Watch Nicaragua vs Curazao in Japan On ESPN Plus

Watch Nicaragua vs Curazao in Japan On ESPN Plus
Caribbean Series 2024 Results

This blog has been updated with the results of Caribbean Series 2024 including the one that took place between Nicaragua vs Curazao.

Baseball enthusiasts are eagerly waiting to watch Nicaragua vs Curazao in Japan on ESPN Plus. Scheduled for February 5th at 10:30 AM, this would be an exciting Caribbean Series showdown; streaming this match live is only possible with ExpressVPN, which acts as your virtual ticket to be located in the States, thanks to its large, lightning-fast network of servers, especially across the US.

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Watch Nicaragua vs Curazao in Japan On ESPN Plus – [Easy Steps]

With these easy steps, you can watch Nicaragua vs Curazao in Japan on ESPN Plus:

  • Choose a Reliable VPN.  I vouch for ExpressVPN known for its speed and unblocking capabilities.
  • Connect to a US Server. NY preferably.
  • Subscribe to ESPN Plus:
  • Navigate to the Nicaragua vs. Curacao match on ESPN Plus and watch the action live, no matter where you are.
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Where to Watch Nicaragua vs Curazao in Japan?

For fans keen on following the Nicaragua vs Curacao gamein Japan, ESPN Plus promises an unparalleled viewing experience, ensuring you’re connected via a VPN.

ESPN Plus is a premier platform offering an extensive library of sports content, including exclusive live events, original series, and much more. But, if you’re tuning in from in Japan, you’ll need a bit more than just an ESPN Plus subscription.

ExpressVPN is required to watch this thrilling match in Japan.

And, if you’re looking to manage your subscriptions effectively, guides on how to subscribe or cancel your ESPN Plus subscription can be found on the main website.

Why Do We Need a VPN to Watch Nicaragua vs Curazao in Japan On ESPN Plus?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) becomes essential to watch Nicaragua vs. Curazao in Japan on ESPN Plus due t geo-restrictions.

ExpressVPN provides a solution by connecting you to a server that provides a US IP address, effectively bypassing ESPN Plus’ geo-restrictions. This VPN service is well-known for its extensive network of servers, fast connections, and robust encryption protocols, guaranteeing not just access but also a secure and seamless streaming experience.

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Familiarize yourself with the steps to install and watch ESPN Plus on FireStick in 2024 on your FireStick.

Where is the 2024 Caribbean Series?

The Serie del Caribe, or Caribbean Series, is a yearly club baseball tournament featuring professional teams from Latin America. Typically held in February.

Scheduled from February 2nd to 10th, 2023, the series will unfold at La Rinconada Stadium in Caracas and Jorge Luis García Carneiro Stadium in La Guaira, Venezuela.

This event will feature the winning teams from the professional baseball leagues of the Caribbean Professional Baseball Confederation’s member countries (Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Panama, and Colombia), along with guest teams from Curaçao and Cuba.

When is Nicaragua vs Curazao?

Nicaragua vs Curazao is scheduled for February 5, 2024, at 10:30 a.m.

If you are located in Japan, you can watch it on Sky Sports with ExpressVPN.

Where is Nicaragua vs Curazao?

The details on the venue are still unknown. Stick with us for the latest updates on the venue. 

Caribbean Series 2024 Schedule & Results

The Caribbean Series 2024 schedule and results are

The Caribbean Series 2024 schedule and results are

Date Game Result
Thursday, Feb. 1 Nicaragua vs Puerto Rico Puerto Rico 5, Nicaragua 2
Thursday, Feb. 1 Curacao vs Mexico Curacao 6, Mexico 5
Thursday, Feb. 1 Venezuela vs Dominican Republic Venezuela 3, Dominican Republic 1
Friday, Feb. 2 Panama vs Curacao Panama 7, Curacao 3
Friday, Feb. 2 Dominican Republic vs Nicaragua Dominican Republic 5, Nicaragua 4
Friday, Feb. 2 Puerto Rico vs Mexico Puerto Rico 2, Mexico 0
Saturday, Feb. 3 Venezuela vs Curacao Venezuela 4, Curacao 2
Saturday, Feb. 3 Mexico vs Panama Panama 4, Mexico 3
Saturday, Feb. 3 Puerto Rico vs Dominican Republic Dominican Republic 5-2 Puerto Rico
Sunday, Feb. 4 Panama vs Nicaragua Nicaragua 3-6 Panama
Sunday, Feb. 4 Puerto Rico vs Venezuela Puerto Rico 6, Venezuela 2
Sunday, Feb. 4 Mexico vs Dominican Republic Mexico 9-1 Dominican Republic
Monday, Feb. 5 Nicaragua vs Curazao Curacao 6-3 Nicaragua
Monday, Feb. 5 Venezuela vs Mexico Venezuela 6-1 Mexico
Monday, Feb. 5 Puerto Rico vs Panama Puerto Rico 7-9 Panama
Tuesday, Feb. 6 Mexico vs Nicaragua Mexico 5-2 Nicaragua
Tuesday, Feb. 6 Curacao vs Dominican Republic Curacao 0-2 Dominican Republic
Tuesday, Feb. 6 Panama vs Venezuela Panama 4-5 Venezuela
Wednesday, Feb. 7 Curacao vs Puerto Rico Curacao 2-0 Puerto Rico
Wednesday, Feb. 7 Dominican Republic vs Panama Dominican Republic 4-1 Panama
Wednesday, Feb. 7 Nicaragua vs Venezuela Nicaragua 0-9 Venezuela
Thursday, Feb. 8 Caribbean Series 2024 Semi Finals  Venezuela 6-2 Curacao
Thursday, Feb. 8 Semifinal 2 TBA
Friday, Feb. 9 Caribbean Series Final 2024  Venezuela 3-0 Dominican Republic
Friday, Feb. 9 Championship game TBA

Nicaragua vs Curazao Head-to-Head Record

They have not played a match with each other in the last six years, so there are no records. Consider this match as the starting the rivalry between Nicaragua and Curazao.

