Watch Caribbean Series Final 2024 in Italy On ESPN Plus

Watch Caribbean Series Final 2024 in Italy On ESPN Plus
Caribbean Series 2024 Results

This blog has been updated with the results of Caribbean Series Final 2024.

As the countdown to the grand finale of the 2024 Caribbean Series ticks away, baseball fever is increasing among the fans! So buckle up for a thrilling clash of the Caribbean baseball titans, which is set to happen in LoanDepot Park on 9th February. The 66th Caribbean Series Final 2024 live coverage will be aired on ESPN Plus. Non-U.S citizens need to use ExpressVPN to watch Caribbean Series Final 2024 in Italy on ESPN Plus and bypass geo-restrictions, thanks to its strict zero-log policy and strong encryption.

International baseball fans, do not fret because, in this comprehensive blog, I will guide you in depth about how to skip ESPN Plus location hindrances or barriers via ExpressVPN and watch Caribbean Series 2024 in Italy on ESPN Plus.

Read further to learn more about ESPN Serie del Caribe and the procedure to watch ESPN Plus in Italy by circumventing geo-barriers!

Watch Caribbean Series Final 2024 in Italy On ESPN Plus – [Easy Steps]

Perform these five steps to watch Caribbean Series Final 2024 in Italy on ESPN Plus:

  1. Start by signing up for a leading VPN. (I suggest ExpressVPN due to its high-speed streaming)
  2. Set up and activate your VPN application on your devices.
  3. Establish a VPN session by connecting to a US virtual server. (New York is best)
  4. Head over to the official website of ESPN Plus and log in.
  5. Find and watch Caribbean Series Final 2024 in Italy on ESPN Plus.
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Where can I watch Serie del Caribe 2024 in Italy?

The 66th edition of the Series del Caribe 2024 (Caribbean Series 2024) will be broadcast live on ESPN Plus. They have the official broadcasting rights to this Caribbean Series club baseball tournament. But to watch the Series Final 2024, you must use a dependable VPN such as ExpressVPN to bypass geo-restrictions.

Since there’s no ESPN Plus free trial to discover the best shows on ESPN Plus, like Serie del Caribe, from BA events to soccer matches, with ExpressVPN, you can also watch ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 in Italy on ESPN Plus.

To enjoy upcoming Serie del Caribe 2024 clashes, check out the ESPN Plus cost and get the one that fits your budget. With ESPN Plus simple app/website interface, it’s extremely easy to cancel your ESPN Plus subscription!

Why Do We Need a VPN to Watch Caribbean Series Final 2024 in Italy On ESPN Plus?

You need a VPN to watch the Caribbean Series Final 2024 in Italy on ESPN Plus because you first need to bypass the rigorous geographical blockades of ESPN Plus that trigger frustrating geo-error pop-ups.

This proposed solution is the fix for all your out-of-country streaming worries! You can gain a counterfeited US IP address that swiftly skips location-based access difficulties and allows you unobstructed entry into ESPN Plus!

I recommend utilizing ExpressVPN instead of a free VPN for ESPN Plus because it will provide no privacy lapses and top-tier unblocking capabilities. Also, you can learn how to Install and Watch ESPN Plus on FireStick in 2024.

Who is playing in the Caribbean series?

Naranjeros de Hermosillo (Mexico)
Criollos de Caguas (Puerto Rico)
Tiburones de La Guaira (Venezuela)
Curaçao Suns (Curacao)
Gigantes de Rivas (Nicaragua)
Tigres del Licey (Dominican Republic)
Federales de Chiriquí (Panama)

What is the history of baseball in the Caribbean?

Baseball history in the Caribbean began in the 1860s in Cuba and was brought to the region by sailors and students returning from the United States. Then, in the 19th century, professional Cuban baseball players introduced this sport in the different Caribbean islands such as Venezuela, Dominican Republic, etc.

Then, in the 20th century, professional teams, clubs, and leagues started forming all around the region. Later, a regional tournament named Caribbean Series was initiated, and now that club baseball tournament has reached its 66th edition.

When is Caribbean Series 2024 Final?

The Caribbean Series 2024 final date is Friday, 9th February 2024. The top two from the seven competing teams will participate in the 66th edition of the Caribbean Series 2024 grand finale. So, baseball lovers, mark the calendars for this date to catch the thrilling clash of the Caribbean baseball titans.

Where is Caribbean Series 2024 Final?

According to the Caribbean Series 2024 final schedule, the grand finale will be held in a retractable roof stadium named LoanDepot Park, located in Miami, Florida. This baseball architecture can accommodate around 36,742 baseball enthusiasts. All major baseball events take place at this venue.

