What to Watch on BBC iPlayer in Japan in September 2023


Can I watch BBC iPlayer abroad with VPN? Yes, you can! BBC iPlayer is a UK based streaming service but unfortunately, it is bounded by strict copyrights and distribution laws, making its content only available to UK.

Therefore, to get it in Japan, you will need a VPN to unblock its content. Our top recommended, BBC iPlayer VPN is ExpressVPN due to the tremendous features it has to offer alongside high-speed streaming on the platform.

Once you subscribe to ExpressVPN, you will be able to watch BBC online in Japan free as it is a free streaming service. You can also get to watch Red Dwarf, and The Monkey Haters with access to the vast tv series library in Japan on BBC iPlayer.

So, without any further delay, let’s find out what to watch on BBC iPlayer in 2023.

What to Watch on BBC iPlayer in Japan in September 2023?

Are you trying to figure out what to watch on BBC iPlayer in September 2023? Check out our list of noteworthy titles that will be available in 2023 on the BBC iPlayer App.

Name Style Genre IMDb rating Release Date
Ryder Cup 2023 Sports Golf 28th September – 1st October
Twirlywoos TV Series Animation – Family 7.3/10
Ballers Ball or Nothing Documentary Football 19th September
Picasso The Beauty and The Beast Documentary Comedy, Crime 21st September
Living Next Door To Putin Documentary 7.1/10 4th September
Room on The Broom Movie Animation- Family 7.4/10
Go Jetters TV Series Animation 7.8/10
Doctors TV Series Medical drama 4.6/10
Transformer Earthspark TV Series Animation 4.0/10
Sort Your Life Out TV Series Reality-TV 7.5/10 7th September
This Farming Life TV Series Landscape history 9.1/10
Mastermind TV Series Game Show 6.3/10
The Big Cases TV Series Crime 1st September
Voyage to Mars: The Longest Goodbye Documentary NASA Research 7.2/10 13th September
Children of Men Drama Action 7.9/10
Colourblocks TV Series Animation 8.2/10 12th September
Rowing World Championships Sports Boating 3-10th September
The Dumping Ground Drama Action 6.1/10
Matt Willis Fighting Addiction Documentary Drug Addiction/Emotional
Pretty Little Liars TV Series Mystery Drama 7.4/10
Bad Behavior Thrill Mystery Drama Series 6.3/10 4th September
Mrs Brown’s Boys Comedy TV- Series 7.1/10 8th September
Top Gear America Sport Reality TV Show 5.8/10 4th September
Mortimer and Whitehouse: Gone Fishing Comedy Reality TV Show 8.9/10 3rd September
2023 Mercury Prize Music Award Show N/A 7th September

What to Watch on BBC iPlayer in Japan in August 2023?

Are you trying to figure out what to watch on BBC iPlayer in August 2023? Check out our list of noteworthy titles that will be available in 2023 on the BBC iPlayer App.

Name Style Genre IMDb rating Release Date
Ambulance TV Series Medical Drama 8.5/10 24th August
Storyville iHuman Informative Documentary 8.5/10 29th August
England Vs New Zealand T20 International Cricket Sports N/A 30 August
The Hundred Women’s Final Cricket Sports N/A 27 August
The Hundred Men’s Final Cricket Sports N/A 27 August
Reading and Leeds Festival 2023 Music Music N/A 25-27 August
World Athletics Championship Track and Field Sports N/A 19-27 August
Expert Witness Crime Documentary 7.1 21 August
Power of the Dog Film Psychological film N/A 20 August
Murder Trial Mystery TV Series N/A
Sherlock All Seasons Crime TV Series 9.1/10
England vs Spain FIFA WWC 2023 Football Sports N/A 20 August
FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Final Football Sports N/A 20 August
FIFA Womens World Cup 2023 Semi-Finals Football Sports N/A  August
FIFA Women’s WC 2023 Super 8 Football Sports N/A 11-12 August
The Girl, The Ghost and The Gravestone TV show Horror N/A 15 August
Ghosts US S2 TV show Sitcom N/A 31 August
Henpoclaypse TV series Comedy 5.5/10 15 August
No Activity TV show Comedy 6.8/10 10 August
FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Highlights Football Sports N/A 20 July to 20 August
Boot Dreams Football Documentary N/A 20 August
South Africa Vs Italy FIFA WWC 23 Football Sports N/A 2 August
Celebrity Masterchef 18th Series Cooking Competition Reality Show 5.9/10 2 August
Cycling World Championships Cycling Sports N/A 3 August
Rugby League Challenge Cup 2023 Final Football Sports N/A 12 August
Crazy Rich Agents Reality Show  Show N/A 6 August
FIFA Women’s World Cup Knockout Stage Football Sports N/A 5 August
Bold Type Comedy Drama 7.8/10 16 August
Casualty TV series Medical Drama 6.1/10

What to Watch on BBC iPlayer in Japan in July 2023?

