ITV VPN: Watch it in USA [Easy Hacks]


To watch ITV in USA, you need the best VPN for ITV, like ExpressVPN since ITV Hub is a geo-restricted streaming service owing to licensing and distribution agreements. So if you’re wondering can I watch ITV with a VPN, the answer is Yes!

ITV Hub is a British on-demand streaming service operated by ITV. It has ownership and distribution rights to a vast array of quality streaming content including the latest and popular shows like Love Island UK Season 9, Olivier Awards 2023, and The Chase. You can also get amazing ITV Hub 4k documentaries, sports shows, and cult classics for non-stop entertainment.

ITVX is the UK’s freshest streaming service, with exclusive new shows, blockbuster films, live events, and thousands of boxsets all in one place for Free. Viewers can also watch King Charles Coronation in USA along with Coronation Concert.

How do I watch ITV? A VPN will allow you to sign up for ITV Hub and stream it by helping you bypass the geo-restrictions on the streaming platform. After extensive testing, we have identified the best 5 VPNs for streaming ITV Hub in USA. ExpressVPN stands out in the list for its superior features that allow buffer-free streaming over a secure connection.

Without any further ado, let’s check how you can watch ITV in USA!

ITV VPN: How to Watch ITV in USA [7 Quick Steps]

ITV Hub is not available in USA due to licensing agreements. To watch ITV Hub in USA, you need to choose the best ITV VPN. How do I unblock ITV Hub? Follow the steps below to watch ITV live abroad:

  • Subscribe to a reliable VPN provider (Recommended: ExpressVPN for buffer-free ITV streaming).
  • Install the VPN app on your device.
  • Connect to a UK server (Recommended: London server).
  • Go to the ITV Hub website.
  • Set up an ITV account.
  • Get the ITV hub app from your app store.
  • Sign in to your ITV account.
  • Start streaming the best ITV shows from where you are.

Note: Not all VPNs are optimized for streaming ITV Hub or other geo-restricted streaming services. Use this guide to identify the best VPNs for the job.

Watch ITV Hub with ExpressVPN!Our Top Recommendation for buffer-free streaming

ITV VPN: Which VPN Works with ITV in 2023 [Quick Summary]

Only a few VPNs can successfully unblock ITV Hub platform outside the United Kingdom. After a comprehensive evaluation and testing of 40+ VPNs, we identified the following ITV Hub VPNs with reliable speeds and safe and private connections:

  • ExpressVPNBest VPN for ITV. Stream ITV in HD and 4K at 92.26 Mbps download and 89.45 Mbps upload speeds for only US$ 6.67 /mo (Get 3 Months FREE with annual subscription!).
  • Surfshark Affordable VPN for ITV. Surfshark VPN allows unlimited simultaneous streams with decent speeds for only US$ 2.21 /mo (Save 83% on a 24-month subscription) and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • NordVPNFastest ITV VPN. NordVPN is the t VPfastest ITV VPN thanks to its NordLynx servers, which double the speeds and provide bufferless streaming for just US$ 5.49 /mo (Avail 65% off & get 3 months free on a 2 year subscription).
  • CyberGhostCyberGhost offers the largest server network for streaming ITV Hub with advanced in-app features for only US$ 3.99 /mo (4 Months FREE with a 3-year subscription!).

Before moving further, let’s check out why a VPN is required for ITV in USA.

Why Do I Need A VPN to Watch ITV Hub?

What do you need for ITV Hub? You need a reliable VPN, like ExpressVPN, to watch ITV in USA as the service is only accessible to subscribers within the United Kingdom. The service is geo-blocked due to licensing and distribution contracts.

If you try to access ITV Hub outside the United Kingdom without a VPN, you will get the following error message:


ITV is not available in the USA.

A reliable VPN, like ExpressVPN, can help you watch ITV TV shows from wherever you are by concealing your IP address through encryption and assigning you a UK-based IP address. This will trick the ITV system into thinking you are streaming from the United Kingdom, allowing you to bypass the restrictions.

Note: Unblocking ITV Hub outside the United Kingdom can only be successful if you use a premium and optimized VPN, like ExpressVPN. You can also use some other VPNs as well, let’s read about them!

