How to Watch Disney Plus on PS4 in the UK [January 2023]

Disney Plus on PS4 in UK

Don’t know how to stream your favourite content of Disney Plus on PS4 in the UK? This blog is for you! We have shared 5 quick steps to watch Disney Plus on PS4 in the UK.

Disney+ is available in a few countries, including the American region, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Far East, and Oceania. So, for example, watching Disney Plus in Mexico (American region), Denmark, the UK, France (European region), Disney Plus in NZ, and Thailand (Asian region), or streaming West Side Story on Disney+ Australia won’t be an issue as the streaming service has been launched officially.

This is why, when you try to access Disney+ on your PS4 other than the above-mentioned countries, the following geo-restriction error will appear on your screen:

“Sorry, Disney+ is not available in your country.”


Disney Plus can not be accessed due to geo-restrictions!

But, coming back, can I watch Disney Plus on PS4 in the UK? The answer is yes! You can still access Disney+ on PS4 to watch titles like The Owl House and Beauty and the Beast in an unsupported country with the help of the best Disney Plus VPN.

Learn more by jumping to “How to watch Disney Plus on PS4 outside the UK.”

Is Disney Plus available on PS4 in the UK?

Yes, Disney Plus is available on PS4 in the UK. You can download Disney+ from the PlayStation store for free! Disney Plus is supported on both models of PS4 and PS5. For PlayStation 4, simply search the Disney Plus app in the PlayStation Store, and for PlayStation 5, search the Disney Plus app from Media > All Apps.

How to Watch Disney Plus on PS4 in the UK [5 Quick Steps]?

Follow these 5 quick steps to watch Disney Plus on PS4 in the UK, where Disney+ is officially available for streaming:

  1. Launch your PlayStation 4 and navigate to the PS4 App Store.
  2. Type Disney+ in the search bar.
  3. Click on the Disney+ icon.
  4. Press download.
  5. Open the app and Sign in.

How to Watch Disney Plus on PS4 outside the UK?

Streaming Disney+ outside the UK is possible only with the help of a reliable VPN service. You will be required to set up Smart DNS, which can be done by following the steps below:

Set Up Smart DNS

  1. First, subscribe to a VPN (As of now, ExpressVPN is the best Disney Plus VPN).
  2. Now head to the ExpressVPN DNS setting page and log in with your account credentials.
  3. Register your IP address on the page visible, and also enable Automatic registration of IP address.
  4. Now, go to the ExpressVPN setup page and locate the MediaStreamer DNS IP address.
  5. You now have a new DNS IP address, now it’s time to configure it to your PS4 device.

Set Up Smart DNS on PS4 and Watch Disney Plus

  1. Launch PS4 and go to the “Settings” tab.
  2. Select “Network” and then select “Set Up Internet Connection.
  3. Now select “LAN” or “Wi-Fi” based on what type of internet connection you are using.
  4. Now select the “Custom” option and then select “Automatic” for “IP address Settings.
  5. Select the “Do not Specify” option and then select the “Manual” option.
  6. Now select “Primary DNS.” Here you need to enter the “Smart DNS” address. You can find this address in your profile by signing in to your VPN account via its official website. Note: Make sure that you select the US as a country while setting up.
  7. Now enter the address and select the “Done” option.
  8. From here, select “Next” (You don’t need to change secondary DNS).
  9. Now select the “Automatic” option, then select the “Do Not Use” option.
  10. Now select “Test Internet Connection.”
  11. Congratulations, smart DNS is now set up on PS4.
  12. Open the Disney+ app and sign in to your account.
  13. Now select your favourite content and enjoy it without any hassle.

Note: It is worth noting that a VPN service will get you to stream Disney+ content free on PS4. A VPN only allows you to access the Disney Plus service in an unsupported country. Hence, you will require an active Disney+ subscription on PS4 for streaming in a geo-restricted country otherwise you will face issues with Disney+ working.

How VPN’s Smart DNS Allows You to Watch UK Disney Plus on PS4 from anywhere?

A VPN’s Smart DNS hides the IP address that helps you stream Disney Plus on PS4 in the UK from any geo-restricted country. To elaborate on this further, Disney+ uses an IP tracking system to block all the users who try to access the content from an unsupported country.