Are you trying to figure out what to watch on BBC iPlayer in July 2023? You can check out our list of interesting titles that are coming up on the BBC iPlayer App in 2023.

Name Style Genre IMDb rating Release Date
FIFA Women’s World Cup Football Sports N/A 20 July
Opening Ceremony FIFA World Cup Football Sports N/A 20 July
Rugby League Challenge Cup Semi-Final 1 Football Sports N/A 22 July
Sweden Vs South Africa FIFA WWC 23 Football Sports N/A 23 July
Spain Vs Costa Rica Women’s World Cup Football Sports N/A 21 July
Denmark Vs China Football Sports N/A 22 July
Body on the Beach What Happened to Annie Mystery Crime Documentary N/A 4 July
New Zealand Vs Norway Women’s World Cup Football Sports N/A  22 July
Wimbledon Tennis Sports N/A 3 July
Champion Musical Drama 8.2/10 1 July
Awkwafina is Nora from Queens Comedy Drama 7.5/10 5 July
Beck Thriller Crime Drama 7.4/10 1 July
Drill on Trial Musical, Crime, Msytery Documentary N/A 2 July
Noel Gallagher: Reel Stories Music Talk Show 6.8/10 1 July
Florence Nightingale: Nursing Pioneer Healthcare History, Biography Documentary 7.8/10 5 July

What to Watch on BBC iPlayer in Japan in June 2023?

Are you trying to figure out what to watch on BBC iPlayer in June 2023? Check out our list of top-selected titles that are coming up on the BBC iPlayer App in 2023.

Name Style Genre IMDb rating Release Date
FA Cup Final Sports 3 June
Men’s scottish Cup Final Sports 3 June
BBC Cardiff Singer Competition Sport 10 June
Man Like Mubeen Comedy 6 June
Best Interest Drama 12 June
River City Drama 9 June
Hidden Treasure of National Interest Documentary 9 June
Lizzo Documentary 4 June
All The Beauty and The Bloodshed Documentary 4 June
A Wright Family Holiday Drama 8 June
Gods of Tennis Documentary 15 June
Athletics: Diamond League Oslo Sports 8 June
the Ashes 2023 Sports 16 June
Staged Drama 14 June
Waterloo Road Drama 16 June

What to Watch on BBC iPlayer in Japan in May 2023?

Are you trying to figure out what to watch on BBC iPlayer in May 2023? Check out our list of top-selected titles that are coming up on the BBC iPlayer App in 2023.

Name Style Genre IMDb rating Release Date
Murderville TV series Crime Fiction 6.9/10 17th April 2023
King Charles’s Coronation Event Reality N/A 6th May 2023
Colin from Accounts TV series Comedy 8.2/10 1st Dec 2022
Inside No 9 TV series Dark Comedy 8.5/10 27th April 2023
Guilt TV series Mystery 7.3/10 25th April 2023
Stacey Dooley: Ready for War TV series Documentary N/A 12th April 2023
Mysterious Mr Lagerfeld TV series Documentary 7.5/10 26th April 2023
MasterChef UK TV series Reality-TV N/A 10th April 2023
Our Changing Planet TV series History N/A 16th April 2023
British Cult TV series Reality-TV N/A 5th April 2023
Superworm Film Fiction N/A 28th Dec 2021
Snail and The Whale TV series Fantasy Fiction N/A 25th Dec 2019
Deborah James TV series Documentary N/A 17th April 2023
Inside the Factory TV series Documentary N/A 4th April 2023
Out of the Shadows TV series Documentary N/A 19th April 2023


What to Watch on BBC iPlayer in Japan in April 2023?

Are you trying to figure out what to watch on BBC iPlayer in April 2023? Fret, not, check out our list of top selected titles that are coming up on the BBC iPlayer App in 2023.

Name Style Genre IMDb rating Release Date
Rain Dogs TV series Comedy; Drama 6.3/10 4th April 2023
Magpie Murders TV series Drama; Mystery 7.5/10 1st April 2023
The Apprentice Australia TV series Reality-TV; Gameshow 4.9/10 4th April 2023
Pilgrimage: The Road Through Portugal TV series Reality-TV N/A 7th April 2023
Simon Reeve’s Return to Cornwall TV series Reality-TV N/A 2nd April 2023

What has released on BBC iPlayer in Japan in March 2023?