4 Best VPNs for ITV to Watch it in USA in 2023 in Geo-Restricted Countries

After extensively testing 40+ VPNs, we shortlisted the following as the best VPN for ITV Hub:

  • ExpressVPN
  • Surfshark
  • NordVPN
  • CyberGhost

1. ExpressVPN – Best VPN To Watch ITV

Best ExpressVPN features:


  • AES-256 encryption
  • Kill Switch
  • Split Tunneling 
  • No ISP throttling

ExpressVPN is the best ITV Hub VPN, allowing buffer-free streaming with no server connections. ExpressVPN provides incredible bandwidth for streaming ITV Hub worldwide, with 3000+ servers.


Unblock ITV HUB in USA with ExpressVPN!

While watching Grace, we tested ExpressVPN’s ability to stream ITV Hub in USA. Everything worked out okay.

Using a 100 Mbps internet connection, we did a speed test on an ExpressVPN server and achieved 92.26 Mbps download and 89.45 Mbps upload speeds


ExpressVPN speed test result on our 100 Mbps internet connection.

The VPN offers five simultaneous connections and you can watch ITV on Roku, Windows, and iOS and Android devices. You can get the VPN for only US$ 6.67 /mo (Get 3 Months FREE with annual subscription!) with a 30-day money-back guarantee!


    • Lightning-fast speeds
    • No ITV buffering
    • No server disconnections
    • Advanced security features
    • 24/7 customer support


    • More expensive than most VPNs

Recommended Servers

  • Docklands
  • London
  • Wembley
Get ITV Hub with ExpressVPN!Our Top Recommendation for buffer-free streaming

2. Surfshark – Affordable VPN To Watch ITV

Surfshark VPN key features:


  • Reliable speeds with UK servers.
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections for convenient streaming.
  • Budget-friendly subscription fee with a 30-day money-back guarantee.   

If you are looking for an affordable VPN with US servers, Surfshark is the way to go that costs only US$ 2.21 /mo (Save 83% on a 24-month subscription). Surfshark has over 3200+ servers spread across 100 countries, including several server locations in the UK.

The London server allowed us to stream Vanderpump Rules at lightning speed and without any buffering issues.


With Surfshark’s London server, we instantly accessed ITV HUB!

Our tests showed download and upload speeds of 88.48 Mbps and 79.42 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection. Surfshark offers unlimited multi-device connectivity on Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux operating systems.


Surfshark servers are blazing-fast for streaming.

Surfshark VPN offers 24-hour customer care for a reasonable monthly charge.


    • Buffer-less streaming
    • Enhanced Surfshark ITV Hub security features
    • Unlimited simultaneous connections


    • Lack of phone support
    • Speeds are not the fastest
    • Limited P2P servers

Recommended Servers

  • London
  • Manchester
  • Glasgow 
Get ITV Hub with Surfshark!Affordable VPN with 30-day money back guarantee

3. NordVPN – Fastest VPN To Watch ITV

NordVPN’s best features:


  • Fast-blazing speeds on optimized UK servers.
  • Multiple simultaneous connections for streaming.
  • IP/DNS leak protection for reliable server connection. 

The fastest download and upload speeds are experienced with NordVPN ITV Hub streaming. NordVPN offers fantastic streaming bandwidth with 5500+ servers. We used ITV Hub to watch Karen Pirie without any interruptions or delays.


We easily unblocked ITV HUB! using NordVPN’s UK server

You can watch ITV Hub in USA with NordVPN, with 93.42 Mbps and 87.68 Mbps download and upload speeds. Additionally, it has the NordLynx protocol, which doubles its speed.


NordVPN speed test result on our 100 Mbps internet connection.

NordVPN is just US$ 5.49 /mo (Avail 65% off & get 3 months free on a 2 year subscription) and includes 24/7 customer support and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


    • The fastest speeds
    • Logless browsing
    • No throttling
    • Advanced NordVPN ITV Hub security features
    • Excellent bandwidth


    • Does not offer free trial
    • Takes long to connect to servers

Recommended Servers

  • United Kingdom #2314
  • United Kingdom #1903
  • United Kingdom #2065 
Get ITV Hub with NordVPN!Fastest VPN with 30-day money back guarantee

4. CyberGhost – Most VPN Servers to Watch ITV

CyberGhost’s most outstanding features:


  • Largest server network for seamless ITV Hub streaming.
  • Seven simultaneous streams for convenient ITV Hub streaming.
  • 45-day money-back guarantee refund policy. 

CyberGhost has the most servers, including around 6000+ servers in 91 countries, giving you the perfect bandwidth for ITV Hub streaming.


