Watch Ajagba vs Goodall in Germany on ESPN Plus


A live heavyweight showdown is scheduled for Saturday night in Nevada, featuring Efe Ajagba squaring off against Joe Goodall, and the main event ring walks are set for around 3 a.m. in the United Kingdom and 11 p.m. Eastern Time (ET).

The highly anticipated bout will be showcased on ESPN Plus. Discover how to watch Ajagba vs Goodall in Germany on ESPN Plus.

ESPN Plus uses geo-restrictions to control where its content can be accessed due to licensing agreements, broadcasting rights, and regional regulations. This means that live bout may be unavailable to viewers outside.

To overcome geo-restrictions on ESPN Plus, users can employ a VPN like ExpressVPN. This VPN allows users to connect to a server in the US. ESPN Plus will assume that you are accessing the service from the US. Thus, you can access ESPN Plus in Germany easily.

Watch Ajagba vs Goodall in Germany on ESPN Plus- [Easy Steps]

Here are the easy steps to watch Ajagba vs Goodall live in Germany:

  1. Get a trusted VPN like ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and install the VPN on your device.
  3. Connect to a US server.
  4. Visit the ESPN Plus website or app.
  5. Watch Ajagba vs Goodall in Germany on ESPN Plus.
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Where to Watch Ajagba vs Goodall in Germany?

The Ajagba vs Goodall fight will stream live on ESPN Plus. However, ESPN Plus does not permit content distribution outside the USA. If you want to watch Ajagba vs Goodall in Germany, use ExpressVPN for the best experience.

You can sign up for a free trial to access the best shows on ESPN Plus. You can later opt for a ESPN Plus cost and packages. To cancel your ESPN subscription, follow easy steps.

Why Do We Need a VPN to Watch Ajagba vs Goodall in Germany on ESPN Plus?

A VPN is needed to watch Ajagba vs Goodall in Germany on ESPN Plus because ESPN Plus enforces geo-restrictions due to licensing agreements and regional regulations.

By using the best VPN for ESPN Plus, viewers can bypass these restrictions by connecting to a server in a location where the content is available, making it appear as if they are accessing ESPN Plus from that region, thus gaining access to the fight and other geo-blocked content.

Ajagba vs. Goodall fight card

Fight Card for Ajagba vs. Goodall on November 4:

Main Event:

– Efe Ajagba vs. Joe Goodall

– Date: Saturday, November 4

– Main Card Start Time (ET): 9 p.m. ET

– Main Event Ring Walks (approx.): 11 p.m. ET

Where will be Ajagba vs. Goodall?

The Ajagba vs Goodall 10-round main event will take place on Saturday, Nov. 4 at Tahoe Blue Event Center in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.] providing an electrifying showdown in a picturesque setting for boxing enthusiasts worldwide.

Can I watch Ajagba vs. Goodall for Free?

The Ajagba vs. Goodall fight is being streamed live on ESPN Plus in the US and Sky Sports in the UK. You can also watch the fight on Kayo in Australia.

ESPN Plus offers a 7-day free trial, so you could sign up for a trial and watch the fight for free, but you would need to cancel your subscription before the trial ends to avoid being charged.

Where can I buy Ajagba vs. Goodall tickets?

You can buy tickets to the Ajagba vs. Goodall fight at the following places:

  • Ticketmaster
  • Tahoe Blue Event Center
  • StubHub

Ajagba vs Goodall: Date and Time

The Ajagba vs. Goodall bout is scheduled for Saturday, November 4. The main card kicks off at 9 p.m. ET, with the main event ring walks expected to begin around 11 p.m. ET, depending on the duration of the undercard fights.

What is the Venue of Ajagba vs Goodall?

The venue of the Ajagba vs. Goodall fight is the Tahoe Blue Event Center in Stateline, Nevada.

It is a brand new, state-of-the-art event center that opened in October 2023. The event center has a capacity of 7,500 people and is perfect for hosting a variety of events, including boxing matches, concerts, and conferences.

What is the prediction for Ajagba vs Goodall?

Efe Ajagba is the favorite to win the fight against Joseph Goodall. Ajagba is a much bigger and stronger fighter than Goodall, and he has a devastating right hand. Goodall is a skilled boxer, but he has never faced an opponent like Ajagba before.

The most likely outcome of the fight is a knockout victory for Ajagba. However, Goodall is a tough fighter, and he could take Ajagba into the later rounds if he can weather the early storm.

Where to watch Ajagba vs Goodall live streaming?

Per the Ajagba vs Goodall predictions, Ajagba vs Goodall will be live-streamed on the following platforms:

  • ESPN Plus (United States)
  • Sky Sports (United Kingdom)
  • Kayo (Australia)

If you are located in a country where the fight is not being streamed legally, you can use a VPN like ExpressVPN to connect to a server in a country where the fight is being streamed and watch it on one of the platforms listed above.

What are the Stats and Previous records of Ajagba vs. Goodall?

Here are the Ajagba vs Goodall stats and previous records:

Stat Efe Ajagba Joe Goodall
Age 29 31
Height 6′ 5″ (196 cm) 6′ 6″ (197 cm)
Reach 88.2″ (224 cm)
Stance Orthodox (R) Orthodox (R)
Full Record DQ 4UD 10TKO 2UD 10KO 3 UD 10
Wins 18 10
Wins by KO 13 9
KO% 72% 90%
Losses 1 1
Stopped 0 0
Draws 0 1
Debut 2017 2018
Pro Rounds 79 37
Current Rankings @ Heavyweight
The Ring
WBO 13

What is the Ticket Price for Ajagba vs Goodall?

The Ajagba vs. Goodall tickets range in price from $30 to $140, providing fans with affordable options to witness this exciting bout live. Ticket prices vary based on seating location and can be purchased through official ticket vendors or online platforms.

Who has won the heavyweight title the most times

Joe Louis has won the world heavyweight title the most times, with 27 title bouts won. He also holds the record for the longest consecutive title defenses, with 26.

Muhammad Ali is the only other heavyweight to win the title three times, but he only won 22 title bouts.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Ajagba vs Goodall in Germany on ESPN Plus?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Ajagba vs. Goodall in Germany on ESPN Plus due to its exceptional speed and strong security.

It enables seamless streaming of ESPN Plus without geo-restrictions, ensuring uninterrupted access to the fight. Keep reading to learn more.

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Efe Ajagba is a heavyweight-class boxer.

No, Efe Ajagba is not undefeated.

Efe Ajagba lost to Deontay Wilder.


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