How To Watch Ghost Adventures Season 26 outside USA On Discovery+?

How-To-Watch-Ghost-Adventures-Season-26-outside USA-On-Discovery+

You can watch Ghost Adventures Season 26 outside USA on Discovery+ using ExpressVPN. Please be informed that due to geo-restrictions, a premium VPN is required to stream American Discovery Plus Library outside USA as this show is only available in the American library.

Ghost Adventures is a long-running reality-TV documentary series that explores spine-chilling, terrifying, and eerie places and events worldwide. The series features 4 Ghostbusters, Zak, Billy, Jay, and Aaron, who search for spirits and investigate paranormal activities, equipped with night-vision cameras and HD video recorders.

Despite its strict geo-restrictions, this guide will help you access Discovery+ with a VPN. ExpressVPN is our recommended VPN to watch Ghost Adventures Season 26 online due to its powerful features. Beware, don’t get trapped into subscribing to free VPNs, or you will regret missing out on Ghost Adventures Season 26 Episodes.

Now you have your answer to where can I watch Ghost Adventures Season 26. Now scroll down to find out how to enjoy Ghost Adventures Season 26 streaming on Discovery+ uninterrupted with our quick guide!

How To Ghost Adventures Season 26 outside USA On Discovery+?  [5 Easy Steps]

Follow these 5 easy steps to watch Ghost Adventures Season 26 outside USA on Discovery+ using a VPN:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.
  2. Download the VPN client app for your device
  3. Connect to a fast server in the USA, like the New York server
  4. Head to the Discovery+ website and look for the Travel Channel TV shows
  5. Now you can watch Ghost Adventures Season 26 outside USA
Watch Ghost Adventures Season 26 On Discovery with ExpressVPNOur Top Recommendation for Buffer-Free Streaming

Where To Watch Ghost Adventures Season 26?

You can watch Ghost Adventures Season 26 on Discovery Plus via the Travel Channel. Just remember that you will need a reliable VPN to watch Discovery+ outside USA.

Although you can access it through other streaming services like Hulu+Live TV, YouTube TV, FuboTV, and DIRECTV STREAM, Discovery+ remains our ultimate choice to watch Ghost Adventures Season 26 due to its reliability and affordability.

Other than Ghost Adventures, you can watch popular shows like Exposing Parchman and Gold Rush Parker’s Trail. However, that is only possible by using our recommended ExpressVPN Discovery+ Duo.

As the question “where to watch Ghost Adventures Season 26” is out of the way, let’s see how you can Watch Ghost Adventures Season 26 free online.

Can I Watch Ghost Adventures Season 26 free online?

Yes, you can watch Ghost Adventures Season 26 free on Discovery Plus. However, you must sign up for a Discovery Plus free trial only available to new customers.

Despite this, Discovery Plus pricings are very cost-effective. Its subscription plans will allow you to access over 70,000 episodes of over 2500 popular shows, including some of the best Discovery Plus shows.

What is the Release Date of Ghost Adventures Season 26 on Discovery+?

The Ghost Adventures Season 26 release date on Discovery Plus channel was June 8, 2023. The show follows a weekly release format, with new episodes airing every Thursday on Disnevery Plus.

So, if you have been following Zak and his crew around to see more of the paranormal activity and are wondering where can i watch Ghost Adventures Season 26, it is available exclusively on Discovery Plus.

So, to watch Ghost Adventures Season 26 outside USA, get a subscription and watch many other best Discovery Plus shows while new episodes are released.

What is the Plot of Ghost Adventures Season 26?

The plot of Ghost Adventures Season 26 is almost the same as all the previous ones but has different locations and new adventures. The TV show Ghost Adventures follows Zak Bagans and his paranormal investigators as they travel to different locations in the US and abroad to explore alleged hauntings.

The team starts by interviewing locals and gathering information about the location’s history. They then conduct a dusk-to-dawn lockdown to capture physical evidence of the paranormal.

The latest season features the return of the Ghost Adventures crew, including Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley, as they investigate new cases of extreme and unsettling paranormal activity.