BBC iPlayer has some of the best shows coming up in the year 2023. We have jotted down our favorites for the season, you can pick out yours too from the list of titles mentioned below.

Question Time


Questions on current events are posed by the studio audience to politicians, those in public office, and celebrities during Question Time. It has been on air for more than 4 decades now and to date it is an audience favorite in UK and abroad.



Bluey covers the adventures of a lovely and an inexhaustible six-year-old Blue Heeler dog that lives with her parents, mother, and Bingo, her younger sister who is four years old.

Every episode features Bluey playing complicated games that develop in unanticipated and entertaining ways using her boundless Blue Heeler energy.

Dragons Den


This reality TV show gives several business owners the chance to pitch their various business proposals to a group of five rich investors known as the “Dragons” and ask for money in exchange for a share of the company.

Watch Dragons Den on BBC iPlayer and enjoy all the fun with the five dragons.

Interior Design Masters


Ten amateur interior designers compete against one another in order to win a business contract. Each week, a new task is issued to see how well they can handle a variety of client requests in both business and residential settings.

You can stream all the episodes of Interior Design Masters on BBC iPlayer and enjoy.

Beyond Paradise


A spin-off series of the popular show Death in Paradise. The plot of the season follows the journey of Detective Inspector Humphrey Goodman who leaves Saint Marie to be with Martha in her hometown Devon.

Devon has some of the highest crime rates and as Detective Humphrey takes up a new post in this new town, many new baffling stories start to arise.



The show covers the struggles and the stories of the working-class residing in Walford. Walford is a fictional borough in the east-end of London.

The story develops around the idea of strong families and building lasting relationships with each character who is part of the community. It is a good-watch if you are into family drama. Watch Eastenders on BBC iPlayer and enjoy.

The Gold


It is an exciting new crime series which involves the true events surrounding the 1983 Brink’s-Mat robbery. To convey an astounding and epic tale of the 1980s, The Gold embarks on a pulsing trip into a 1980s society saturated with lax morals and cheap money.

Bellator MMA


Bellator MMA is a U.S.-based martial arts promotion that was first announced in the year 2008. If you are also a fan of mixed martial arts action, this one feature is definitely for you.

The fighters on this show put their bodies on the line for glory. It is a fight between passion and power, and the strongest contender is the one who defeats them all at the end of the season.

Better Series


In the Better series, Corrupt police investigator Lou Slack, who has been serving as Col McHugh, a prominent criminal, makes an effort to atone for her transgressions after her kid nearly dies.

Watch this brand new series on BBC iPlayer, if you are into mystery and crime shows with a hunch of some pure family drama.

Oscar Nominees


You can watch some of the best features from Oscar Nominees 2023, such as The Boy, The Mole, The Fox, and the Horse,  A House Made of Splinters, Navalny, and An Irish Goodbye.

There are also some movies starring lead stars from Oscar Nominations like Paul Mescal, Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson, and the works of the legendary Steven Spielberg such as Schindler’s List.

Red Nose Day 2023


Red Nose Day is returning this year in March 2023 and you can stream the show on BBC iPlayer with ease. This year, the event will be supporting the ones who are struggling through the devastating times in Syria and Turkey after those terrible earthquakes.

Moreover, the event will be focusing on causes like poverty, homelessness, and lack of food in underprivileged communities The aim is to gather as much funds and get celebrities to endorse the event to raise handsome money to support the programs and organizations affiliated with Red Nose Day.

Phoenix Rise


The story is about six teenagers whose lives crossways at a West Midlands school. Each kid has their own unique story and a past that follows them or to this new school as well.

It was soon that these six young kids realized that if they have to get through this school, they can only do that by sticking with one another. If you are into teen dramas, this one is a must-watch for sure.

Formula 1 2023


Are you a fan of Formula 1 racing? Then, gear up for the most exciting Formula 1 Race event that is scheduled to release on 2nd April on BBC iPlayer. The event has different dates for different countries, states, and cities.

The 2023 Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix session is all ready to start on 31st March 2023. If you don’t want to miss out on the races, get a subscription to BBC iPlayer and watch all the races in the comfort of your home.

Race Across the World


Another reality show but with a different catch to it. Race Across the World will cover the journey of some travelers as they embark upon a journey filled with adventure.

It is a grand race involving five pairs of travelers where they will come across several nations. The pairs will not have internet access, cannot travel by plane, and must leave their credit cards and smartphones of any kind.

The final pair that is able to stick to the last will be the winner of the show.

Great Expectations


Have you read the age-old classic written by Charles Dickens? Well, this show is another adaptation of the same novel. It follows the story of an orphan Pip, who had spent his entire childhood as a blacksmith’s apprentice.

