How to watch SNL Season 48 in UK on Peacock?

SNL Season 48 in-UK

Wondering how to watch SNL Season 48 in UK on Peacock? Well, at last, you have come to the right place. In this guide, we have provided easy steps to watch SNL Season 48 in UK on Peacock TV with the help of ExpressVPN.

Along with a bit of interesting knowledge about the show itself, Saturday Night Live Season 48 schedule, who’s included, and all.

The Saturday Night Live show has 48 seasons. The show started in October 2022, and the last episode of the year came around in December 2022.  The SNL season 48 all episodes will continue from 15 January 2023.

If you have watched the previous seasons of this show, you may be excited to know the proper SNL season 48 schedule and who is hosting SNL season 48. The SNL hosts 2023 season 48, and Saturday Night Live Season 48 cast might as well surprise you.

However, since Peacock tv is a US-based streaming service, it is geo-blocked in UK. It means that you can’t stream it if you reside in UK. This is because of their licensing legalities. But by using ExpressVPN, you can watch it effortlessly. So, subscribe to it and watch SNL Season 48, episode 1, right away!

Let’s first check out the easy steps to watch SNL Season 48 on Peacock TV in UK.

Watch SNL Season 48 in UK on Peacock – [5 Easy Steps]

You can watch SNL in UK on Peacock TV by connecting to ExpressVPN. Don’t let yourself wait for SNL Season 48 premiere as it lands, and stream SNL Season 48 watch online by following the five easy steps below:

  • Subscribe to a reliable VPN. We suggest ExpressVPN because of its fast connection speed.
  • Download its app on your device from App Store, Play Store, or ExpressVPN’s site.
  • Wait until the app is downloaded, and then sign in using your credentials.
  • Open the Peacock tv app and search for SNL.
  • Click play and watch the series of SNL Season 48. Enjoy it without further restrictions.
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Where can I watch SNL Season 48 in UK?

if you’re looking to know where to watch all seasons of SNL. You may use Peacock TV free trial or choose a Peacock TV premium subscription to get full access to SNL Season 48.

If you don’t have Peacock TV or have canceled your Peacock TV subscription then there are several other platforms and channels that allow you to stream it. The platforms other than Peacock TV where you can watch SNL include:

  • FuboTV
  • Sling TV
  • DirecTV
  • Hulu.

These all platforms give you multiple choices to find out the SNL Season 48 cast members, who is leaving SNL Season 48, and the SNL Season 48 guests.

When will SNL Season 48 on Peacock return with new episodes?

The release date of the most wanted tv show, Saturday Night Live, will be Saturday, January 15, on NBC. Once the new episodes air on NBC, they will be available for you to stream on Peacock TV the next day that you can get access by using Peacock TV VPN.

The last episode of the show was on 17 December 2022. It is taking its break currently in these holidays and will return with the host, Aubrey Plaza, in its first episode.

Saturday Night Live Season 48 plot: What it is about?

Now that you know about the SNL Season 48 premiere date and its schedule, let’s talk about what is inside the show that you should expect and what it is all about. SNL is a comedy show that is all fun in an adventurous way. Here you find comedians, actors, and artists all gathered in one place. They perform short and hilarious skits on intelligent and current topics. But sometimes these topics can also be ridiculous, making the show more fun to watch.

Saturday Night Live Season 48 cast: Who’ll be in it?

There is no wonder that the Saturday Night Live Season 48 cast will be different than the one before. There will be some SNL Season 48 new cast members, and you will also be shown the new SNL Season 48 hosts. So, let’s introduce you to the new cast members of SNL season 48. Check out the table below:

SNL cast 2023 season 48

Kenan Thompson Colin Jost
Cecily Strong Michael Che
Mikey Day Ego Nwodim
Heidi Gardner Chloe Fineman
Bowen Yang Punkie Johnson
Andrew Dismukes James Austin
Sarah Sherman Michael Longfellow
Molly Kearney Marcello Hernandez
Devon Walker Lorne Michaels
Darrell Hammond

How many seasons of SNL are there?

Saturday Night Live is a comedy show that has been in releasing new seasons since 1975. As of today, it has a total of 48 seasons, out of which 47 seasons have been fully released. The episodes of Saturday Night Live 48 are still being released. You can check out the Saturday Night Live Season 48 schedule to know the proper release dates of these episodes.

Saturday Night Live Season 48 Trailer?

You can check out the Saturday Night Live Season 48 premiere, confirm the SNL Season 48 premiere date and pre-prepare yourself for it. You can watch the SNL trailer by clicking here.