CyberGhost has dedicated servers for streaming ITV HUB in USA.

We enjoyed full internet safety and fantastic speeds viewing Wedding Crashers on ITV Hub with CyberGhost. It is also compatible with other websites that are geographically restricted.

CyberGhost VPN’s download and upload speeds of 75.12 Mbps and 39.48 Mbps, respectively, on a 100 Mbps connection are impressive.


CyberGhost offers reliable speeds for streaming in HD.

You can connect up to seven devices to CyberGhost ITV hub VPN for uninterrupted viewing. Moreover, you can get CyberGhost at the best price of US$ 3.99 /mo (4 Months FREE with a 3-year subscription!).


    • Extensive US servers and server locations
    • ITV HubTV-optimized servers
    • Logless streaming
    • Advanced security features


    • No P2P mobile connections
    • Limited mobile app features

Recommended Servers

  • London
  • Manchester
  • Berkshire 
Get ITV Hub with Cyberghost!Most VPN Servers with 45-day money back gurantee

How to Choose the Best ITV VPN? [Our Selection Criteria]

While there are many VPNs, not all are optimized for ITV. To identify the best ITV VPNs, like ExpressVPN, we evaluated their distinct features with the following considerations in mind:

  • UK servers: You need a VPN with multiple UK-based servers to unblock ITV Hub from where you are.
  • Fast streaming speeds: For bufferless and lag-free ITV4 streaming outside the United Kingdom, you need a VPN that delivers reliable speeds.
  • Ability to unblock other streaming platforms: Choose a VPN that can also help you unblock other geo-restricted streaming services you have subscribed to when travelling abroad. This way, you can watch ITV Hub via VPN and access other streaming services too.
  • Security features: The VPN should offer advanced security features like 256-bit encryption, kill switch, split tunneling, and IP/DNS leak protection.
  • Privacy: The VPN should ensure data privacy through a no-logs policy.
  • User-friendliness: The VPN should allow you to connect easily to the servers and offer an easy-to-use interface for a seamless experience.

Note: Unfortunately, when you get ITV VPN free, you will not enjoy the listed features, making them unsuitable for ITV Hub streaming. Read the next section to know why!

Can I Use a Free VPN to Watch ITV Hub?

Yes, you can use an ITV VPN free to watch ITV Hub in USA. However, we do not recommend using free VPNs as they have limited unblocking capabilities, so there is no guarantee they will allow you to access ITV.

They offer no encryption and sell your data to third parties, which makes them unreliable.

A premium VPN service like ExpressVPN is your best shot at streaming ITV Hub in USA. It comes with advanced security features and reliable server connections.

Note: After identifying the ideal VPN for streaming ITV Hub, the next step is to get an ITV subscription to access content for streaming.

How Do I Sign Up for ITV?

To sign up for ITV Hub in USA, you need to follow the quick steps below:

  • Subscribe to a premium VPN service (Recommended: ExpressVPN for optimized ITV Hub servers).
  • Download the VPN app on your streaming device.
  • Launch the VPN and connect to a UK server (Recommended: London server).
  • Go to the ITV Hub website.
  • Click on Sign In at the top right side of the screen to be redirected to ITV Hub Sign Up.
  • Enter the requested details.
  • Provide a random but valid UK postcode.
  • Check your email for a verification link.
  • Select a payment method to complete your subscription.
  • Get the ITV hub app from your app store.
  • Sign in to ITV Hub and start streaming the best ITV shows. 

Note: The ITV Hub subscription cost will vary depending on the plan you choose. Get the details in the next section.

Watch ITV Hub with ExpressVPN!Our Top Recommendation for buffer-free streaming

How Much is ITV Subscription?


You can get an ITV Hub monthly or annual subscription.

Is ITV free to watch? No, ITV is not free to watch. ITV subscription costs vary depending on whether you choose a monthly plan for £3.99 or an annual plan for £39.99.

How long is ITV free trial? After selecting your ITV plan, you can get a 7-day free trial if you are a new subscriber.

This is the only way to watch ITV abroad for free. After the trial period, you will be billed automatically for your subscription.

ITV Hub subscription plans are:

  • Monthly subscription £3.99
  • Annual subscription £39.99

With an ITV Hub subscription, you can access the ITV Hub streaming library for sports, documentaries, and drama shows from where you are.

What to Watch on ITV in USA in Sep 2023?

