ESPN Plus Free Trial: Can I Subscribe It for Free in USA? [Best Tips 2023]


It’s important to realize that there is no ESPN Plus free trial in USA, and it is not free. You can not subscribe to a free trial of ESPN Plus in USA, but you’ll need to subscribe to one of their packages in order to continue using the service. However, there are some discount offers to get ESPN for free.

Now that queries like is there an ESPN Plus free trial out of the picture, you can check out how to get started with a discount offer on ESPN Plus. Whether it’s football, basketball, golf, tennis, or any other sport, you can enjoy all the action. If you are an avid sports fan, you know that streaming the latest games and events can be difficult. Fortunately, there is a way to access it with the best VPN for ESPN Plus.

A VPN allows you to bypass geo-restrictions and unlock movies like The Two Escobars and shows like Fútbol Americas from around the world. With our help, you can get the best deals and discounts on ESPN+. Also, you will you’ll get to know how to watch ESPN Plus for free.

Is There a ESPN Plus Free Trial in USA?

No, there is currently no ESPN Plus free trial 2023. But there are many alternative ways to test it out for free. Your best chance is to switch to a new network service plan (either internet or cellular) and take advantage of the deals offered by companies like Verizon and AT&T. If you sign up for certain Unlimited plans from Verizon, you can get the Disney Bundle at no extra cost.

Now, let’s get to know whether is there any way to watch ESPN+ for free.

How to Watch ESPN Plus for Free in USA? [ESPN+ Bundles 2023]

You can not watch ESPN Plus for free, however, you can get a big discount if you subscribe with the bundle. As streaming services become increasingly popular for saving money on entertainment, the new ESPN bundle with Hulu and Disney is a great way to get tons of content from some of the biggest providers for a reasonable price.

Let’s take a look at some best bundles with ESPN Plus.

Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ Bundle in USA

The basic (with ads) version of Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ bundle costs US$ 12.99 /mo . Disney+ and Hulu provide amazing on-demand libraries with hundreds of hours of movies and episodes to select from, while ESPN+ is the only service that includes live streaming. Also, you can get Disney Plus, ESPN+ free trial if you subscribe from Disney. Check out the bundled items and their prices.

Single Price Bundle Price
US$ 7.99 /mo for Disney+ with ads All these three in a bundle are US$ 12.99 /mo
US$ 7.99 /mo for Hulu with ads
US$ 9.99/mo for ESPN+

Disney+ [Without Ads], Hulu [Without Ads], and ESPN+ (With Ads) Bundle in USA

Disney, Hulu [Without Ads], and ESPN Bundle is an exciting new offering from Disney that provides subscribers with a variety of entertainment options. You can even get Disney Plus, ESPN+ free trial in a bundle. Check out the bundled items and their prices.

Single Price Bundle Price
US$ 10.99 /mo for Disney+ All these three in a bundle are US$ 19.99 /mo
US$ 14.99 /mo for Hulu no ads
US$ 9.99/mo for ESPN+

Apart from these plans, Disney Plus has also introduced a plan in which the existing subscribers of Disney Plus can get Disney+ (No Ads), Hulu (With Ads), ESPN+ (With Ads) for US$ 14.99 /mo .

Moreover, there are Hulu + Live TV plans in which existing subscribers can get Disney+ (No Ads), Hulu (With Ads), ESPN+ (With Ads) for US$ 74.99 /mo and new subscribers can enjoy Disney+ (No Ads), Hulu (No Ads), ESPN+ (With Ads) for US$ 82.99 /mo . There is a basic plan as well (with Ads) in which you can enjoy Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+ for US$ 69.99 /mo .

For more information related to pricing, you can have a look at our guide on ESPN Plus pricing. Now let’s check out if you can get a subscription to ESPN+ with Hulu for free.

Can I get ESPN Plus Subscription on Hulu for Free in USA?

No, you cannot get ESPN Plus subscription on Hulu for free. The ESPN+ add-on costs $9.99/month.

In order to watch ESPN+ content on Hulu, you must have purchased the ESPN+ add-on via Hulu or be a Disney Bundle subscriber. If you have a separate ESPN+ subscription that is not part of The Disney Bundle or purchased via Hulu, you cannot watch ESPN+ on Hulu.

Hulu subscribers who want ESPN+ may view the service without downloading or signing up for a separate app or visiting a new website. The Hulu app now allows users to subscribe to and view content after getting ESPN Plus activated.

Hulu subscribers who also join up for ESPN+ won’t save any money, since ESPN+ costs the normal $9.99 per month regardless of where you live. As such, you may want to consider purchasing a package deal that includes Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+. If you’re willing to pay the premium, Disney+ gives you access to a massive on-demand library.

Unfortunately, it’s only available in the US, but with a VPN you can unblock ESPN Plus outside USA. Now let’s get into the cheapest way to get ESPN+.

What is the cheapest way to get ESPN+ in USA? [Best Deals & Discounts]

Sling TV is the most affordable option for live-streaming ESPN. Though you can’t get a free trial ESPN Plus, you can get 30+ channels, including ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3, with your $40 monthly Sling Orange subscription.

UFC fans may save a lot of money by subscribing annually. Check out some of the cheap ways to get ESPN+.