In other words, the internet service you are using contains your local IP address and can be blocked if you reside in a geo-restricted region.
A VPN will conceal your local IP address and replace it with the one where the service is available such as in the UK. Hence, a VPN tricks the IP tracking system of Disney+ that you are residing somewhere in the UK and thus allows you to access Disney Plus PS4.

Note: You can also watch shows and movies on Disney+ Chromecast on all 3 generations of Chromecast.

How Do I Update Disney Plus on PS4 in the UK [6 Easy Steps]?

Below are six easy steps to update Disney+ on PS4 in the UK:

  1. Log in to your PS4 profile and navigate to Disney+ on your home screen.
  2. With the help of your controller, select/highlight the Disney+ App.
  3. Click “options,” and a menu will pop up.
  4. Scroll to the “check for update” option and press the “O” or “X” button on your controller.
  5. A message will pop on your screen once the update is completed.
  6. Return to your profile home screen, and launch Disney+ app.

Keep updating your device and always clear cache and cookies because if you don’t do that, you face Disney+ error code 14 or many others, which is quite frustrating. You also can learn the solutions to these errors from our articles.

How Much is Disney Plus on PS4 in the UK?

You can download the Disney Plus app on PS4 for free in the UK. However, just downloading will not allow you to stream Disney+ content. You must subscribe to Disney Plus on PS4 to watch your favorite movies or TV shows.

Below are the Disney+ subscription plans and prices in the UK:

  • £7.99  for a monthly subscription
  • £79.99 for a yearly subscription

Additionally, Disney Plus plans to launch a cheaper ad-supported subscription package for its subscribers in 2023.

What Can I Watch on Disney+ on PS4 in the UK?

Here is the list of top movies and TV shows that you can enjoy on Disney Plus Playstation 4 in the UK:

Best TV Shows

  • Street Genius
  • National Treasure – Edge Of History
  • Savage Kingdom
  • Port Protection Alaska
  • Generation X
  • Danger Decoded
  • The Montaners

Best Movies

  • Strange World
  • The Flagmakers
  • Jaguar Beach Battle
  • Mafia Confidential
  • Little Giant
  • Where Oceans Collide
  • Akashinga: The Brave Ones

Can I Watch Disney Plus on PS5 in the UK?

Yes, you can watch Disney+ on PS5 in the UK without any hassle! Installing Disney Plus on your PS5 is as easy as downloading it on PS4. Just follow these steps:

  • Go to your Playstation store and press the “X” button.
  • Navigate to “Search” and type in “Disney+.”
  • Highlight/Select the Disney+ App and press “X” again.
  • Once the channel appears, press “X” to start the download.
  • Log in with your credentials and enjoy!

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What PlayStation Models are Compatible with Disney Plus in the UK?

In the UK Disney+ is compatible with the following PlayStation models:

  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 4 Pro
  • PlayStation 4 Slim
  • PlayStation 5

What Other Devices Support Disney+ Besides PS4 in the UK?

Apart from PS4, the following devices support Disney+ in the UK:

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What Other Streaming Services are Supported by PS4 in the UK?

Gone are those days when gaming consoles like PS4 were considered only for video games in the UK. Now you can use your PS4 for streaming a number of your favourite shows or movies with different services available; some of those streaming services are mentioned below:


If you are facing issues with Disney Plus on PS4 in the UK, then do the following things:

  • Check your internet connection.
  • Check for recent app updates.
  • Reinstall the Disney Plus app.
  • Restart your device.

Follow these steps, and you’re good to go:

  • Log in to your UK Disney+ profile in the app.
  • Navigate to “Accounts” under your profile icon.
  • Choose your “Active Subscription Plan.”
  • Press “Cancel Subscription,” and another pop-up will appear.
  • Press “Complete Cancellation,” and it’s done!

Besides this, there are different methods to cancel Disney Plus on other devices in the UK.

Yes, downloading and installation of the Disney Plus app is free on PS4 in the UK. Nevertheless, you will need an active Disney+ subscription for streaming.

Yes, you can watch Disney Plus in 4K only on PS4 Pro in the UK. If you try to stream Disney+ content in 4K on your standard PS4, it won’t work.

No. Downloading Disney+ on PS4 is free of cost in the UK, however, there is no Disney Plus free trial available for PS4.


You can watch Disney Plus on PS4 in the UK by following the 5 quick steps that we mentioned. However, if you reside in a country where Disney+ is geo-restricted, you can stream Disney Plus with a trusted VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN because it offers buffer-free fast streaming.

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