How to watch ITVX on Roku in Singapore [Swift Streaming!]


Can you watch ITVX on Roku? Yes, you can stream ITVX on Roku in Singapore easily. You can simply install the ITVX app on Roku and start streaming its channels. However, ITVX is only available in the United Kingdom right now.

ITVX is the UK’s freshest streaming service, with exclusive new shows including Georgia Harrison Documentary, blockbuster films, live events, and thousands of boxsets all in one place for Free.

If you want to watch ITVX in Singapore, you must use the best ITVX VPN, such as ExpressVPN. You need to sign up and subscribe to the channel to access ITVX content and start streaming by getting ITVX free trial.

You can find and watch the most recent and timeless TV shows like Karen Pirie, documentaries, movies, ITVX live, and much more. This service is available on a variety of streaming and mobile platforms and offers over 750 channels. In this post, you will see how you can watch ITVX on Roku in Singapore and how to install it in easy steps. You can also watch ITVX on PS4.

Can I get ITVX on Roku in Singapore?

WonderingCan I get ITVX on my Roku?” Yes, ITVX is available on Roku in Singapore. Stream all the shows and movies from ITVX, the UK’s newest streaming service. You can also add the ITVX app on Roku.

The ITVX channel is your one-stop shop for watching all of your favourite movies and TV shows such as The Family Pile in Singapore for free. So, get the ITVX app for Roku and start watching your favourite shows.

Roku ITVX: How Can I Watch ITVX on Roku in Singapore? [5 Easy Steps]

Here’s how to watch Roku in Singapore by following five easy steps:

  • First, sign up for a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • Connect to the UK server (Recommended: UK – Docklands Server).

Connect to a UK server.

  • Connect your Roku to your TV and turn it on.
  • Go to the Roku homepage and select “Streaming Channels” in the main menu.

Start watching your favorite shows and movies on ITVX on Roku in Singapore

  • Now watch your favorite ITVX shows on Roku in Singapore.
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Now that can I get ITVX on my Roku outside the UK is no longer a question you’re worried about, check the pricing plans.

How Much Does ITVX Cost in Singapore?

ITVX offers two no-ads plans, monthly £5.99 and £59.99 yearly . ITVX is also offered free, but it is ads-supported.

Plan Cost
Monthly £5.99
Yearly £59.99

Let’s read some information about using ITVX free on Roku in Singapore!

Is ITVX Free on Roku in Singapore?

Yes, ITVX is free on Roku in Singapore. You can create a free account on ITVX and watch all the content with ad support.

You can also cancel ITVX subscription after you’ve finished watching your favourite shows or movie on the ITVX free trial before it expires; otherwise, you’ll be required to pay the monthly fee.

Let’s look into the Roku ITVX-compatible devices now!

Which Roku Devices Support ITVX in Singapore? [Roku ITVX Compatible Devices!]

Following are the Roku devices that support ITVX in Singapore:

4K Roku Premiere Roku Streaming Stick 4K
Roku Express HD Roku Express 4K+
4K Roku Smart Speaker 4K Roku Premiere+
Roku Express+ Roku Streaming Stick+
4K Roku Ultra 4K Roku Ultra LT

Looking for ways to install and use ITVX Roku UK? We have got you covered!

How to Install and Use ITVX on Roku in Singapore? 2 Methods!

ITVX is officially available on the Roku Channel Store in Singapore. So, you can install ITVX on Roku and use it.

How to Get ITVX on Roku Using the “Streaming Channels” Menu in Singapore?

Follow these simple steps and enjoy watching ITVX on Roku in Singapore.

  • Subscribe and Connect to the UK Server of a Premium VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • Turn on your Roku device and go to the home screen.
  • Click on the Streaming Channels option from the home screen main menu.

Search ITVX on Roku UK.

  • Scroll down and choose the search channels option.
  • Then search “ITVX, using a virtual channel.
  • Select the same from the list of options below.
  • Click the Add channel button on the channel description page.
  • Select the OK button from the prompt once the installation is complete.
  • Next, Go to the Channel option to launch the ITVX app.
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How to Get ITVX on my Roku Using Roku’s Official Website in Singapore?

Follow the given below steps if you want to add the ITVX app to your Roku from Roku’s official website in Singapore.