Opt for ESPN+ Annual Plan [Save $15] in USA

You’ll pay a total of $120 each year if you subscribe to the $9.99/month standard plan. The ESPN+ Annual Plan is a one-time payment of $99.99, saving you $15 over the course of the year if you’re certain you’ll utilize the service for the whole twelve months.

Opt for ESPN+, UFC PPV Package in USA

UFC Pay-Per-View events typically cost around $74.99 (per event). In contrast, ESPN+ has a bundle that provides significant discounts for UFC fans. New subscribers to ESPN+ may get one UFC PPV event and an entire year of ESPN+ for $124.98.

Now let’s talk about some of the best features of ESPN+.

What is ESPN+? What Features Does It Include?

A membership to ESPN Plus app provides access to events that fans may not be able to see anywhere else. Countless other kinds of sporting events, including MMA bouts, soccer games, tennis matches, baseball contests, and hockey games, may all be seen live online.

ESPN Plus subscribers may watch live and on-demand programming, and also read in-depth articles written by some of the best sports journalists in the business.

Also, you cant get e free trial ESPN Plus. So, let’s take a look at the price table.

ESPN+ Per Month $9.99 USD
ESPN+ Per Year $99.99 USD
Different Sports Sports like golf, soccer, baseball, hockey, tennis, the UFC, and collegiate basketball.
Downloads Yes
Original Content Yes
Streaming Resolution 720P

Let’s take a look at some live sports that are available on ESPN+.

Live Sports available to watch on ESPN+ in USA

ESPN+ offers a broad variety of live sports to its subscribers, such as MLB and NHL games. In addition, fans who pay for a premium streaming service, like MLB.TV or NHL.TV, will get even more out of the show. ESPN+ allows viewers to watch sports from other markets on their televisions.

  • ESPN+ features live coverage of collegiate sports
  • Cricket, and Formula 1 are just some of the live sports.
  • The service also broadcasts live games from the Women’s National Basketball Association.
  • Besides the WWE, the streaming service features boxing and mixed martial arts events.
  • With an ESPN+ membership, you may watch UFC Fight Nights
  • A digital version of ESPN’s SportsCenter daily roundup provides sports fans with access to games that are not shown on the network’s cable channels. 

In the next section, check out some on-demand content available on ESPN+.

On-Demand Content to Stream on ESPN+ in USA

It’s possible to watch highlights and entire games whenever you want like below:

  • Documentaries like ESPN’s 30 for 30 films.
  • Michael Jordan’s The Last Dance is available on ESPN+ as well.
  • The O.J. Simpson: Made in America miniseries won several awards.
  • NBA Rookies is a show about the rookie season of an NBA player’s career.
  • ESPN+’s exclusive series   

Looking for a comparison of ESPN+ deals with other platforms? No worries, head over to the next heading.

ESPN+ Deals Compared with Other Platforms in USA

ESPN Plus, which costs $9.99 a month, is much less than competing subscriptions and there is no free trial ESPN Plus. ESPN+, on the other hand, has a smaller selection of sports-live than some of its competitors.

While many streaming services provide access to content from a variety of sports networks, ESPN+ only enables subscribers to watch ESPN’s original shows. The ability to watch ESPN’s national and regional channels, as well as local channels like CBS Sports Network.

Now check out if you can cancel your ESPN+ subscription or not.

Can I Cancel My ESPN Plus Subscription Anytime in USA?

Yes, you can cancel your ESPN Plus subscription anytime. 

The ESPN+ monthly membership may be terminated whenever you want prior to the conclusion of the current billing cycle. If a user signs up for an annual plan, they have until twelve months from their signup date to cancel without penalty.

Subscribers who no longer want to utilize ESPN+ may do so by selecting the Manage tab after logging in, then selecting the Remove Subscription button under the Modify My ESPN+ section.

You can also check out our other guide to know how to cancel ESPN+ subscription on different devices.

More Countries Where You Can Stream ESPN Plus:

Some of the countries where you can stream ESPN Plus using a reliable VPN include:


No, ESPN Plus is not free with Amazon Prime and isn’t offered as an add-on or channel. Despite the name, Amazon Prime subscribers will have to pay extra for ESPN+. ESPN+ requires a monthly or yearly membership to access all of the exclusive sports events and programming. Subscribe to ESPN+ on the ESPN website or via the Amazon Prime Video application.

Unfortunately, there is currently no free trial for ESPN+. That’s contrary to the majority of streaming services, many of which provide either a free trial period (the greatest of which being Hulu’s 30-day free trial) or a stripped-down version of their paid service (like Sling TV and Peacock).

Yes, you can get the ESPN app on Roku for free. However, ESPN programming requires a paid subscription or logging in with a cable or satellite provider, but you may access news, scores, and highlights for free.

Unfortunately, there is no ESPN Plus free trial. As of now, subscribers to ESPN no longer have access to a free trial period. This is a significant development for the sports network that has long offered this perk to viewers.

Wrapping It Up!

There is no ESPN Plus free trial and you must subscribe to one of their packages in order to access the content. However, if you are still confused about whether the free trial is available or not, check out the above.

Many of the features that ESPN Plus offers are unavailable on other streaming services, so it’s worth considering subscribing if you’re an avid sports fan. It’s also possible to save money by taking advantage of promotional discounts and special offers.

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