How To Watch Gold Divers Season 16 in USA on Discovery Plus


Gear up to watch Gold Divers Season 16 in USA on Discovery Plus and dive into a thrilling adventure. The show is available in the UK Library, using a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN you can unblock UK Discovery Plus in USA. This gives you seamless access to the latest exploits of these deep-sea prospectors. Join the action on Discovery Plus, the ultimate platform for streaming enthusiasts.

With a VPN, you can also access US Discovery Plus outside USA. ExpressVPN is a reliable VPN that lets you seamlessly navigate streaming platforms from across the globe. This season of Gold Divers promises thrilling underwater escapades. It originally premiered on Friday, August 17, 2018. but you can watch it today! Read on for easy steps to stream Gold Divers Season 16 Online on Discovery Plus.

How to watch Gold Divers Season 16 in USA on Discovery Plus? [Quick Steps]

Below are the easy steps to watch Gold Divers Season 16 in USA on Discovery Plus with ExpressVPN – a reliable VPN. Follow the steps:

  1. Get an ExpressVPN subscription.
  2. Download the VPN app and install it on your device.
  3. Open ExpressVPN and connect to the recommended UK server (Docklands).
  4. Go to the Discovery Plus website and log in with your credentials.
  5. Stream the Gold Divers TV Series hassle-free on Discovery Plus!

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Watch Gold Divers Season 16 in USA on Discovery Plus with ExpressVPN!Our Top Recommendation for Buffer-Free Streaming

Where to Watch Gold Divers Season 16 in USA?

The Gold Divers Season 16 is exclusively available on Discovery Plus UK. You can also stream Gold Divers Season 2 here. Immerse yourself in the thrilling underwater escapades of Gold Divers by tuning in to Discovery Plus, known for hosting some of the best Discovery Plus shows in USA.

For those who want to watch Gold Divers Season 16 in USA on UK Discovery Plus and facing geo-blocks, consider using a reliable ExpressVPN. By connecting to a recommended server, like ExpressVPN’s UK Docklands server, you can seamlessly access Discovery Plus UK.

While other channels are also hosting the event, nothing beats the excitement and exclusive content found on Discovery Plus. For an unparalleled viewing experience, stick to the main channel. Explore what to watch on Discovery Plus and elevate your entertainment journey.

Scroll down to find out When Will Bering Sea Gold Season 16 be on Discovery Plus?

What is the Release Date of Gold Divers Season 16 on Discovery Plus?

The highly anticipated Gold Divers Season 16 release date is officially set for January 17, 2024. Confirming its arrival on Discovery Plus UK, mark your calendars to watch Gold Divers Season 16 in USA on Discovery Plus on this date. If you encounter geo-restrictions, consider using a reliable ExpressVPN.

Don’t miss the thrilling underwater adventures—tune in and immerse yourself in the excitement on Discovery Plus.

Move forward and explore how to watch Gold Divers Season 16 Free on Discovery Plus.

How to Watch Gold Divers Season 16 in USA on Discovery Plus for Free?

If you’re in USA and eager to watch Gold Divers Season 16 in USA on Discovery Plus for free, consider taking advantage of the free trial.

This streaming site provides a free trial for users to explore its content. New subscribers can avail of the Discovery Plus free trial in USA for a limited period.

For those looking to explore the event without any cost, this free trial is an ideal way to catch Gold Divers Season 16. Keep in mind the trial duration and be sure to cancel Discovery Plus in USA before it ends if you wish to avoid any subscription charges.

What is the Synopsis of Gold Divers Season 16?

The Gold Divers Season 16 synopsis reveals an intense plot set against the backdrop of the frigid and unpredictable Bering Sea. As the modern-day prospectors brave the treacherous waters, viewers can expect gripping challenges and high-stakes scenarios.

The show is all about the relentless pursuit of underwater gold and the personal and professional obstacles faced by the daring crew. For a deeper dive into the adventures that await, catch Gold Divers Season 16 on Discovery without revealing all the thrilling details. Use a reliable ExpressVPN for a seamless viewing experience.

What is the Cast of Gold Divers Season 16?

The Gold Divers cast of Season 16 is packed with familiar faces. Excitingly, Chris McCully joins as a main character, determined to prove his mettle in gold mining. The unexpected return of Steve Riedel adds another layer of intrigue, leaving viewers curious about the unfolding events.