It was not until he received a windfall from a benefactor that allowed him to see life in London and enter high society. It is a great drama and there have been many adaptations of this novel previously, but this one seems to have a modern artistic touch to it as well.

An Irish Goodbye


The story follows the reunion of two estranged brothers who meet after years due to the untimely death of their mother in rural northern Ireland. The show is focused on the complexity of relationships in society and sheds light on the dire issues of life quite tastefully.

If you are into comedy-drama, this one definitely deserves to be on your watch list.

Strictly Come Dancing


A typical dance competition where the celebrities are paired with dance professionals and contend against one another to win the competition. The voting is done by the audience but who is to be kicked out of the show each week, is decided by the judges and the audience votes collectively.

So if you enjoy dancing competitions, this one is returning with a new season in 2023 and we assure you that you will enjoy watching it thoroughly.

Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars


Well, do you know the great British chef Gordon Ramsay from MasterChef? Well, he has now returned with a cooking competition himself where 12 contenders compete over some of the best-cooked dishes and Ramsay gets to pick out the best ones.

If you have been a fan of Ramsay’s style in the kitchen, you sure will enjoy watching him in this show as well. You can also watch Silent Witness on BBC iPlayer.

Killing Eve


Another interesting feature of BBC iPlayer, is this series which guarantees mystery, action, and lots of drama for the audiences. After multiple events, the lives of a security operative and an assassin get interestingly interlinked.

Watch Killing Eve on BBC iPlayer to see how the story unfolds.



Police, the Navy, and British security agencies clash over the inexplicable vanishing of a Scottish fishing vessel and a fatality onboard a Trident nuclear submarine.

Watch Vigil on BBC iPlayer, if you are into mystery shows packed with some high-intensity drama. You can also watch Happy Valley on iPlayer.

In The Night Garden


Do you read picture books to your kids during naptime? Well, In the Night Garden is about a magical picture book that exists between the kids falling asleep and them waking up in the morning. It is all a rendition of a child’s imagination depicted through some loveable characters on the show.

Top Gear


Top Gear is a show only for car enthusiasts. The host discusses everything that is car-related, from new cars to old vintage cars, the show has it all. If you are into cars and love to watch shows like Top Gear, catch it now on BBC iPlayer.

What released on BBC iPlayer in Japan in February 2023?

There were some exciting sports events available for streaming on BBC iPlayer during the month of February 2023. Here is a list of all the top sports events: Not only you can stream live matches but you can also watch previous episodes if you missed out on any.

Name Style Starting Date
Six Nations 2023 Sports 4th February, 2023
Scottish Championship Sports 27th January, 2023
FA Women’s Super League Sports 4th February, 2023
Northern Irish Premiership Sports 28th January, 2023
FA Cup 2023 Sports 28th February, 2023

What released on BBC iPlayer in Japan in January 2023?

Name Style Genre IMDb rating Release Date
Apprentice TV series Reality-TV 7.2/10 5th January, 2023
Young Masterchef TV series Reality-TV 5.3/10 January, 2023
Hairy Bikers Go Local TV series Documentary 8.1/10 3rd January, 2023
Amanda and Alan’s Italian Job TV series Documentary 7.9/10 6th January, 2023
Handover and Allocation Draw TV series Reality-TV N/A 31st January, 2023
Death in Paradise TV series Comedy; Crime; Drama 7.8/10 7th January, 2023


Yes, Indeed, for those lucky enough to live in Japan, BBC iPlayer provides free access to live and on-demand broadcasts from all of the BBC’s stations.

No, It’s not possible to watch shows or use BBC iPlayer’s personalized features unless you join up.

Sometimes, even while connected to a VPN, you may find that BBC content is inaccessible. Can you guess what the problem is? Check your VPN service’s DNS settings if you’re unable to access BBC iPlayer. If you haven’t paid your TV license, the BBC will compare your email address to a database of those who haven’t.


We hope you enjoyed our blog about what to watch on BBC iPlayer. If you’re looking for some new BBC shows to watch over the next few months such as Red Nose and Phoenix Rise, also we have a list of some of the most popular offerings currently streaming on BBC iPlayer abroad this year 2023.

Are you wondering, how to watch BBC iPlayer abroad? Just get a premium VPN like ExpressVPN and you are all set to watch your favorite content on the platform. You can also get to watch Trooping the Colour 2023, and access to the vast tv series library including the hit show Control Room on BBC iPlayer.

We are sure, you would love to see what else is coming up on BBC iPlayer live, watch out this space for all the information. Thank you for reading, we are always excited when one of our posts is able to provide you with useful information on a topic like this!

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