Watch XFL 2023 in Japan On ESPN Plus

Watch XFL 2023 in Japan

The XFL is back and you don’t want to miss any match. After covid forced a shutdown, XFL returns and will screen on ESPN Plus. After 5 weeks of play on March 2020, the XFl season was cut short. It now returns to ESPN+ until March and you don’t want to miss out. But ESPN Plus is geo-locked for fans watching from in Japan due to content licensing laws. You require a strong VPN to watch XFL 2023 in Japan on ESPN Plus.

The VPN helps bypass the tough ESPN+ geo-restrictions for a smooth streaming experience. It’s the only sure way to watch all XFL matches in Japan.

There is much love around the XFL new season and you don’t want to miss out. Join me as I preview the new season and discuss steps to watch all matches in Japan.

Watch XFL 2023 in Japan on ESPN+ – [Easy Steps]

Are you wondering how to watch the XFL league in Japan? You need a reliable VPN and ESPN+ account. Follow the easy steps below to watch XFL 2023 in Japan on ESPN today.

  1. Get a top-quality VPN with fast-speed servers. (We strongly recommend ExpressVPN).
  2. Download and install ExpressVPN to your streaming device.
  3. Connect the VPN to one of the servers in the US.
  4. Navigate to ESPN+ while connected to the VPN and start streaming your favorite matches.
Watch XFL 2023 with ExpressVPNOur Top Recommendation for buffer-free streaming

Where to Watch XFL 2023 in Japan?

You can watch XFL 2023 in Japan on ESPN+ using a premium VPN. The season restarts and will be available on ESPN+. But ESPN+ is not available in Japan. Viewers in Japan will require a premium VPN to watch ESPN+ in Japan. Follow the easy steps above to easily access ESPN+ and watch all matches live.

Why Do We Need VPN to Watch XFL 2023 in Japan?

You need a premium VPN to watch XFL 2023 season in Japan because of the ESPN Plus geo-restrictions. ESPN+ broadcasts only in the US due to agreements with production companies. All matches are only available on ESPN+ with viewers in Japan unable to access it.

That’s why you need a VPN to access ESPN+ and watch the XFL in Japan. The VPN changes your streaming device IP address to a new US IP address. It makes your device location to appear to be in the US, therefore you can easily watch XFL and other watch popular sports on ESPN+.

What Time Does The XFL Start?

The regular season of the XFL starts on 18 Feb with matches starting at 3:00 p.m. ET and 8:30 p.m. ET. Matches during the second week from 23 Feb to 26 Feb at 9:00 p.m. ET, 7:00 p.m. ET and 4:00 p.m. ET. In week 3, matches play on March 3rd and 4th at 7:00 p.m. ET, 1:00 p.m. ET, 4:00 p.m. ET and 8:00 p.m. ET. Matches will play to the playoffs with times changing from 8:00 p.m. ET, 7:00 p.m. ET, 3:00 p.m. ET and 9:00 p.m. ET.

XFL 2023 Schedule

The XFL schedule will see matches start on 18 Feb 2023 with matches playing to April 23. Matches will play in 10 weeks from week 1 to week 10. Playoff matches will play from the 29th to the 30th of April.

XFL 2023 Standings

The XFL standings see Battlehawks top in the XFL North. Below are the teams’ standings.

XFL North: Battlehawks, Defenders, Sea Dragons, and Vipers.

XFL South: Renegades, Roughnecks, Guardians, and Brahmas

XFL 2023 Rules

The XFL rules feature excellent innovation around late-game progression, clock management, and play reviews. Rule modifications are on a 35-second play clock, 3 overtime scoring rounds per team, 3 timeouts per half, and a 4th quarter – onside kick alternative.

New rules see tired extra points back with the defense awarded the same number of points for a touchdown. There are also rule changes around game timing, kickoffs, overtime, double forward pass, instant replay, etc.

Is XFL Professional?

Yes. The XFL is a professional mini-league comprising 8 teams. The 8 teams are spread across the United States. They are found in mid-size to major markets where they are served by at least one major professional sports team.

What Stadium is XFL Played in?

The CFL 2023 will play at San Antonio’s Alamodome stadium. The stadium venue was announced during the restart of the XFL week one in San Antonio.