The team faces challenges from the living and the dead as they investigate a haunted hotel in LA, the Mira Loma Detention Center, and a scary hotel in Flagstaff.

Throughout the show, the team uses various equipment and techniques to uncover the truth about the paranormal activity in each location.

Ghost Adventures Season 26 Cast and Crew: Who is in it?

The Ghost Adventures’ new season will have almost the same faces as the previous ones. As the series has been going on for so long, there might be some new appearances that we do not know yet. Here is a list of the cast and crew of Ghost Adventures Season 26:

Cast and Crew Roles
Zak Bagans Self
Aaron Goodwin Self
Billy Tolley Self
Jay Wasley Self
Jeff Konkel Self-Equipment Tech
Lauren E. Murphy Self – Camera Operator
Michael Guggino Self – Sound Recordist

How many Episodes are there for Ghost Adventures Season 26?

The episode number of season 26 of Ghost Adventures has not been announced yet. We can only speculate and guess what the episode number can be.

Nonetheless, the latest edition of the series Ghost Adventures Season 25 had 24 episodes; then maybe season 26 features the same number of episodes. So far, 3 episodes of Ghost Adventures Season 26 are available on Discovery Plus to stream. See the episodes list below:

Ep # Release Date Name Runtime
S26 E1 6/8/2023 Hotel Barclay 42m
S26 E2 6/15/2023 Lockdown in Lancaster 42m
S26 E3 6/22/2023 Fear in Flagstaff 41m
S26 E4 6/29/2023
S26 E5 7/6/2023

Hotel Barclay:

The Ghost Adventures crew, led by Zak Bagans, investigates a haunted hotel in LA. During the investigation, the team encounters resistance from both the living and the dead, which means they face challenges from people who are hostile to their investigation and supernatural entities trying to prevent them from uncovering the truth.

Lockdown in Lancaster

The team attempts to break through the seal that separates the living world from the afterlife to communicate with any spirits that may be present at the Mira Loma Detention Center, which is considered a particularly ominous and haunted location.

Fear in Flagstaff

Zak Bagans and his crew investigate a hotel in Flagstaff, Arizona. The hotel is known to have a reputation for being haunted, and the Ghost Adventures crew is there to investigate claims of paranormal activity.

Is there any Trailer Available For Ghost Adventures Season 26 on Discovery Plus?

Yes, you can watch Ghost Adventures Season 26 outside USA On Discovery+ online. Watch the Ghost Adventures Season 26 trailer below:

ExpressVPN: Best VPN to Watch Ghost Adventures Season 26 outside USA On Discovery+

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Watch Ghost Adventure On Discovery with ExpressVPN

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Watch Ghost Adventures Season 26 On Discovery with ExpressVPNOur Top Recommendation for Buffer-Free Streaming

Ghost Adventures Season 26

Discovery Plus is a hub of informational, classy, and trendy series. Plenty of content is available no matter what genre you prefer, so you do not have to worry about what to watch on Discovery Plus.

Here is a list of a few latest releases on the streaming platform that you can stream on Discovery+:

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The first Season of Ghost Adventure came out on October 17, 2008. Since then, the reality series has been a huge hit and airs Season 26 on Discovery+. You shouldn’t miss Ghost Adventure if you love horror, suspense, and paranormal activities.

Zak Bagans has produced the Ghost Adventures reality TV series. It started as a documentary-style independent film and became an episode-based TV series.

The next episode of Ghost Adventure will come out every Wednesday. So, mark your calendars accordingly and get a VPN subscription to stream Ghost Adventures Season 26 Episodes.

Wrap Up

Ghost Adventures Season 26 brings together a daring quartet of Ghostbusters who investigate paranormal activities using advanced gadgets along with their distinctive paranormal instincts and over 20 years of experience.

You can watch Ghost Adventures Season 26 outside USA On Discovery+ with the help of a reliable VPN. ExpressVPN is the undisputed industry-leading VPN that comes with cutting-edge unblocking features, fast speed, and a global network of servers.

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