How to Watch King Charles’s Coronation in USA on ITV


The much-awaited event of King Charles’s coronation is set to mark a historic moment in the UK’s history and is expected to be watched by millions around the globe. If you are also wondering where can I watch King Charles’s Coronation in USA, this article is a must-read.

In this guide, we’ll explain the way to watch King Charles’s Coronation in USA on ITV with the help of a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.

ITV has announced its coverage plans for the upcoming coronation free of King Charles III, which will include a unique production element. Viewers can look forward to a special program named “ITV News King Charles III: The Coronation,” airing live on ITV1 and ITVX from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm on May 6, 2023.

An exclusive production of ITV News, this feature program aims to offer an up-close look at all of the events taking place on Coronation Day and will serve as the main highlight centerpiece of a week-long series of special ITV coronation coverage for 2023.

Unluckily, ITV’s online streaming platform, ITVX is subject to geo-restrictions owing to content licensing agreements and copyrights. However, it’s still possible to access ITV in USA using a power-packed VPN, such as ExpressVPN; the best VPN ITV firewalls can’t detect and learn what to watch on ITV in USA

Let’s find out how you can watch King Charles’s Coronation free on ITV with a few easy steps.

How to Watch King Charles’s Coronation in USA on ITV [Easy steps for Free]

Follow the steps if you want to watch King Charles’s Coronation in USA on ITV:

  1. Get a subscription to a reliable VPN like our recommended ExpressVPN.
  2. Download the VPN app on your choice of streaming device.
  3. Log into your account and connect to a UK server (The London server is recommended).
  4. Open the ITV website and sign into your free ITV account.
  5. Watch King Charles’s Coronation in USA on ITV.

Note: As ITV coronation coverage 2023 will be telecast live you will need an ITV account to watch the ceremony. You can get an ITV free trial to save money, however, ITV subscription Cost is very affordable. Remember to cancel ITV subscription in time, before the free trial period ends, if you don’t want to pay the subscription fee.

When and Where can I watch King Charles’s Coronation in USA

You can watch King Charles’s Coronation in USA on ITV1, ITVX, BBC, and BBC iPlayer. The event will be aired Live from Westminster Abbey on the King’s coronation date 2023, which is May 6.

However, if you’re living or traveling in USA, accessing ITV’s live coverage may be challenging due to geo-restrictions.

Using a VPN service like ExpressVPN can help you bypass these restrictions and stream the coronation ceremony in USA. Additionally, you’ll gain access to some of the best shows on ITV along with a huge catalog of the best movies on ITV. Don’t miss out on this historic event – make sure to plan accordingly and get a VPN subscription.

What is the Coronation Order of Service 2023?

A pamphlet known as an “order of service” is used both during smaller, more formal rituals like coronations as well as daily services to describe the format and content of Christian worship. The order of service will serve as a guide and include information regarding when the congregation is to speak and what they say, which Bible readings will be read and by whom, along with hymn lyrics and any other significant information. Simply expressed, it guarantees that the proper events take place at the proper moment.

The sequence of service serves as a reminder that coronations occur during a Communion or Eucharist service. In the presence of prayer, the king is crowned in the name of God, and the first act of the newly installed monarch is to partake of Holy Communion.

What happens on King Charles’s Coronation Day?

As the King Charles III coronation date and time is set, the journey of the King and Queen Consort to Westminster Abbey for their coronation ceremony will start with a grand procession from Buckingham Palace, also known as The King’s Procession. The ceremony will be led by the Archbishop of Canterbury at the Abbey in London, and that is where the royal couple will be crowned. It promises to be a majestic and unforgettable event.

As stated by Buckingham Palace media officials, the coronation ceremony will continue to follow its traditional elements of grandeur and spectacle, while also acknowledging the current role of the monarch and embracing a forward-looking perspective for the future.

The Buckingham Palace media officials further stated: “The Coronation is a solemn religious service, together with an occasion for celebration and pageantry.”

“The ceremony has retained a similar structure for over a thousand years, and this year’s Coronation is expected to include the same core elements while recognising the spirit of our times.

“For the last 900 years, the ceremony has taken place at Westminster Abbey, London. Since 1066, the service has almost always been conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury.”

The Coronation of King Charles III will include several ceremonial elements that were part of the late Queen’s coronation service, such as getting the sacred oil-smeared, the presentation of the orb, and the enthronement.