Nicaragua Team Players

Nicaragua Players
Carlos Teller
Euclides Leyer
Fidencio Flores
Jesus Linarez
Luis Ramirez
Joaquin Acuña
Yeris Gonzalez
Junior Tellez
Leonardo Crawford
Osman Gutierrez
Pedro Torres
Ronald Medrano
Samuele Adames
Yoanner Negrin
Melvin Novoa
Raudy Read
Emmanuel Garcia
Benjamin Alegria
Brandon Leyton
Cheslor Cuthbert
Elian Miranda
Jesus López
José Orozco
Francisco Peguero
Jairus Richards
Juan Diego Montes
Norlando Valle
Omar Mendoza

Curazao Team Players


Jordan Lucas
Temesh Lourens
Kevin Kelly
Wendell Floranus
Franklin Van Gurp
Juan Carlos Sulbaran
Nelmerson Angela
Cerilio Soleana
Ryan Huntington
Shairon Martis
Edgar Garcia
Jair Jurrjens
Cody Mincey
Nestor Molina


Sharlon Schoop
Juremi Profar
Darren Seferina
Dudley Leonora
Ray Van Gurp
Andrelton Simmons
Jonathan Schoop


Edmond Americaan
Wladimir Balentien
Ray-Patrick Didder
Aldrich De Jongh
Roger Bernadina

Nicaragua Last 5 Matches Results

Nicaragua P W D L Goals PTS
6 5 1 0 17:1 16

Curazao Last 5 Matches Results

Curazao P W D L Goals PTS
4 1 0 3 6:7 6

What are the predictions for Nicaragua vs Curazao?

According to team performance, Nicaragua is predicted to win.

However, Curazao is not a weak team, so expect an exciting match between the teams, and let’s hope the best one wins.

Who has won the Caribbean series all time?

The Dominican Republic holds the record for the most Caribbean Series titles (23), with the Tigres del Licey being the tournament’s most victorious team.

Altogether, 28 teams from seven distinct countries have claimed the series championship.

What is the prize money for Caribbean Series 2024?

The CPL 2024 features a significant prize fund of $1 million, allocated according to team rankings.

  • The winning team will be rewarded with $500,000, encouraging performance excellence.
  • The second-place team will earn $200,000 in recognition of their outstanding achievements.
  • The teams finishing in third and fourth place will receive $100,000 and $75,000, respectively, underlining the tournament’s competitive nature and valuing their involvement.

How much were tickets for the Nicaragua vs Curazao?

Tickets for the Nicaragua vs Curaz match in the 2024 Caribbean Series were priced accessibly, starting from just $10. Seats in the lower level were available for approximately $15, offering fans affordable ways to experience the game in person.

How to watch Nicaragua vs Curazao live for free?

Unfortunately, you can not watch Nicaragua vs. Curazao live for free because there’s no ESPN Plus free trial offer. However, you can try other platforms, but I suggest sticking to ESPN Plus only.

Get an ESPN Subscription along with ExpressVPN for the best streaming experience.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Nicaragua vs Curazao in Japan On ESPN Plus?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for ESPN Plus to watch Nicaragua vs Curazao in Japan On ESPN Plus because of its robust security features and excellent customer service.

Furthermore, ExpressVPN prioritizes its users’ privacy and security using strong encryption technologies and a strict no-logs policy.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Nicaragua vs Curazao in Japan On ESPN Plus

ExpressVPN is the best and most trustworthy VPN service for watching Nicaragua vs Puerto Rico in Japan, with over 20 USA servers. With its 3000+ servers in 105 countries, you may access the ESPN Plus content from anywhere with its single subscription.

Watch Nicaragua vs Curazao   On ESPN Plus

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ExpressVPN offers user-friendly apps for Windows, Android, Linux, macOS, and iOS, allowing for simultaneous viewing on up to eight devices. Users may enjoy a safe and consistent connection thanks to advanced security features like AES-256-bit encryption and the Lightway protocol.

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Furthermore, ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer DNS lets you set up devices that don’t usually operate with VPN apps, providing you access to the greatest. The service has an excellent average speed of 88.11 Mbps, offering a quick and efficient streaming experience while watching the best shows on ESPN Plus.

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More Guides to Stream on ESPN Plus:

Nicaragua vs Curazao


The Serie del Caribe, or Caribbean Series, is a yearly club baseball tournament featuring professional teams from Latin America. Typically held in February.

You can watch live streaming of Nicaragua vs Curazao in Japan on ESPN Plus. 

Yes, it is legal to Watch Nicaragua vs Curazao in Japan On ESPN Plus with the help of ExpressVPN.


Despite the geographical limitations, you can watch Nicaragua vs Curacao in Japan on ESPN Plus with a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.

Get your hands on ExpressVPN and immerse yourself in the excitement of the game, no matter where you are in the world.

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