Name Style Genre IMDB Rating Release Date
Liam Smith vs Chris Eubank Jr 2 Boxing  – 2nd Sep
Carabao Cup 2023-24 Football 2nd Sep
Beat the Chasers Series 6 Reality TV Show 3rd Sep
AEW All Out 2023 Wrestling 3rd Sep
Gordon, Gino and Fred Food 3rd Sep
Tour of Britain Cycling 3rd Sep
Only way is Essex season 32 Reality TV Show 3rd Sep
NTAs 2023 Award Shows 5th Sep
World Series of Darts Finals Qualifier 2023 Darts 6th Sep
The Curse Season 2 Drama 6th Sep
Raul Curiel vs. Courtney Pennington Boxing 7th Sep
US Open semi-finals 2023 Tennis 7th Sep
Love & Death Drama-Series 7th Sep
NFL Games 2023 Sports 7th Sep
Rugby World Cup 2023 Sports 8th Sep
German Darts Open 2023 Drama-Series 8th Sep
My Mum, Your Dad Dating show 9th Sep
Invictus Games Sports 9th Sep
US Open Finals 2023 Tennis 10th Sep
Tenable season 6 Reality TV Show 11th Sep
World Series of Darts Finals Darts 15th Sep
Luis Alberto Lopez vs Joet Gonzalez Boxing 15th Sep
BTCC Silverstone 2023 Motorsport 23rd Sep
Georgia Vs Portugal RWC 2023 Rugby 23rd Sep
AEW Grand Rapids 2023 Wrestling 23rd Sep
Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid La Liga Football 24th Sep
UEFA Women’s Nations League 2023 Football 22nd Sep
Cazoo British Open 2023 Snooker 22nd Sep
Ryder Cup 2023 Golf 29th Sep
AEW Grand Slam 2023 Wrestling 30th Sep
AFL 2023 grand final Football 30th Sep

What are the best shows and movies on ITV In 2023?

You may stream many shows, movies and sports on ITV Hub. If you reside in USA, you may need a high-end VPN to enjoy your favorite programs.

Maternal The Family pile Kavos Weekender
Vera Season 12 Deep Fake Neighbour Wars Robin Hood
PDC 2023 Cazoo Masters Dancing on Ice Next Level Chef UK
Bradley and Barney Walsh: Breaking Dad Buffering Season 2 Nolly 2023 Series
Hotel Portofino Six Nations Rugby Ghislaine: Partner in Crime
A year on Planet Earth Ghislaine: Partner In Crime Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway
You & Me (K)nox: The Rob Knox Story (2021) Unforgotten Series 5
FA Cup Fifth-Round Everybody Hates Chris Social Media Murders Series Two
Grantchester Series 8 Body Stories Campaign The Bay Series 4
Cheltenham Festival 2023 Love Island UK Season 9 Finale Bali 2002
All Season of Community The Dry Grace Season 3
Ireland vs England Six Nations Georgia Harrison Escape to the Country Season 23
The Real Housewives of Cheshire Season 16 The Confessions of Frannie Langton season 4 Staged Season 3
The Only Way is Essex Season 31 Grande Premio De Portugal 2023 ipl 2023 opening ceremony live
BTCC 2023 on ITV BAFTA Television Awards 2023 prince william fly on the wall
The Tower Season 2 Women’s FA Cup Final Rolf Harris: Hiding in Plain Sight
Love Island Malta 2023 Six Nations Rugby 2023 Hotel Portofino
Heineken Cup Final 2023 The Twelve: Season 1 Maryland
Roland Garros French Open Tennis Love your Garden World RideLondon 2023
Sitting On A Fortune Season 2 The British Soap Awards 2023 live Randox Grand National Festival 2023
Mr Robot The Real Crown Britains Got Talent Season 16
Crime Season 2 Sandown Racing 2023 Scottish Grand National 2023
I’m a Celebrity: South Africa NFL Draft 2023 Man City vs Sheffield United FA Cup
The Hunt For Raoul Moat Athletics Diamond League 2023 Epsom derby 2023
the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 12 IPL 2023 Women’s Finalissima 2023
Paul O’Grady: For The Love Dogs Season 11 Waco Untold: The British Stories 2023 Parks and Recreation

Note: You can access the listed shows on a wide range of ITV Hub-compatible streaming devices provided you have a VPN.

What Devices are Compatible with ITV Hub?