All teams will practice around the hub at Arlington, Texas. The home venue for each team is as follows:

  • Houston: TDECU Stadium
  • St. Louis: The Dome at America’s Center
  • D.C.: Audi Field
  • Orlando: Camping World Stadium
  • Vegas: Cashman Field
  • Arlington: Choctaw Stadium
  • San Antonio: Alamodome
  • Seattle: Lumen Field

How Much Do Players Make in XFL?

Players in the XFL are expected to earn around $5000 per week. There is a further $1000 bonus for a win. There are also extra potential bonuses. On average, players are expected to earn around $60,000 from training, and playing matches to the end of the season. The XFL management also offers extra benefits like housing and two meals per day giving an additional $20,000 per player.

What is Popular to Watch on ESPN+?

Here are some of the best sports events on ESPN+ to watch:

Why ExpressVPN is the best VPN to Watch XFL 2023 in Japan on ESPN+?

ExpressVPN is considered the best choice VPN to watch XFL 2023 in Japan on ESPN+. It’s a top-choice VPN with excellent security, safety, and VPN features. The VPN is pretty easy to use for beginners and advanced users.

It’s also affordable and comes with good customer support. You can easily unblock any geo-locked channel in Japan without any hurdles. Let’s discuss more ExpressVPN features below.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch XFL 2023 in Japan on ESPN+

Unblock ESPN Plus with ExpressVPN in-Japan
As seen above, ExpressVPN is your ideal choice VPN to watch XFL 2023 in Japan on ESPN+. It’s an exciting choice VPN with over  3000 servers spread across 105 countries around the world. It’s a premium VPN with servers in the UK, the US, Canada, India, Australia, etc.

ExpressVPN is quite versatile and can support seamless streaming of XFL matches. It quickly unblocks ESPN+ among other overseas geo-locked channels.

This is an incredibly fast and versatile VPN to meet all your streaming needs. The VPN comes with a Lightway Security Protocol for a seamless streaming experience. Download and upload speeds are very fast with users streaming without any buffering.

It’s a versatile VPN that works with most apps, devices, and operating systems. The VPN is compatible with Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, Xbox, etc. This is a portable VPN design for easy use on the go. Users can also connect up to 5 devices simultaneously.

Some of the main features include an Automatic Kill Switch, VPN SplitTunneling, Threat Manager, ISP Throttling, Trusted Server Technology, 256-bit encryption, no-logs policy, 24-hour support, Private DNS, etc.

It also features a MediaStreamer DNS service. The service registers quickly and supports VPN use on devices not supporting a VPN app. This further enhances your streaming experience.

Apart from ESPN+, ExpressVPN can also unblock Hulu, HBO Max, ABC, America Netflix, etc. You can easily watch Hulu in Japan, watch Netflix in Japan, watch Fubo TV in Japan, etc.

Lastly, ExpressVPN prices are friendly with rates from JPY 1044.42 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free. This is a cost-effective plan that saves you up to 49%. It also gives users 3 extra months for extended streaming. Don’t miss any XFL match because you’re in Japan. Download ExpressVPN today for a seamless watching experience.

Watch XFL 2023 with ExpressVPNOur Top Recommendation for buffer-free streaming

XFL 2023
  • Date : 18/02/2023 till 13/05/2023
  • Location : TDECU Stadium, 3875 Holman St, Houston, TX 77004, USA
  • Event Name : Watch XFL 2023 in Japan
  • Event Platform : ESPN+


The highest-paid XFL player is Brett Hundley. He is a former packers quarterback.

The XFL will last for more than 10 weeks. The first matches start on 18 Feb running to May 13, 2023.

The XFL has not been won with the 2020 season canceled due to covid. This after only 5 matches had been played.

Wrap Up

You don’t want to miss the exciting XFL matches as the season restarts after a COVID break. All matches will be live on the geo-locked ESPN+. ESPN+ is unavailable in Japan due to content licensing laws. You’ll need a premium VPN service to watch XFL 2023 in Japan on ESPN+. Download the recommended ExpressVPN today and watch a host of programs, sports events, and all XFL matches.

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