Here’s a glimpse of the Gold Divers Season 16 cast:

Actor  Character /  Role
Shawn Pomrenke Self – Northwest Gold Diggers
Mike Rowe Narrator167 episodes, 2013-2023
Emily Riedel Self – Eroica Mining
Kris Kelly Self – Reaper Mining
Vernon Adkison Self – Wild Ranger Gold Co.
Andy Kelly Self – Reaper Mining
Zeke Tenhoff Self – Owner: The Clark
Brad Kelly Self – Reaper Mining
Cody Moen Self – Deckhand: Christine Rose
Steve Pomrenke Self – Co-Owner: Christine Rose
Steve Riedel Self – Diver: Wild Ranger
Daryl Galipeau Self – Diver: The Eroica
Dave Young Self – Owner: Arctic Sea & Arctic Gold
Ken Kerr Self – Owner: Arctic Sea & Arctic Gold
Chris McCully Self – BG Mining
George Young Self – Owner: All About Nuggets
Scott Meisterheim Self – Owner: Anchor Management
Elaine Adkison Self – Deckhand: Wild Ranger
Derek McClarty Self – Owner: High Noon
Gabe Tenhoff Self
Gary Simpson Self – Wild Ranger Gold Co.
Joe Fullwood Self – Northwest Gold Diggers
Thom Beers Narrator
Jane Kilcher Self – Team Emily
Hank Schimschat Self – Owner: Au Grabber
Gary Panos Jr. Self – Wild Ranger Gold Co.
Sam Tenhoff Self – Tenhoff Mining
Jeff Orzechowski Self – Eroica Mining
Robert J Hafner Self – Eroica Mining
James Barkley Self – Reaper Nation

How many Episodes Gold Divers Season 16 have?

Gold Divers Season 16 is packed with 10 thrilling episodes that take viewers on an exciting journey into the challenges of underwater gold mining.

Here’s a summary of Gold Divers Season 16 episodes:

Episode No. Episode Name Description
S16.E1 Goldfellas Gold Divers Season 16 Episode 1 introduces the captivating storyline as young mining entrepreneur Chris McCully challenges Mr. Gold’s dominance.
S16.E2 Evolve or Die Gold Divers Season 16 Episode 2, witness the exciting payoff of innovative mining strategies, highlighting the resilience of Chris and Shawn in their quest for underwater gold.
S16.E3 New Kid on the Ice Block Chris McCully continues to be a formidable threat to Mr. Gold. Vernon and his crew encounter various mishaps while the Kellys eagerly await a game-changing piece of equipment. Additionally, Shawn participates in a competitive snowmobile race.
S16.E4 Ice Mission: Impossible Shawn and Zeke undertake perilous ice missions in pursuit of lucrative pay streaks. Kris faces the task of assembling his gold mining miracle. Jane navigates challenges with an absent Emily and a diver who lacks swimming skills.
S16.E5 A Nightmare on Nome Street Chris is stranded on the ice. Shawn faces a mysterious dry spell. The Kellys’ new Crawlers encounter electrical problems. Tangled tethers spell trouble for Zeke and the crew. Vernon discovers two divers are better than one.
S16.E6 Crawl to Redemption The Kellys unveil their secret gold mining weapon. Chris’s hot pay streak continues. A close call forces Zeke to adjust his strategy. Jane clashes with the crew, and tensions boil over. Shawn discovers a hidden treasure at the bottom of the Bering Sea.
S16.E7 The Wolf of Wall Streak Description not available
S16.E8 Jane’s Affliction Jane encounters conflicts with Emily’s crew, and equipment failures cause delays for both Chris and Shawn. Kris is delighted to see his Crawler in action, but pressure ridges result in one close call too many for Zeke and his crew.
S16.E9 Big Dig Energy The Kellys engage in a heated quarrel over their gold-sucking Crawler. Shawn follows anatomical-looking worms in the sea, hoping they lead to gold. Vernon grapples with health issues, and Jane receives news of the birth of Emily’s baby.
S16.E10 The Last Duel Shawn and Chris engage in a fierce battle for the top spot on the gold board. The Kellys face the risk of ending the season without gold. After undertaking dangerous dives, Jane, Vernon, and Zeke’s crews push to conclude the season with a memorable finish.