How Does VPN Allow You to watch SNL Season 48 in UK on Peacock?

Peacock TV is a US-based tv channel that, due to the licensing issue, does not work in UK. Peacock TV in UK is geo-restricted. It means SNL is available to the US audience but not the audience in your region. Therefore, you will need a reliable VPN, like ExpressVPN, to stream it in your location.

When you try to access SNL on Peacock TV without a VPN, you get the proxy error which shows that Peacock TV has found out that you are not from the US. This is because your local IP address shows your local address. But a VPN helps you change your region by changing your IP address. You can connect to a server in the US and then trick them into thinking that you are residing somewhere in the US. Hence, you will be able to get access to watch series of SNL Season 48 in UK.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to watch SNL Season 48 in UK on Peacock

ExpressVPN is one of the best Peacock VPNs which is ideal to watch SNL Season 48 in UK on Peacock because it provides lightning-fast speeds and can easily bypass any geo-blocking technology. Its robust encrypted network ensures that your online activities are not only secure but also private, giving you the most comfortable streaming experience possible.

With ExpressVPN, you can confidently enjoy all of SNL’s new season without any worry or hassle. Plus, its customer service team is available 24/7 if you need help – so you can get back up and running in no time!

ExpressVPN : The Best VPN to watch SNL Season 48 in UK on Peacock.

When it comes to choosing the best VPN for peacock TV to streaming SNL Season 48 in UK, ExpressVPN is certainly at the top of the list. The combination of their blazing-fast speed and reliable servers makes them an ideal choice for any streaming enthusiast.

In terms of speed, ExpressVPN offers download speeds up to 89 Mbps and upload speeds up to 79 Mbps, which is more than enough for streaming high-quality content. Furthermore, It has 3000 servers in 105 countries, making them one of the largest VPN networks around. With this many servers available to connect from it’s easy to find a fast and reliable connection.


ExpressVPN unblocks Peacock TV in UK and offers buffer-free streaming.

Moreover, ExpressVPN is compatible with a wide range of devices including iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and a lot more. This makes them perfect for streaming on any platform or device that you may have. While using ExpressVPN you can easily watch SNL Season 48 through Peacock on iPhones easily.

In addition to their speed and massive server selection, ExpressVPN also utilizes MediaStreamer technology which allows users to stream content from services like Peacock without the need for a VPN connection. This feature alone makes ExpressVPN the perfect choice for streaming SNL Season 48 on Peacock in UK.

Finally, when it comes to cost ExpressVPN is very reasonably priced at GB£ 5.23 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free when purchased on a yearly basis. This makes them one of the most affordable VPNs in the market today and certainly worth considering if you’re looking for a reliable streaming VPN.

Plus, if you face any issue, you can always reach their 24/7 available live chat support for assistance. It also gives you 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can test it before committing to full subscription.

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Saturday Night Live

FAQs – Watch SNL Season 48 in UK

Peacock TV is a great place for watching all the seasons of Saturday Night Live. This show is one of the long-running shows, and Peacock TV is the place where you can get them all.

You can watch SNL Season 48 in UK by subscribing to a streaming platform called Peacock TV. This platform not only has the latest SNL season but all of the previous seasons too.

Yes, SNL is only available on Peacock if you are looking for all of the seasons in one place. You may be able to find them on Hulu, DirecTV, SlingTV, or FuboTV, but on these platforms, not all seasons will be available.

No, unlike the few seasons of SNL that were previously available on it, you won’t be able to find SNL for the next-day streaming.

Yes, Amazon Prime has all the seasons available on its platform. However, to watch them, you will have to purchase each of those first and then stream them.

If you don’t have cable, then you can watch SNL live on streaming platforms like Peacock tv and DirecTV, or FuboTV

Wrapping Up

SNL is the great and funniest long-running tv show available. Like for others, if it has caught your attention too, and you have been looking forward to how to watch SNL Season 48 in UK – its newest season – then you might wonder where is it that you can watch it. Well, it’s through a platform none other than Peacock TV.

Peacock TV is convenient and fantastic streaming service that lets you watch your favorite content, including SNL. So no more wondering about where can you watch all seasons of SNL! Just sign in to it and get on with it. But before that, you must also sign up for a reliable ExpressVPN if you don’t reside in the US. This service is geo-restricted in areas in UK.

I hope you found this guide on SNL Season 48 helpful. If you have any further questions, you may ask in the comment section below.

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