  • Subscribe and Connect to the UK Server of a Premium VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • First, open a web browser and search for the Roku channel store’s official website.
  • Log in to your Roku account.

Enter your credentials on your Roku account to add ITVX.

  • Use the Search bar and Search for ITVX.
  • Select the Channel from the search result.
  • Click the Add channel button Under the channel description page.
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The ITVX app will be added within 24 hours of receiving your request. Check out the next section to know you can activate ITVX on Roku in Singapore.

How do I Activate and Stream ITVX on Roku in Singapore? [Detailed Steps]

You can easily activate ITVX on Roku in Singapore and enjoy its live stream by following these easy steps:

  • Subscribe and Connect to the UK Server of a Premium VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • Launch the ITVX app after installing it.
  • Click on the Sign-in Button.
  • The activation code will be generated and pop up on the screen.

Enter the activation code to stream ITVX on Roku.

  • Make a note of the activation code and go to the ITVX activation web page.
  • Sign in to your account and enter the activation code.
  • Hit the Continue button and activate the ITVX button.
  • Now, you can stream your favourite TV shows like Vera Season 12, movies, and sports events.

Start watching your favourite shows on ITVX on Roku UK.

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Is ITVX not working for you on Roku in Singapore? Try the easy fixes in the next section!

Why is ITVX not Working on Roku in Singapore? [Quick Fixes!]

If you are connected to VPN services and your ITVX not working properly. Follow the instructions and resolve the ITVX not working problem in Singapore:

  • First, check the Roku device’s network connection.
  • When you try to launch the app, it may occasionally fail to install and become stuck, or it may only display the app icon. Furthermore, if you’re unsure how to watch ITVX on a Roku device, uninstall and reinstall the program.
  • After disabling the firewall, reinstall your VPN software.
  • Finally, if the problem persists, double-check the primary cable connection on the Roku device.
  • Check to see if the ITVX app is currently unavailable or closed. If you experience this, the problem is on the server’s end.

If none of the solutions listed above work, contact your VPN provider or check out our guide ITVX not Working for more solutions. This could also be due to the use of low-cost VPN services. As a result, we always recommend using a high-end VPN like ExpressVPN.

What’s Most Popular to Stream on ITVX in 2024?

England Vs Italy Six Nations 2024 Super Bowl LVIII 60 Days In All Seasons
Dublin Racing Festival 2024 Wales vs Scotland Rugby Ireland Six Nations Games 2024
Italy Six Nations Games 2024 Winters Bone Full Movie G’wed Series 1
2024 six nations Opening Ceremony Ashton Sylve vs Estivan Falcao Fight England vs Italy six naions 2024
Super Bowl LVIII England Vs Wales Six Nations 2024 France vs Ireland Six Nations
Interstella Ella All Seasons Coventry vs Sheffield Wednesday FA Cup Six Nations 2024 Week 2


ITVX allows you to watch six live channels in Singapore (ITVX, ITV2, ITV3, ITVBe, ITV4, and CITV), so there’s bound to be something of interest. Some of the shows you can watch for free on ITV Hub

Yes, subtitles are currently available on Roku sticks in Singapore. ITVX aim to offer subtitles as soon as a program is available on ITVX and make sure that as many people as possible can enjoy their favorite shows on the ITVX.

Here are other devices that support ITVX in Singapore:

  • Smart TVs (Apple TV, LG TV, Hisense TV etc)
  • Android devices
  • iOS devices (iPhones, iPads)
  • PlayStation
  • Xbox
  • Chromecast

ITVX is on Channel number: 35 outside the UK. It has Thrilling drama, the favourite soaps of the nation, great events and the biggest family entertainment.

To update an ITVX app on Roku in Singapore, highlight it and choose Options from the menu. Alternately, you might uninstall the programme, restart Roku, and then reinstall it.

Roku ITVX: Wrapping Up

If you live in any other country or are a UK resident visiting another country, you can’t enjoy the Roku ITVX combo without a VPN. Thus, to watch ITVX on Roku in Singapore, you need an ExpressVPN subscription.

ITVX is one of the popular public broadcast television networks in the United Kingdom. The channel is free to air, but you can also subscribe and stream its premium and your favourite content without advertisements. You can get ITVX on Roku by downloading the Roku channel store app.

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