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Get ready to witness the clash of titans in Super Bowl LVIII. One of the biggest Football game nights, Super Bowl LVII is scheduled to happen on February 11, 2024, and CBS is the official broadcasting partner of this event. I know that Super Bowl fanatics around the world are looking for a smooth way to watch Super Bowl LVIII in Australia on CBS, so let’s learn a secure method to do so.

While the excitement builds up for the event, there’s also a catch: sadly, CBS is blocked behind regional borders. But fear not! A premium-grade VPN like ExpressVPN is your key to bypass these blocks, and it lets you smoothly watch CBS in Australia.

I highly recommend ExpressVPN because ExpressVPN can cleverly overcome geographical restrictions and make it seem like you’re comfortably seated on your favorite American couch, ready to cheer for your team. ExpressVPN’s huge server network makes global streaming a breeze.

Watch Super Bowl LVIII in Australia on CBS- [Easy Steps]

To Watch Super Bowl LVIII in Australia on CBS, follow these quick steps:

  1. Get a VPN, and I recommend ExpressVPNdue to its amazing streaming features.
  2. Download and install the ExpressVPN app.
  3. Connect to a USA. NY server is recommended.
  4. Visit the CBS website or launch the app.
  5. Enjoy Watching Super Bowl LVIII in Australia on CBS.
Watch Super Bowl LVIII with ExpressVPNOur Top Recommendation for buffer-free streaming

Where to watch Super Bowl LVIII in Australia?

Watch Super Bowl LVIII only on CBS. Football fans in Australia can utilize the services of ExpressVPN to overcome regional limitations and easily watch Super Bowl LVIII in Australia on CBS.

Viewers must have a CBS subscription to enjoy the Super Bowl 2024 bracket. For comprehensive information regarding CBS subscription plans and details about the CBS free trial, please refer to the official website.

Subscribers also have the flexibility to cancel their CBS subscription plan if desired.

Why do you need a VPN to watch Super Bowl LVIII in Australia on CBS?

You need a VPN to watch Super Bowl LVIII in Australia on CBS because CBS is a geo-restricted channel and it does not allow outsiders to access its content. To overcome this obstacle, ExpressVPN is needed, it can effectively mask the user’s IP address, making it appear as a US IP address.

Where is the Super Bowl LVIII 2024 being held this year?

The Super Bowl LVIII in 2024 is happening at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Sunday, February 11th.  Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just tuning in for the halftime show, mark your calendar for a Sunday as It’s a date you won’t want to miss!

What is the 2024 Super Bowl LVIII all about?

The 2024 Super Bowl LVIII is not just a football game; it’s a big event with entertainment. It’s happening in Las Vegas and will have Usher and Reba McEntire performances, making it exciting for fans.

Apart from the game, there will be cool commercials and music, making the Super Bowl a fun experience for everyone.

What time does Super Bowl 2024 start?

Brief details about the Super Bowl 2024 date and time are listed below:

Location Start Time
United States (PST) 3:30 pm
United States (EST) 6:30 pm
United Kingdom 11:30 pm
Australia (Sydney) Monday, 10:30 am
Canada (EST) 6:30 pm

Which teams are in the 2024 Super Bowl?

The specific teams playing in the 2024 Super Bowl will be determined by the winners of the AFC Championship (between the Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs) and the NFC Championship (between the San Francisco 49ers and Detroit Lions).

Conference Team
AFC Winner of Ravens vs Chiefs
NFC Winner of 49ers vs Lions

How can I get 2024 Super Bowl Tickets?

To secure Super Bowl 2024 tickets in Las Vegas, Nevada, your exclusive source is On Location. They are the official provider of Super Bowl tickets, offering premium seat locations for an unparalleled experience.

It’s important to note that Super Bowl 2024 tickets will be sold directly by the NFL. Unlike conventional sales channels, these tickets won’t be available on a first-come, first-served basis; you can only buy them through special links.

What is the scoring summary of Super Bowl LVIII?

The exact scores will be updated in the following format once the game goes live:

Quarter Time Drive Team Scoring Information Score
1 15:00 0 NFC 0
2 15:00 0 NFC 0
3 15:00 0 NFC 0
4 15:00 0 NFC 0

Who is Doing the Super Bowl Halftime Show in 2024?

