Watch Living For The Dead in USA on Disney Plus

Watch Living For The Dead in USA on Disney Plus

Prepare to have your mind rattled and your senses thrilled! With the premiere date of October 18th, 2023, the specter of excitement is looming for the new show, so what are you waiting for? Watch Living for the Dead in USA on Disney Plus. There’s just one catch: it’s only available in Canada.

But wait; don’t let geographical boundaries dampen your spirits. For all the ghost-hunting enthusiasts in USA, we have just the right solution called VPN. A VPN like ExpressVPN allows you to bypass geographical restrictions and watch Disney Plus in USA.

Sounds interesting, right? This guide will take you through the seamless process of setting up ExpressVPN and accessing Disney Plus Canada:

Watch Living For The Dead in USA on Disney Plus – [Easy Steps]

Follow these straightforward steps to watch Living For The Dead in USA on Disney Plus:

  1. Choose and subscribe to high-quality and best VPN services, such as ExpressVPN.
  2. Install the app on your device and log in using your details.
  3. Establish a connection with a server positioned in Canada.
  4. Navigate to the official Disney Plus website.
  5. Utilize the search bar to locate the series, and watch Living For The Dead in USA on Disney Plus.
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Where to Watch Living For The Dead in USA?

You can watch Living For The Dead in USA on Disney Plus. By opting for our highly recommended ExpressVPN, which stands out as a premier VPN solution for streaming, you can unlock a vast array of superb-quality content.

This includes access to the top-tier best shows available in the database of Disney Plus.

Why Do We Need a VPN to Watch Living For The Dead in USA on Disney Plus?

You need a VPN to watch Living For The Dead in USA on Disney Plus Canada because the library is geographically restricted.

ExpressVPN is the best streaming VPN for Disney Plus as it will help you avoid these geo-blocks entirely. You simply need to connect to a Canadian server using your VPN, thus hiding your actual location behind Disney Plus available countries.

Please note that Disney Plus Canada is a restricted streaming service, and accessing it in USA can result in content blocking by the platform.

For those residing in USA who wish to stay abreast of all the excitement, an active Disney Plus subscription is a necessity. The good news is that the subscription offers flexibility, allowing you to cancel at any time should your circumstances change or you no longer require the service.

What is Living For The Dead Release Date?

Prepare yourselves for an exciting journey into the supernatural realm with “Living for the Dead,” set to premiere on Disney Plus on October 18, 2023. This eagerly anticipated series promises to captivate ghost-hunting enthusiasts with its profound, spine-chilling adventures available for streaming online.

Who is in the Cast of Living For The Dead?

Following is the cast of Living For The Dead.

Character Cast
Self Alexandre LeMay
Self Roz Hernandez
Self Juju Bae
Self Logan Taylor
Narrator Kristen Stewart
Self Ken Boggle

It’s great to know that Disney Plus provides a free trial that grants access to their vast content library and streaming features for an entire week at no cost. This is an excellent opportunity to test the platform before opting for a full Disney Plus subscription.

What is the Plot of Living For The Dead?

Living for the Dead embarks on a distinctive journey, uniting the realms of the living and the departed through five ghost hunters exploring the world’s most haunted locales.

It delivers a unique perspective on the paranormal and human spirit, fostering understanding and acceptance of spirits and the living.

With the help of the best VPN, ExpressVPN subscribers can access and watch the best movies on Disney Plus.

Living for the Dead episode count

Watch full episodes of “Living for the Dead” on Disney Plus. Following are the briefs about each episode.

Episode No Episode Title Episode brief
1 Rainbows and Clowns To aid a family-owned motel plagued by aggressive paranormal events linked to clowns, a team of Ghost Hunters embarks on an investigation that challenges one of their member’s intense fear of clowns.
2 An Eerie Encounter at the Copper Queen In the context of an enigmatic environment, the team, along with the staff of the Copper Queen Hotel, infamous for its unexplained fatalities, confront their past ordeals spurred by an invisible force that currently imperils the establishment.
3 Desert Dreams Turned Nightmare During their desert retreat, the Ghost Hunters delves into the case of a woman whose dream abode was invaded by supernatural events, and their investigation leads to an astonishing discovery that alters lives.
4 Hunting for Hallow-Kween Answers To discern the truth behind the spiritual attachments that visitors acquire at Waverly Hills, which subsequently threaten their harmonious relationships, the Ghost Hunties arrange a Halloween ball.
5 Unveiling Secrets at the Palace Theater In an educational exploration, the Ghost Hunters team delves into the mystery of the haunted Palace Theater, uncovering enigmatic communications from the spectral realm and observing the emergence of a new phenomenon.
6 Resolving Ghostly Handsy Behavior The Ghost Hunters have been summoned to a historic gentlemen’s club in Las Vegas, where the spirits have become excessively touchy, to alleviate the spectral torment and restore the party ambiance.
7 Listening to the Walls In their most daunting endeavor, the Ghost Hunters confront a location’s unsettling history and apparent spectral presence, driven by a mission to assist a distressed community.
8 Confronting the Lemp Mansion Legacy Engaging the Ghost Hunters, the proprietors of the notorious Lemp Mansion seek assistance to address a century-old curse impacting both the living and the deceased, culminating in a planned seance with the Lemps.