After being anointed, blessed, and consecrated by the Archbishop, King Charles III will be presented with the St Edward’s Crown, which will make it official and make him the new monarch. He will then take his place in Edward’s Chair, holding the scepter and rod of the sovereign, representing his authority over the country, as well as the orb of the sovereign, symbolizing his role in the Christian world.

While he still promises to be the “Defender of the Faith” in the Coronation oath, King Charles III will add new words to acknowledge his dedication to all religions. Due to health and safety measures, the Coronation ceremony will have a limited guest list of 2,000, unlike the 1953 ceremony, which had over 8,000 attendees from 129 nations.

When will the coronation of King Charles’s III take place? 

The coronation of King Charles III will take place on May 6, 2023, at the famous Westminster Abbey. The ceremony will begin at 11:00 am, kicking off a weekend full of events, including an entertainment-filled music concert at Windsor Castle; the official residence of the British royal family.

What are the Coronation Day schedule?

The Coronation is set to be a King Charles’ coronation public holiday, also known as King Charles’s Coronation Day, with a range of celebrations and traditional ceremonies planned. The next day also includes a Coronation Big Lunch and a Coronation Concert. The complete schedule with the Coronation timetable can be found in the table below:

Schedule Events
6 May
6 am The parade route and designated viewing areas will open.
7:15 am – 8:30 am Security checkpoints will open in Victoria Tower Gardens for the guests of Westminster Abbey.
9 am The congregation attendees will take their seats within the premises of Westminster Abbey.
9:30 am – 10:45 am Dignitaries such as heads of state, government officials, foreign representatives, first ministers, foreign royals, former prime ministers, and members of the royal family will make their way to the venue.
9:45 am The Household Cavalry’s Sovereign Escort will start assembling for the parade that will commence from Buckingham Palace.
10:20 am The parade of the King and Queen Consort will start.
10:53 am Expected arrival time of the King and Queen Consort at the Abbey.
11 am The coronation will officially begin as King Charles III and Camilla will enter Westminster Abbey from the Great West Door.
12 pm King Charles III will be crowned.
1 pm The coronation will conclude and the King and his Queen will start the coronation march in the luxurious Gold State Coach towards Buckingham Palace.
1:33 pm Expected time of arrival of King Charles III and Camilla at Buckingham Palace.
1.45 pm An honorary royal salute will be given to the King and Queen Consort in the Palace Gardens by the military.
Around 2:15 pm The King along with the Queen and other members of the royal family will come to the balcony of the Palace to see the flypast.
7 May  A lavish “Coronation Big Lunch” will be arranged.

What music will be played during the ceremony?

King Charles III has asked for the Byzantine Chant Ensemble to play Greek Orthodox music as a tribute to his late father, the Duke of Edinburgh.

Lord Andrew Lloyd-Webber, the celebrated English composer and impresario, has been commissioned to produce an anthem for the upcoming coronation ceremony of King Charles III. The King has personally selected 12 new pieces of music to be played during the joyous ceremony.

The Ascension Choir, comprising 8 singers from the choir that previously performed at the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, has been selected to perform during King Charles III’s coronation ceremony on May 6, 2023.

What coach is used at King Charles’s Coronation?

At King Charles’s coronation, the Diamond Jubilee State coach is going to be used. It will have 6 Windsor Grey Horses fastened in front of it to pull. The coach is more than 5 meters long and weighs over 3 tonnes. This coach was first used back in 2014 for the State Opening of Parliament that took place on June 4. It was built to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s 60-year reign.

What is the King’s Procession Route to Westminster Abbey?

The Parade will begin from the Centre Gate of Buckingham Palace. King Charles’ coronation route is set and will go through The Mall, Admiralty Arch, and will continue to go along the southern edge of Trafalgar Square. After this, the Coronation Route 2023 will turn to Whitehall and ultimately reach Parliament Street.

What Crown does the King wear?

During his coronation ceremony, King Charles III will wear a St Edward’s Crown made of solid gold and decorated with more than 400 valuable gemstones, including rubies, sapphires, and garnets. Once the ceremony is over, he will switch to the Imperial State Crown before departing Westminster Abbey.

Breaking from tradition, the King is expected to wear military attire when arriving for his coronation instead of the traditional silk stockings and breeches, giving him a more contemporary look.