In 2024, during the Super Bowl halftime show in Las Vegas, Usher, the R&B legend, will be the main performer. The show will also include performances by Reba McEntire and other artists. Usher is all set to headline the Apple Music Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show.

Which Devices Are Suitable to Watch Super Bowl 2024?

You can enjoy the Super Bowl 2024 halftime show via these devices:

Device Compatibility
Roku Stream seamlessly on your Roku device.
Apple TV Enjoy the game in high quality on Apple TV.
Firestick Amazon Firestick users can tune in easily.
Chromecast Cast the game onto your TV using Chromecast.

Who is Predicted to win Super Bowl LVIII 2024?

The experts’ Super Bowl 2024 predictions suggest that the San Francisco 49ers are currently favored to win Super Bowl LVIII, with the shortest odds at +140.

The Baltimore Ravens follow closely with the second shortest odds at +170, represented by the colors purple and black in the logo.

How to Watch Super Bowl LVIII on CBS For Free?

Watch Super Bowl LVIII in Australia for free on CBS by signing up for a CBS All Access free trial.

Install ExpressVPN, connect to a US server, and access CBS to enjoy the game. Remember to cancel the CBS trial before it ends to avoid charges

Who has won the most Super Bowls?

The Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots from the AFC have won the most Super Bowls, with six titles each. The Patriots have also appeared in the most Super Bowls, with 11 appearances.

In the NFC, the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers each have five titles, while the Cowboys hold the record for the most appearances with eight.

Why Super Bowl tickets are so expensive?

Super Bowl tickets are expensive because it’s not like a regular-season game. You get to see the two best NFL teams competing along with the world’s top music performers. Watching these top teams face off makes the tickets more costly.

It’s a special event with the best of the best, making the experience pricier.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Super Bowl LVIII in Australia on CBS?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Super Bowl LVIII in Australia on CBS for many reasons, and one of them is the amazing downloading speed.

I recommend ExpressVPN because its downloading speed gives you effortless access to enjoy the best shows and movies on CBS without any buffering. Read further for a detailed elaboration of its features.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Super Bowl LVIII in Australia on CBS

ExpressVPN is recognized as the best VPN for CBS due to its excellent features and strong performance. It ensures a seamless streaming experience with fast download speeds of 89.94 Mbps.


ExpressVPN boasts a wide network of 3000 servers in 105 countries, including many servers in the USA optimized for streaming on CBS.

ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer feature expands device compatibility, enabling streaming on smart TVs, devices without VPN apps, and gaming consoles.

I recommend Express VPN to watch 66th Annual Grammy Awards 2024 in Australia on CBS because it easily bypasses geo-restricted sites as well and protects users’ data from hackers and unwanted software.

With advanced features like split tunneling, network lock (kill switch), and zero-knowledge DNS, ExpressVPN enhances online privacy and security. It is compatible with various devices and operating systems and allows up to 8 simultaneous connections. It offers access to multiple streaming platforms, including Lifetime, TLC, HBO Max, Hulu, and NBC.

ExpressVPN provides a high-quality service at a low of AU$ 10.03 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free. By grabbing the 12-month plan, you get an additional 3 free months and a 49% discount. ExpressVPN also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer support.

With ExpressVPN, you can confidently enjoy uninterrupted streaming of Super Bowl LVIII in Australia on CBS.

Watch Super Bowl LVIII with ExpressVPNOur Top Recommendation for buffer-free streaming

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To get cheap Super Bowl tickets, explore options like Ticketmaster and consider checking resale sites like Vivid Seats and StubHub. These platforms often provide opportunities to find tickets at varying price points.

In the Super Bowl 2024 playoffs bracket, the AFC Championship Game has the Baltimore Ravens playing against the Kansas City Chiefs, and the NFC Championship Game features the San Francisco 49ers against the Detroit Lions. The winners of these games will advance to Super Bowl 2024.

Yes, It is legal to watch Super Bowl LVIII in Australia with ExpressVPN, but it is important to keep in mind that the use of a VPN is against the licensing policies of many streaming portals.

Wrap Up:

Jump in the thrill of American Football and seamlessly watch Super Bowl LVIII in Australia on CBS with ExpressVPN. Don’t miss a moment of action; just grab your virtual ticket and dive into the excitement in Australia in the world.

I recommend ExpressVPN because its unblocking capabilities are the best thing for global streamers and Super Bowl fans.

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