How long was Rick in a coma?

The duration of Rick Grimes‘ coma, a key plot point in The Walking Dead, remains uncertain, with estimates ranging from a month to a month and a half, according to an interview with the showrunner of Fear the Walking Dead on Business Insider.

Is there any Trailer for Living For The Dead?

Yes, there is a trailer for Living For The Dead, which is available on YouTube.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Living For The Dead in USA on Disney Plus

The best VPN to watch Living For The Dead in USA on Disney Plus is ExpressVPN as it stands as the top choice. Its wide network of servers, specifically in Canada, enables users to bypass geographic restrictions effectively, providing access to Disney Plus Canada.

ExpressVPN’s robust and reliable connection ensures a smooth streaming experience with minimal buffering, enhancing the viewer’s enjoyment of these series.

Whether you are physically located within Canada or elsewhere, ExpressVPN lets you watch these series as though you are within Canadian borders.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Living For The Dead in USA on Disney Plus

Well-regarded for its expansive global presence, ExpressVPN boasts a robust network of over 3000 servers in 105 countries.


These servers deliver exceptional download speeds of 92.26 Mbps, coupled with upload speeds of 89.45 Mbps, on a 100 Mbps connection, making it an excellent choice for streaming geo-restricted content like Living For The Dead.

One of the key strengths of ExpressVPN lies in its advanced security features. It employs a combination of AES-265 encryption and multiple protocols, including OpenVPN and Lightway, to offer robust protection.

Moreover, it incorporates a kill switch and Network Lock to prevent any potential data breach. Compatibility is another strong suit of ExpressVPN, offering a comprehensive shield for a wide range of devices, including iPhones, tablets, Macbooks, PCs, and devices running on Android, Windows, and Linux.

The feature is MediaStreamer Smart DNS revolutionizes the realm of streaming by allowing for effortless content access on devices that traditionally do not support VPN applications. This includes Apple TV, Smart TVs, and even popular gaming consoles such as the Xbox and PlayStation, thus broadening the possibilities for uninterrupted entertainment.

Additionally, ExpressVPN enhances the global streaming experience with its MediaStreamer DNS service and can unblock popular platforms such as  The CWShowtimeCBCESPN Plusand many more.

Opt for ExpressVPN’s affordable plan for US$ 6.67 /mo - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free and enjoy a significant 49% discount plus an additional 3 months free. Rest assured with their 30-day money-back policy, offering you a risk-free opportunity to enhance your streaming experience.

Watch Living For The Dead With ExpressVPNOur Top Recommendation for buffer-free streaming

Living for the Dead

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Indeed, “Living for the Dead,” directed by the renowned George A. Romero, garnered significant acclaim upon its release.

The film’s unique blend of horror elements and social commentary resonated with audiences, solidifying Romero’s status as a genre master. Its box office success and continued popularity in the years following its release further underlines the film’s success.

George A. Romero (1940 – 2017) is the initial director of The Living Dead. Later on, The Living Dead show was directed by Kristen Stewart and David Collins.

Yes, Living For the Dead” is worth watching for enthusiasts of spectral investigations and horror cinema, providing a unique intersection of frightful entertaining narratives.

Wrap Up

If you’re wondering how To watch Living for the Dead in USA on Disney Plus, the solution is clear – ExpressVPN. It’s a robust, reliable, and secure platform that lets you bypass geographical restrictions with ease.

With its expansive global presence and advanced security features, this VPN service ensures an uninterrupted and safe streaming experience. You can enjoy the thrill and mystery of Living for the Dead from anywhere in the world as if you’re in Canada.

Discover the convenience, security, and global connectivity it offers, and never miss out on your favorite shows again!

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