As the King enters Westminster Abbey during the ceremony, he will be adorned in the Robe of State, also known as the Parliament Robe, which is usually worn during the State Opening of Parliament.

Who will present King Charles’s Coronation on ITV?

Tom Bradby and Julie Etchingham from ITV will serve as presenters for the TV coverage of the King’s grand coronation ceremony and related festivities.

James Mates, Charlene White, Nina Hossain, and Mary Nightingale are part of the ITV team covering the King’s coronation celebrations. They will be strategically placed at significant locations to provide uninterrupted live coverage of the event.

The Coronation transmission will be aired live from a dedicated studio outside Buckingham Palace, with Mary Nightingale reporting from outside Westminster Abbey and James Mates providing explanations of the classical rituals, traditions, and festivities during the live coverage.

The event coverage will be available for live streaming on ITVX, and a one-hour highlights show will also be broadcast in the evening. Further, viewers can access on-demand content and explanatory videos on the ITV News platform and its website.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch King Charles’s Coronation in USA on ITV?

Due to its unrivaled streaming speeds, advanced unblocking features, and top-shelf security measures, ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch King Charles’s Coronation in USA on ITV. Its fast UK servers allow you easy access to online British TV channels like ITV.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch King Charles’s Coronation Free on ITV 

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With ExpressVPN, you can watch King Charles’s Coronation on ITV inUSA

Recommended Server: Docklands, Wembley, East London

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King Charles's Coronation


You can watch the Coronation of King Charles on different live TV channels on May 6, 2023. The ceremony will be streamed live on BBC iPlayer and ITV.

The Coronation of King Charles III will take place on May 6, 2023, and you can expect to catch the live transmission of the Coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey at 11 a.m. local British time.

If to watch King Charles’s Coronation in USA on ITV for free follow the steps below:

  • Get a subscription to a reliable VPN like our recommended ExpressVPN.
  • Download the VPN app on your choice of streaming device.
  • Log into your account and connect to a UK server (The London server is recommended).
  • Open the ITV website and sign into your free ITV account.
  • Watch King Charles’s Coronation in USA on ITV.

If you are wondering where can I watch the coronation of king Charles III on a big screen, here is a list of venues that will project the live transmission on big projector screens:

North West

  • Manchester – Piccadilly Gardens
  • Oldham – Parliament Square

North East

  • Sunderland (multiple locations to be confirmed at a later date)
  • Northumberland (location to be confirmed)
  • Newcastle upon Tyne (location to be confirmed)
  • Darlington – Darlington Market Square

South West

  • Poole – Baiter Park
  • Plymouth (location to be confirmed)
  • Christchurch – The Quomps
  • Bristol – Bristol Cathedral and Bristol and Bath Science Park
  • Bournemouth – Lower Gardens

South East

  • London (location not confirmed yet)
  • Brighton – Jubilee Square

Yorkshire and the Humber

  • Wakefield – Pontefract Castle
  • Sheffield – Peace Gardens
  • Leeds – Millenium Square
  • Hull – City Hall and Trinity Market
  • Huddersfield – St Peter’s Parish Church
  • Halifax – Piece Hall
  • Dewsbury – Dewsbury Library
  • Bradford – City Park
  • Barnsley – The Glass Works


  • Stoke-on-Trent – Smithfield, Hanley City Centre
  • Solihull – The Core
  • Sandwell – Sandwell Valley Showground
  • Nottingham (location not confirmed yet)
  • Northampton – Guildhall Road
  • Leicester – De Montfort University
  • Dudley – Himley Hall
  • Derby – Derby Cathedral
  • Coventry – Broadgate
  • Birmingham – Centenary Square


  • Locations not confirmed yet


  • Cardiff Castle

Northern Ireland

  • Belfast City Hall

Wrapping up!

If you are also someone who is unable to attend the grand coronation celebrations of King Charles on May 6, 2023, join the millions of people who will tune in to watch the event live streaming on ITV. However, since the streaming service on ITV is restricted to certain regions, viewers can use a premium VPN app to watch King Charles’s Coronation in USAon ITV.

ExpressVPN is widely regarded as the best VPN service for streaming ITV in USA due to its unparalleled speed and advanced encryption protocols, providing an unbeatable experience in unblocking geo-restricted streaming platforms.

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