How Much DStv Subscription Cost in Singapore [Updated 2024]

This post explains How Much DStv Subscription Cost in Singapore. Explore the best VPN to bypass DStv geo-restrictions in Singapore.

DStv, a leading platform in the streaming industry, provides a wide range of shows, movies, documentaries, and sports events, including NFL, NCAA basketball, and more.

Queries about DStv’s cost in Singapore are common, given its broad content range. The service’s availability and pricing vary by location and platform.

This guide explores how to watch DStv in Singapore in 2024, focusing on cost-effective methods to ensure access to premium content.

Utilizing the best VPN for DStv, like ExpressVPN, can overcome DStv’s VPN blocking, granting a South African IP address for global access.

DStv Subscription Cost in Singapore – Package List

DStv package prices and availability in Singapore vary; viewers should check with local DStv service providers for exact offerings and pricing. Furthermore, if you determine that the service doesn’t meet your needs, the procedure to cancel the DStv Subscription in Singapore is simple and customer-oriented.

Here’s a breakdown of six DStv packages to help you find your perfect match:

Plan Cost Number of Channels
DStv EasyView R29 per month ; US$ 1.52 /mo 131
DStv Access R129 per month ; US$ 2.56 /mo 156
DStv Family R319 per month ; US$ 15.60 /mo 181
DStv Compact R449 per month ; US$ 20.81 /mo 215
DStv Compact Plus R579 per month ; US$ 28.64 /mo 234
DStv Premium R879 per month ; US$ 41.68 /mo 255

Tap any of the choices below to get to a DStv package and prices with a channel list:

  1. DStv Premium Package
  2. DStv Compact Plus Package
  3. DStv Compact Package
  4. DStv Family Package
  5. DStv Access Package
  6. DStv Easyview Package

1. DStv Premium Package

If you’re contemplating opting for the DStv premium subscription, it’s an excellent decision! Here’s what comes included with this package:

Channels: 255
HD Channels: 38+
Price: R879 per month

  • Latest blockbuster movies
  • Award-winning series
  • Complete sports offering with 16 SuperSport channels
  • Showmax streaming service at no additional cost

2. DStv Compact Plus Package

If you’re contemplating subscribing to the DStv Compact Plus Package in Singapore, here’s what you’ll receive:

Channels: 234
HD Channels: 30+
Price: R579 per month

  • Football favorites with LaLiga, UCL, PL
  • Best in American sports with NBA and NFL
  • UFC action on SS Action
  • Award-winning documentaries

3. DStv Compact Package

With the DStv Compact Package, you gain access to 215 channels and a diverse selection of exclusive shows. Below are a few of the channels featured in the DStv Compact Package:

Channels: 215
HD Channels: 25+
Price: R449 per month

  • Premier League football
  • WWE dedicated channel
  • Local Entertainment
  • Reality shows and Kids’ channels
  • Local and international news

4. DStv Family Package

The DStv Family Package is offered at a budget-friendly rate. Here are several channels and features that are accessible with this package:

Channels: 181
HD Channels: 10+
Price: R319 per month
Selected Channels:

  • La Liga and Serie A fixtures, Europa League
  • TNT Africa Movies
  • Kids edutainment channels
  • Local & international series, drama, lifestyle, and documentaries

5. DStv Access Package

The DStv Access Package in Singapore isn’t just economical; it also provides access to exclusive channels. Below is a roster of channels available with the Access Package:

Channels: 156
HD Channels: 10+
Price: R129 per month
Exclusive Channels:

  • Serie A, EPL, and La Liga fixtures & sports highlights
  • Local shows on Maisha Magic East
  • International & local movies and kids shows

6. DStv Easyview Package

The DStv Easyview Package in in Singapore is incredibly affordable, offering access to a diverse range of channels without straining your budget. This package comprises:

Channels: 30+ (95 audio channels)
Price: R29 per month
Included Channels:

  • The cheapest package
  • Best local channels and international telenovelas
  • Selected games from EPL, La Liga, Serie A

What’s the Best DStv Package in Singapore?


in Singapore, accessing DStv’s best package, such as the DStv Premium package, is the best option. Due to regional restrictions, users in the US need to use ExpressVPN to obtain a South African IP address. This enables them to subscribe to DStv and access its all high-definition channels with complete sports offerings with 16 SuperSport channels.

How to Pay for DStv Account in Singapore?

To pay for a DStv account in Singapore, you would need to use a payment method accepted in the country where the account is registered, typically in Africa, such as through a bank transfer, credit card, or DStv partner service.

  1. Select your preferred payment method from online, app, or in-person options.
  2. To pay online for the DStv full package price, navigate to the DStv payment portal and sign in to your account.
  3. Choose your subscription plan and follow the provided payment instructions.
  4. If opting for app payments, download the MyDStv App, sign in, and follow the on-screen prompts to finalize your payment.
  5. Keep your payment details updated to prevent any service disruptions.

What Can I Watch on DSTV in 2024?

Wondering what to watch on DStv in 2024? Explore a thrilling lineup of new series, returning favorites, and blockbuster movies. Here’s a list of trending and new content on DStv for your viewing pleasure:

Best Shows to Watch on DSTV in 2024

Here are some of the DStv best shows in 2024:

Halita Survivor South Africa Ultimate Love
The Time Traveler’s Wife 1000lb Best Friends The Real Housewives Of Cape Town
Transplant Legacy Stacey Dooley Sleeps Over
Stranger Things

Best Movies to Watch on DSTV in 2024

Here are some of the best movies available on DStv in 2024:

Vlugtig Shattered Breaking Them Up
Last Looks 36 Farmhouse Dinosaur Train: Adventure Island
Small Engine Repair Hard Luck Love Song Red Stone
Singleholic Run & Gun Killing Field
Monday Gaia Implanted


What are the Top Picks on DStv?

The top picks and Live Sports on DStv for 2024 include a mix of drama, reality TV, documentaries, and more, showcasing a diverse range of content. Some of the highlighted shows are:

Black Tax Ultimate Love The Great Kenyan Bake Off
Survivor: South Africa Legacy Stacey Dooley Sleeps Over
Enakhe Idols Johnny vs. Amber
The Time Traveler’s Wife



Yes, you can subscribe to DStv in Singapore by utilizing ExpressVPN.

You cannot legally watch DStv content without a subscription as it requires an active subscription to access its channels and content.

A DStv subscription lasts for one month and needs to be renewed monthly to continue service.

Wrap Up

The determination of How Much DStv Subscription Cost in Singapore depends on regional factors and the availability of specific streaming platforms in each country.

There are many free VPNs for DStv Now, but I don’t recommend them due to privacy concerns. Only go for the best VPN for DStv. Prices and availability vary due to international licensing agreements. Options range from direct subscriptions to bundled services through local providers, often requiring the use of ExpressVPN for complete access.

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