How to Watch Good Trouble: Season 4 in UK

watch Good Trouble: Season 4 in UK

If you fancy dramas focusing on characters’ dilemmas around their relationships and ambitions, you’ll love binge-watching Good Trouble: Season 4 this October on Disney Plus. However, the platform will impose geo-restrictions due to content rights conflicts, and If you want to know how you can watch Good Trouble: Season 4 in UK, this post will help you out.

The Disney Plus content library is chock-full of intriguing drama series. With the addition of Good Trouble: Season 4, Disney Plus, subscribers will get the chance to binge-watch a fascinating series since all of the show’s episodes releasing together on the 5th of October, 2022.

Unfortunately, instantly streaming the show won’t be possible in UK, and it require Disney Plus VPN your connection to access restricted content on Disney Plus. And to achieve that, some steps will be required, and we will reveal them in the following section.

Watch Good Trouble: Season 4 in UK – [Quick Guide]

Work through the four straightforward steps listed below to guarantee glitch-free and watch Good Trouble: Season 4 in UK:

  • Subscribe to a robust premium VPN client, our top-ranking ExpressVPN.
  • Download and install the ExpressVPN app version compatible with your device.
  • Connect to a Canadian server.
  • Open Disney Plus Canada & look for Good Trouble: Season 4 begins bingeing the show!
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Where to Watch Good Trouble: Season 4?

You can watch Good Trouble: Season 4 on Disney Plus in UK. However, immediate access won’t be possible for you because the streaming platform’s licensing deals restrict direct streaming in the country. By supporting your connecting with a feature-filled VPN service like ExpressVPN, you’ll be able to secure the show’s access quickly.

Why do You Need a VPN to Watch Good Trouble: Season 4 in UK?

You need a VPN to watch Good Trouble: Season 4 in UK due to Disney’s commitments to its licensing arrangements, which exclude UK viewers from directly streaming its episodes. However, since the show will run on Disney Plus Canada, securing your connection with a VPN will allow you to alter your current IP to a Canadian one and unlock the show.


What is Good Trouble: Season 4 About?

Good Trouble: Season 4 is about the residents of a Los Angeles communal residence building named “The Coterie.” The residents, mostly in their twenties, seek to strike a balance between their career ambitions, love lives, and friendships. However, while attempting to stay true to their beliefs, they realize doing so can’t occur without running into trouble.

How Many Episodes Good Trouble: Season 4 have?

Eighteen episodes will feature in Good Trouble Season 4, all of which will release simultaneously on the 5th of October, 2022. Due to the anticipation built up during the season, many fans kept waiting and hoping for the release of Good Trouble season 4, episodes 19 and 20, but those won’t come out, and episode 18 will be the last.

Check out episode details below:

Episode No. Title Disney Plus Release Date (2022)
1 Turn and Face the Strange October 5
2 Kiss Me and Smile for Me October 5
3 Meet the New Boss October 5
4 It’s Lonely Out in Space October 5
5 So This Is What the Truth Feels Like October 5
6 Something Unpredictable, But in the End It’s Right October 5
7 Take These Chances October 5
8 I Don’t Belong Here October 5
9 That’s Me in the Spotlight October 5
10 What I Wouldn’t Give for Love October 5
11 Baby, Just Say ‘Yes’ October 5
12 Pick a Side, Pick a Fight October 5
13 A Penny with a Hole in It October 5
14 Life Is What Happens October 5
15 You Know You Better Watch Out October 5
16 Mama Told Me October 5
17 Wake Up from Your Reverie October 5
18 This Is Not My Beautiful House October 5

Is There a Season 5 of Good Trouble?

Yes, The American cable channel Freeform owned by Disney renewed Good Trouble for another installment after an announcement about the show being among the top 10 ad-supported dramas on cable among women between 18 and 34. Season 5 will once more explore the complexities of the lives of The Coterie residents.

Who Does Callie End up With in Good Trouble?

Callie ends up with Jamie in Good Trouble. The duo’s conversations remain confidential due to their protection under attorney-client privilege after Callie offers Jamel a $1 retainer in the sixth episode of season 1 “Imposter”. Callie chooses to be with Jamie exclusively, selecting him over Gael.

Who’s in the Cast Good Trouble: Season 4?

Cast Character
Maia Mitchell Callie Adams Foster
Cierra Ramirez Mariana Adams Foste
Zuri Adele Malika Williams
Sherry Cola Alice Kwan
Tommy Martinez Gael Martinez
Roger Bart Judge Curtis Wilson
Emma Hunton Davia Moss
Josh Pence Dennis Cooper
Beau Mirchoff Jamie Hunter
Bryan Craig Joaquin Peréz
Priscilla Quintana Isabella Tavez
TJ Linnard Evan Speck

What is the Release Date of Good Trouble: Season 4?

The Good Trouble: Season 4 release date on Disney Plus Canada is the 5th of October, 2022. Good Trouble explores the people’s lives in the communal residential building “The Coterie.” in Los Angeles. The show explores the residents who, in their twenties, struggle to find a balance between their careers, love, and growing pains.

Is There a Trailer for Good Trouble: Season 4?

Yes, a Good Trouble: Season 4 trailer is present on the Freeform YouTube channel. The 125-second promo was released in March. The trailer’s beginning reveals a sense of uncertainty for some characters, with the words “Ready or not, change is coming” appearing on the screen.

How Did Good Trouble End?

The Good Trouble Season 4 finale ended the show’s latest installment with its most significant cliffhanger so far. In the final episode, Mariana played by Cierra Ramirez goes undercover, attempting to reach out to Joaquin’s sister Jenna to warn her about the cult of which Jenna is slowly becoming a part.

Is There a Tested VPN to Watch Good Trouble: Season 4 in UK?

Yes, ExpressVPN is a tested VPN to watch Good Trouble: Season 4 in UK, excelling against its competitors by providing subscribers with industry-leading streaming speeds and high levels of security. ExpressVPN is excellent in unblocking or switching Disney+ libraries from anywhere. For example, you can easily access Disney+ South Africa content library in the UK easily too. Read through the section below to better understand ExpressVPN power.


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Watch Good Trouble: Season 4 in UK


No, Callie doesn’t return to Good Trouble except for a virtual cameo in episode 6.

Callie left Good Trouble to go after her dream career at the ACLU in Washington.

No, Callie doesn’t get Sofia back, though Arizona, who wins Sofia’s custody, allows her to spend time with Callie occasionally.

Maia Mitchell is leaving Good Trouble, citing her struggles with the pandemic, whereas a central character Callie leaves for Washington during the show’s fourth season.

Wrap Up

Good Trouble Season 4 is the perfect show for you this October if you want to binge-watch a highly intriguing drama series. To get over Disney’s restrictions due to copyright infringement issues, subscribe immediately to ExpressVPN’s fantastic security features and speed-boosting tools to watch Good Trouble: Season 4 in UK.

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