How to Watch Best in Dough in USA

How to Watch Best in Dough in USA

Are you a foodie searching for creative new cooking shows? If so, you’ll love Best in Dough on Disney Plus, a cooking contest focusing on nothing but pizza! Sadly licensing constraints won’t allow Disney to place the show in its US library, leaving you perplexed about how to watch Best in Dough in USA. No need to worry: this post contains all you need to know.

Disney Plus offers its subscribers tons of variety in cooking-related content. Best in Dough will be a welcome addition to the vast collection of such shows on the 16th of September, 2022, especially for pizza fanatics.

You’ll need a connection backed by a Disney Plus VPN to steer clear of Disney’s region-based viewing limitations. And for that, a few critical but straightforward steps need to be done, which we will reveal next.

How to Watch Best in Dough in USA – [Easy Steps]

To make sure you don’t miss out on all the excitement Best in Dough will bring to Disney, follow the sequence of steps listed below:

  • Sign up for a trustworthy premium VPN subscription (go for our top-ranked ExpressVPN).
  • Download + install your ExpressVPN app on a chosen device.
  • Connect to one of the several Canada servers available in the app.
  • Open your Disney Plus Canada app and watch Best in Dough in USA!
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Why do You Need a VPN to Watch Best in Dough in USA?

You need a VPN to watch Best in Dough from your current location within the US because, for now, Disney Plus is limiting the show’s release to its Canada library. So, unless you have an IP from Canada, you’ll receive a viewing restriction error message. And a VPN will arrange such an IP address for you, connecting you through one of its servers in Canada.


Where to Watch Best in Dough?

Disney Plus is where you can conveniently watch Best in Dough, with the platform streaming full episodes of the show since its mid-September premiere. Because of its limited release based on licensing requirements, reserving direct access for Canada viewers only, you’ll require VPN assistance to enjoy the show’s action in the United States.

How Many Episodes of Best in Dough Have?

Best in Dough has ten episodes, each with just over half an hour of runtime. The pizza-based cooking competition’s episodes often follow a theme based on the primary contestants they feature. For instance, the first episode is known as “Nonnas.”, a reference to the Italian grandmothers participating in the show with their traditional pizza expertise.

Check out episode details below:

Episode Number Episode Name Episode Release Date
1 Nonnas 16th of September, 2022
2 Eyes on the Pies 16th of September, 2022
3 Smoking the Competition 16th of September, 2022
4 Tastes Like School Spirit! 23rd of September, 2022
5 Pop Goes the Pizza 23rd of September, 2022
6 Pizza Champs 23rd of September, 2022
7 The Mammas and the Mias 30th of September, 2022
8 Planet Pizza 30th of September, 2022
9 Best in the Midwest 30th of September, 2022
10 Pinkies Up Pizza 30th of September, 2022

What’s the Plot of Best in Dough?

Best in Dough’s plot follows several chefs who create unique and impressive pizza dishes, judged by experts to see who has displayed the most skill. Apart from the show’s singular focus on pizza, what makes it unique is the age gap between its various contestants, ranging from teenage high school students to senior citizens, including Italian grandmothers.

Who is Host Best in Dough?

Wells Adams is the host of Best in Dough, Disney’s latest cooking competition. Adams is no stranger to participating in reality programming, having participated in both The Bachelorette Season 12 and Bachelor in Paradise, but failing to find love in both cases. Wells Adams also has cooking show experience, appearing in the celebrity edition of Worst Cooks in America.

Who are the Judges of Best in Dough?

Comedian Eunji Kim, chef Daniel Uditi, baker Bryan Ford, and chef Millie Peartree are the judges of Best in Dough. Chef Uditi specializes in Neopolitan pizzas and, due to his expertise, will be the show’s head judge. All the judges will combine their opinions to decide the quality of the pizzas served by the contestants, who will create their dishes at a frenetic pace.

What is Release Date of Best in Dough 2022?

The release date for Best in Dough 2022 on Disney Plus is Friday, the 16th of September, 2022, with the show’s first three episodes releasing simultaneously within the platform’s Canada library. The series will consist of ten episodes, with the remaining ones released in batches of three and four, respectively, following the premiere date.

Is There a Trailer of Best in Dough?

Yes, there’s a trailer for Best in Dough ready for viewing on the Disney Plus YouTube channel. The Best in Dough trailer begins by showing host Wells Adams explaining how pizza is a “great unifier” in these uncertain times. The short promo reveals several contestant pairings, including college students, Nonnas, pitmasters, and influencers featured in the show.

Why ExpressVPN is The Best VPN to Watch Best in Dough in USA?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Best in Dough in USA due to its outstanding data and identity protection with several security tools working in sync. Plus, you get incredible streaming speeds it provides its multi-million subscriber base globally. Learn more details regarding ExpressVPN’s exceptional functionality in the section that follows.

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Using VPNs is generally thought to slow down devices, but that usually happens if you run every app on your device through your VPN. You can unlock Disney Plus exclusive content like Tell Me Lies, and Doc McStuffins: The Doc is 10!American Horror Stories, etc.

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Best in Dough


Yes, it is legal to use VPN to watch Best in Dough because the core function of VPNs is to protect your connection from becoming vulnerable to hackers, third parties, malware attacks, and viruses.

Yes, Best in Dough is available on Disney Plus. However, you won’t get instant access in the States because geo-restrictions will get in the way, and you’ll need VPN support.

Yes, it is worth watching Best in Dough. That’s because the Best in Dough trailer is a fun one. In addition, the Best in Dough IMDB rating thus far is pretty decent (over 7/10).

Wrap Up

If you love cooking shows with creative twists, you will enjoy Best in Dough on Disney Plus. The show is unique because of its central focus on diverse contestants creating amazing pizzas, with experts judging their skills. Ensure your carefree access to the show by subscribing to ExpressVPN right now to watch Best in Dough in USA.

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