priced at US$25.01/mo (GB£20/mo).

Wrapping It Up!

With this easy and quick guide for all you need to know about Sky Go free trial and subscription in Spain or other geo-restricted countries, we hope you will no longer face any issues with cancellation or subscription and will be able to get some amazing discounts with the vouchers we have provided.

When you’re in Spain or outside the Sky Go-supported regions, you’ll need a reliable VPN subscription like ExpressVPN. Additionally, ExpressVPN comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee so it’s a win-win for you. If Sky Go app does not work properly in Spain, check out our blog where we have discussed all the possible solutions to make your Sky Go not working issues go away. Happy Streaming!

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