ITV Hub is compatible with popularly used devices from smartphones and smart TVs to gaming consoles. Here are some ITV Hub-compatible devices to use for streaming today:

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android TV
  • iPhone
  • Android Phones
  • Smart TVs
  • Tablets
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast devices
  • Xbox One 

Quick Note: In some instances, you might experience issues with ITV Hub not working on the devices even when you use a VPN. However, the issues can be resolved with a few quick fixes.

Why is ITV Not Working with My VPN? Quick Fixes!

Why can’t I get ITV on my streaming device? ITV Hub not working could result from cookies and cache informing ITV Hub of your location, IP leaks, or a blocked VPN service.

Here are quick fixes you could employ to fix ITV Hub black screen and ITV VPN not working:

  • Upgrade your VPN: Switch to a premium VPN like ExpressVPN that can unblock ITV Hub successfully. Use a different browser: Try opening ITV Hub on a different browser.
  • Disable ITV hub ad blocker: Disable the ad blocker to allow the ITV Hub site to work normally.
  • Delete cookies: Clear cookies and cache that may inform ITV Hub of your location.
  • Check for IP leak: Enable the IP leak protection feature on your VPN settings.
  • Change server: Change your server and reach out to your VPN service provider to confirm if the servers can work with ITV

Once you get a reliable VPN you can watch ITV Hub abroad stress-free.

Other Countries Where You Can Stream ITV with a VPN

Here is a list of some of the countries you can stream ITV Hub from using a VPN:

ITV hub in Spain ITV in Argentina
ITV Hub in Cyprus ITV Hub Sweden
ITV Malaysia ITV Hub Hungary
ITV hub Ireland ITV in Germany
ITV in Germany ITV in Japan
ITV in Hong Kong ITV in UAE 
ITV in Italy ITV in Korea
ITV in Europe.


ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs that work well with ITV Hub, beside this you can give a try to NordVPN and Surfshark as well.

Yes, ITV works with ExpressVPN. You’ll need to create an individual ITV Hub account to watch ITV VPN online.
ExpressVPN is a useful addition to ITV Hub since it allows you to stream freely and safely on any network, including public Wi-Fi, without worrying about your ISP or network administrator restricting your connection based on the material you’re accessing. In case of ITV VPN not working, use the guide in this write-up to resolve the issue.

Yes, ITV works with NordVPN. NordVPN is a top recommendation for ITV Hub for secure and private streaming. It works with ITV Hub and other streaming services and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Yes, ITV can block a VPN. ITV is likely to restrict connections from a VPN if a large number of subscribers employ the same temporary IP address.
Unreliable VPNs fail to substitute for their blacklisted hosts adequately. Sometimes, ITV Hub will detect your VPN server and prevent you from using it again.

You can watch Love Island through a premium VPN like ExpressVPN with UK servers if you are wondering “can you watch Love Island live on ITV Hub?” Use the VPN to connect to a UK-based server to spoof your location to get access to the streaming content from wherever you are.

ExpressVPN is not working with ITV Hub because it cannot provide IP addresses compatible with the streaming service. This occurs because ITV Hub regularly monitors for and attempts to block VPN access to its service.

You can watch ITV abroad free by getting the ITV Hub free trial during registration. Here are the steps:

  • Get a good VPN with UK servers.
  • Connect to a UK server.
  • Go to the ITV Hub website and click on sign up.
  • Fill up the form and select a plan.
  • Choose the ITV Hub free trial to get started.

Note: You can cancel ITV Hub subscription anytime.

Yes, you can watch ITV live hub with a VPN. Can ITV be streamed live? Yes, all you need to do is go to the ITV Hub website, click Live TV from the navigation bar, and select between ITV, ITV2, ITVBe, ITV3, ITV4, and CITV for live streaming from where you are.

The ITV Hub is an on-demand streaming service accessible through the ITV site. The service offers access to ITV, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, ITVBe, and CITV programming and performances from other networks.
ITV (Independent Television) is a network of British commercial television stations that broadcasts on a single channel.

Wrapping Up!

To watch ITV Hub in USA, you need an ITV VPN. ITV Hub is an excellent streaming service with some of the finest British television programs. However, since the service is geo-restricted, only subscribers from the United Kingdom or those with a UK IP address can access it.

This is where a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN comes in handy. You can effortlessly conceal your IP address and make it look like you are in the United Kingdom and watch ITV Player abroad free from any hassles. You can also watch ITV on PS4.

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