Disney reaches 100 Million Subscribers – But there’s more!

Disney Plus Reaches 100 Million Subscribers

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Disney+ sees a boom in their subscriber count as the streaming site hits the 9-month mark since it’s official release in November 2019. The Disney Company became a 100 million subscriber club member when Disney Plus and all the associated streaming sites spiked their user count.

Hulu Disney Plus Bundle

60.5 million users have signed up on Disney Plus until now. While thanks to the Disney Plus Bundle for providing ESPN+ and Hulu with Disney Plus in one subscription package. ESPN+ houses 8.5 million users. Hulu has over 35 million subscribers which also include Hulu + Live TV.

According to the Disney Q3 reporting, Disney Plus is halfway through its competitor Netflix’s subscriber count. Which currently stands at 190 million.

Disney Park

In another news, The Walt Disney Company faces a significant loss worth billions due to the closure of The Disney theme parks during the current Coronavirus pandemic.

The Disneyland theme parks generated business worth $6.58 billion in the second quarter last year. But it fell to less than a billion-dollar this year, becoming one of the significant set-back in their revenue.

Live-Action Mulan set to Stream on Disney Plus

Disney Plus Mulan

Triggering the catastrophe is the closure of cinema halls until further notice. Which lead Disney to make tough decisions regarding their upcoming movie releases.

On extreme public demand, Disney Plus decided to air Live-Action Mulan on their streaming site after a delay. The $200 million budgeted movie was expecting a theatrical release in March 2020. The high budget linked to it prevented the film from streaming directly on the Disney Plus platform.

Surprisingly, Disney Plus has made arrangements to make Mulan’s release on Disney+ a profitable one. By attaching a $29.99 price tag with it, even if you are a subscriber.

The live-action Mulan will stream as a Video-on-demand on Disney Plus. While it wasn’t a cheap movie to make, there is still doubt about how many people will pay the steep price to rent out the most anticipated film.

Mulan releases September 4 on Disney Plus US, UK, Canada, Australia, NZ, and other major countries. You’ll need a Disney+ VPN to stream it from anywhere.

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