Where Can I Watch Gold Divers’ Previous Seasons?

Access the treasure trove of all the previous 15 seasons of Gold Divers on Discovery Plus UK. For viewers in USA, overcome geo-restrictions with a reliable ExpressVPN, ensuring entry to the thrilling underwater adventures from the USA.

Dive into the captivating world of gold mining and the challenges faced by the fearless crew, making Discovery Plus UK the go-to platform for an immersive experience.

What is the Genre of Gold Divers Season 16? 

Gold Divers Season 16 falls under the genre of Reality TV, offering viewers an authentic glimpse into the challenges and adventures of underwater gold mining.

This captivating show, also known as Bering Sea Gold, immerses audiences in the real-life drama and intensity akin to the renowned Deadliest Catch reality TV show.

Is There Any Trailer Available For Gold Divers Season 16? 

Immerse yourself in the excitement and challenges of underwater gold mining as the fearless crew faces new adventures. Don’t miss the action-packed preview, offering a sneak peek into the thrills waiting for the upcoming season. Check out the Gold Divers Season 16 trailer here:

For the complete episodes, don’t forget to watch Gold Divers Season 16 in USA on Discovery Plus. Consider using a reliable ExpressVPN for a safe and secure streaming experience.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Gold Divers Season 16 in USA on Discovery Plus

You can watch Gold Divers Season 16 in USA on Discovery Plus effortlessly with a reliable ExpressVPN, recognized as the best Discovery Plus VPN in USA. Boasting impressive download and upload speeds, with rates soaring up to 180 MBPS, this reliable VPN guarantees a seamless streaming experience.

With a sprawling network of 3000 servers in 105 countries, ExpressVPN’s extensive server count ensures optimal accessibility to Discovery Plus and other region-specific content. This allows users to stream the Bering Sea Gold Show on Discovery Plus in USA conveniently.


Watch Gold Divers Season 16 in USA on Discovery Plus with ExpressVPN!

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Watch Gold Divers Season 16 in USA on Discovery Plus with ExpressVPN!Our Top Recommendation for Buffer-Free Streaming

Gold Divers Season 16


While free VPNs may seem tempting, they often lack the reliability and speed required for streaming Gold Divers Season 16 seamlessly in USA. For optimal performance, consider using a trusted VPN like ExpressVPN, renowned for its robust security, fast speeds, and efficient unblocking capabilities. Invest in a reliable VPN to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted streaming experience.

Ken Kerr’s current whereabouts remain uncertain, but one prevailing theory suggests he might have met with an unfortunate incident, potentially being stranded in the middle of a road. The details surrounding Ken’s situation remain speculative, and fans are left wondering about his fate on Gold Divers.

Yes, it is legal to watch Gold Divers Season 16 in USA with a VPN, and using ExpressVPN is a secure and legal way to access geo-blocked content. ExpressVPN ensures your online activities remain private and secure, adhering to legal standards. Enjoy the underwater adventures of Gold Divers Season 16 with the added benefit of a reliable and legal VPN solution.

Yes, the cast of Gold Divers, including Kris Kelly, receives compensation for their participation in the show. Kris Kelly, along with other cast members, earns income through their involvement in the series, contributing to their overall net worth.

Shawn Pomrenke is the proud owner of the Myrtle Irene, the prominent gold dredge showcased on Gold Divers. With a United States Coast Guard identification, the vessel operates in Nome, Alaska, USA. This powerful dredge plays a central role in the show, capturing the challenges and adventures of underwater gold mining in the frigid waters of Nome. Explore the captivating dynamics of the Myrtle Irene and its ownership on Gold Divers.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, watch Gold Divers Season 16 in USA on Discovery Plus and dive into the depths of underwater gold mining. Set to release on January 17, 2024, the show promises thrilling adventures with returning cast members and exciting surprises, making it a must-watch for fans of the series.

To access the geo-blocked content on Discovery Plus and ensure uninterrupted streaming of Gold Divers Season 16, consider utilising a reliable ExpressVPN. This reliable VPN is essential to overcome geographical restrictions and enjoy the show in USA. Don’t miss the underwater excitement – secure your access with ExpressVPN.

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