Caribbean Series 2024 Schedule &Results

The Caribbean Series 2024 schedule and results are

The Caribbean Series 2024 schedule and results are

Date Game Result
Thursday, Feb. 1 Nicaragua vs Puerto Rico Puerto Rico 5, Nicaragua 2
Thursday, Feb. 1 Curacao vs Mexico Curacao 6, Mexico 5
Thursday, Feb. 1 Venezuela vs Dominican Republic Venezuela 3, Dominican Republic 1
Friday, Feb. 2 Panama vs Curacao Panama 7, Curacao 3
Friday, Feb. 2 Dominican Republic vs Nicaragua Dominican Republic 5, Nicaragua 4
Friday, Feb. 2 Puerto Rico vs Mexico Puerto Rico 2, Mexico 0
Saturday, Feb. 3 Venezuela vs Curacao Venezuela 4, Curacao 2
Saturday, Feb. 3 Mexico vs Panama Panama 4, Mexico 3
Saturday, Feb. 3 Puerto Rico vs Dominican Republic Dominican Republic 5-2 Puerto Rico
Sunday, Feb. 4 Panama vs Nicaragua Nicaragua 3-6 Panama
Sunday, Feb. 4 Puerto Rico vs Venezuela Puerto Rico 6, Venezuela 2
Sunday, Feb. 4 Mexico vs Dominican Republic Mexico 9-1 Dominican Republic
Monday, Feb. 5 Nicaragua vs Curazao Curacao 6-3 Nicaragua
Monday, Feb. 5 Venezuela vs Mexico Venezuela 6-1 Mexico
Monday, Feb. 5 Puerto Rico vs Panama Puerto Rico 7-9 Panama
Tuesday, Feb. 6 Mexico vs Nicaragua Mexico 5-2 Nicaragua
Tuesday, Feb. 6 Curacao vs Dominican Republic Curacao 0-2 Dominican Republic
Tuesday, Feb. 6 Panama vs Venezuela Panama 4-5 Venezuela
Wednesday, Feb. 7 Curacao vs Puerto Rico Curacao 2-0 Puerto Rico
Wednesday, Feb. 7 Dominican Republic vs Panama Dominican Republic 4-1 Panama
Wednesday, Feb. 7 Nicaragua vs Venezuela Nicaragua 0-9 Venezuela
Thursday, Feb. 8 Caribbean Series 2024 Semi Finals  Venezuela 6-2 Curacao
Thursday, Feb. 8 Semifinal 2 TBA
Friday, Feb. 9 Caribbean Series Final 2024  Venezuela 3-0 Dominican Republic
Friday, Feb. 9 Championship game TBA

What Teams Have Qualified for Caribbean Series 2024 Final?

The two finalist teams of the 66th edition of Caribbean Series 2024 have not been decided yet because the semi-finals, third-place playoffs, and a few knockout matches have yet to be played.

After the 8th and 9th February 2024 clashes, the teams who have qualified for the 2024 Caribbean Series final will be announced.

Caribbean Series 2024 Final Schedule

The Caribbean Series 2024 final schedule is as follows:

Date Time Match
9th February 2024 08:00 PM (ET) TBD vs. TBD

What are the predictions for Caribbean Series 2024 Final?

According to ESPN Serie del Caribe 2024 Final predictions, Tigers del Licey and Criollos de Caguas are the two baseball clubs that will head to head for the coveted trophy. But as the Tigers del Licey are the defending champions of the 66th Caribbean Series and have a strong roster, they are favorites to win this grand finale clash.

Caribbean Series Champions

The all-time list of Caribbean Series Champions is:

Magallanes Navigators – (1970) Cibao Eagles – (1997)
Licey Tigers – (1971) Cibao Eagles – (1998)
Ponce Lions – (1972) Licey Tigers – (1999)
Licey Tigers – (1973) Santurce Crabbers – (2000)
Caguas Creoles –  (1974) Cibao Eagles – (2001)
Bayamon Cowboys –  (1975) Culiacán Tomato Growers – (2002)
Hermosillo Orange Growers –  (1976) Cibao Eagles – (2003)
Licey Tigers –  (1977) Licey Tigers – (2004)
Mayaguez Indians – (1978) Mazatlán Deer – (2005)
Magallanes Navigators – (1979) Caracas Lions – (2006)
Licey Tigers – (1980) Cibao Eagles – (2007)
Event Didn’t Take Place – (1981) Licey Tigers – (2008)
Caracas Lions – (1982) Aragua Tigers – (2009)
Arecibo Wolves – (1983) Escogido Lions – (2010)
Zulia Eagles – (1984) Obregón Yaquis – (2011)
Licey Tigers – (1985) Escogido Lions – (2012)
Mexicali Eagles – (1986) Obregón Yaquis – (2013)
Caguas Creoles – (1987) Hermosillo Orange Growers – (2014)
Escogido Lions – (1988) Pinar del Río Tobacco Growers – (2015)
Zulia Eagles – (1989) Mazatlán Deer – (2016)
Escogido Lions – (1990) Criollos de Caguas – (2017)
Licey Tigers – (1991) Criollos de Caguas – (2018)
Mayaguez Indians – (1992) Toros de Herrera – (2019)
Santurce Crabbers – (1993) Toros del Este – (2020)
San Juan Senators – (1994) Cibao Eagles – (2021)
Culiacán Tomato Growers – (1995)

Who is the most successful team in the Caribbean Premier league?

The most successful team in the popular club baseball tournament, The Caribbean Series, is Tigers De Licey (Dominican Republic). They have taken home the coveted Caribbean Series trophy eleven times by winning the championship.

Who won the 2023 Caribbean Series?

The Tigers de Licey team won the 2023 Caribbean Series and is the defending champion of the 2024 Serie del Caribe.

Their fans must be anxiously waiting to see them in the finals and take a look at their total Caribbean series final score.

Who is the MVP of the Serie del Caribe 2023?

The Most Valuable Player (MVP) award was given to Dominican baseball pitcher Cesar Miguel Valdez because he threw 12 1/3 scoreless innings, only gave six hits, and struck out ten. He won this award for the second time in the Caribbean Series.

What is the prize money for the Caribbean Series 2024?

The total prize fund and its breakdown for the Caribbean Series 2024 have not been revealed yet. Maybe after the grand finale of Serie del Caribe at the post-match ceremony, they will uncover the details regarding the prize money.

How much do tickets cost for Caribbean Series 2024 Final?

The Caribbean Series 2024 final ticket costs or pricing start from US $50 and reach a maximum of US $125 for the normal tickets. For VIP seating in the grand finale, you can purchase tickets between US $500 and US $550.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Caribbean Series Final 2024 in Italy On ESPN Plus?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Caribbean Series Final 2024 in Italy On ESPN Plus because each virtual server acts as a vigilant guardian, ensuring your online activities remain private and secure. They are established as an impregnable shield against cyber threats.

To learn more about ExpressVPN features, competitive edge, pricing, security, and more, read on:

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Caribbean Series Final 2024 in Italy On ESPN Plus

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for ESPN Plus. It breaks down the walls of streaming limits, turning your screen into a portal to endless entertainment. This extraordinary internet tool has over 3000+ servers that are strategically deployed in  105 countries.

.Watch Caribbean Series Final 2024   On ESPN Plus

ExpressVPN provides its users with an opportunity to enjoy uncapped bandwidth, which means you can watch as many movies or shows as you want, surf the web, play unlimited games, and more. ExpressVPN’s software isn’t just user-friendly; it’s downright intuitive. Its app or software perfectly fits Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, Kindle, and more.

Their user-friendly application beckons newcomers to explore features like Network Lock, Kill Switch, Throttling, Threat Manager, Split Tunneling, Lightway Protocol (LWP), Unlimited Server Switches, and many other functionalities. Making it easier for you to watch NCAA Mens College Basketball in Italy on ESPN Plus.

In the realm of streaming saviors, meet MediaStreamer by ExpressVPN. It is created for devices that are a tad VPN-shy. Break free from location restrictions and enjoy the streaming rebellion with Hulu, Apple TV+, Disney+, Netflix, Peacock TV, and many others.

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More Guides to Stream on ESPN Plus:

Caribbean Series Final 2024


In Series del Caribe (Caribbean Series), baseball is played.

You can watch Caribbean Series 2024 Final in Italy on ESPN Plus via a VPN.

Yes, it is legal to watch Caribbean Series 2024 Final in Italy on ESPN Plus using a trusted VPN.


The highly awaited grand finale of the Series del Caribe 2024 is fixed for 9th February 2024. If you are an overseas baseball enthusiast anxiously awaiting this electrifying showdown, then get a top-level VPN such as ExpressVPN to watch Caribbean Series 2024 in Italy on ESPN Plus.

I recommend ExpressVPN for all the live streaming of geo-restricted content, thanks to its lightnin-fast network of servers.

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