How to Watch Chainsaw Man Manga Series outside USA on Max


Do you want to watch Chainsaw Man Manga Series outside USA on Max. This article will help you on how to access and watch a list of movies on Max. ExpressVPN is all you need to stream Chainsaw Man Manga Series on Max.

Recently, HBO Max has now rebranded to Max only, which includes the content of HBO Max and Discovery Plus at the same prices as HBO Max. As Max is restricted outside USA you will need a VPN to bypass all the restrictions and watch the Chainsaw Man Anime series. This will help you to access Max from outside USA.

Japanese manga creator Tatsuki Fujimoto is responsible for the ongoing series Chainsaw Man. Denji, the protagonist of the series, is a young man who combines his body with that of a dog-like devil named Pochita, giving him the power to turn sections of his body into chainsaws.

This article will tell you how to watch Chainsaw Man Manga Series free on Max easily with the help of a VPN service.

How to Watch Chainsaw Man Manga Series outside USA on Max – [Quick Steps]

If you want to Watch Chainsaw Man Manga Series outside USA on Max, ExpressVPN is all you need to hide your IP address and access Max content. To watch your favorite Max episodes from outside USA, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Join ExpressVPN, then have our user-friendly app installed on your favorite device.
  2. Simply link up with a server in the United States. (suggested New York)
  3. Go ahead and join up for or log into your Max account.
  4. Pay for Max with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal.
  5. You now watch Chainsaw Man on Max outside USA!

Note: Max accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal for subscriptions, but you must know that your credit or debit card must be issued in the United States and have the ability to make recurring automatic payments.

What is Chainsaw Man?

Is Chainsaw Man Manga Series out yet? Yes and here is what the story is about.

The Japanese manga Chainsaw Man was created by Tatsuki Fujimoto, who also drew the artwork. As of September 2020, it will have been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump from December 2018, and it will have been compiled in 10 tankbon volumes by then.

Watch Chainsaw Man Manga Series Online as the story follows Chainsaw Man, a human who becomes a chainsaw-wielding monster after combining with his beloved demonic dog Pochita, as he works for the Environmental Investigation Agency to eradicate evil spirits.

The series will be dubbed into English by Viz Media. The first episode of the Crunchyroll adaptation of the MAPPA anime television series premiered on October 30, 2020. The Manga Taish poll, which determined 2017’s top 10 manga, placed Chainsaw Man at #5. The Shogakukan Shonen Manga Award for 2020 was given to the author. By the end of July in the year 2020, the manga had sold over 8 million copies.

Where to Watch Chainsaw Man Manga Series?

Chainsaw Man anime season 1 will be available on Max, as it will be on other platforms as well, but Max is the most cost-effective option.

However, outside USA, you won’t be able to see Max shows due to regional blocking. Access to the service is only possible with the use of a VPN in order to get around geographical limitations.

If you’re not in USA but still want to see the Chainsaw Man manga series, you’ll need an ExpressVPN. Without a virtual private network (VPN), you won’t be able to access Max if you’re located outside USA.

If you change your IP address to a US one, the service will recognize your location and grant you access. This will allow you to watch Chainsaw Man Manga Series outside USA on Max.

Is it possible to watch the Chainsaw Man manga series with the Max Free Trial?

Yes, you can watch Chainsaw Man Manga Series Using MAX Free Trial. One thing you must know is that Max itself does not give a free trial session, you get with other sources. Connecting your Hulu account to Max will give you a free week of Max, a $7 value. To use this function, go to the Account section of the Settings menu, and from there, select “Oversee Add-ons.”

Anyone who signs up for a free 7-day trial of Max through Amazon Prime Video can watch Chainsaw Man Manga Series outside USA on Max. In contrast, the MAX version of Chainsaw Man Manga Series is accessible for free during the Amazon Prime Video Free Trial period.

Starting today, new Roku users may get a 30-day free trial of Max. A consumer may try out Max on Roku for free for a month if they join up for the service. Even when using Max with a free trial, you will still need a VPN service (ExpressVPN is suggested) if using it outside USA.

When will the Chainsaw Man Manga Series be available on Max?

The Chainsaw Man Manga release date is on October 11, 2022, at 12:00 AM JST (that’s 9:00 AM PT, 11:00 AM ET, and 9:30 PM IST), The first episode of the Chainsaw Man anime will become available on 11th October. There will be 12 episodes in the first season of Chainsaw Man, and they will all premiere on the release date.

What is the Plot of Chainsaw Man Manga Series?

When a demon attacks and kills Denji’s father and leaves him with a mountain of debt, the young man is driven to join his body with a devil that resembles a dog named Pochita in the film Chainsaw Man. Because of the fusion, he can now turn his own body parts into chainsaws.

Eventually, Denji becomes a member of the Public Safety Devil Hunters, a government organization whose sole purpose is to eliminate demons from Japan. As Denji continues his job with the agency, he finds himself drawn more and deeper into a labyrinth of political intrigue and corruption.

He has to deal with the challenges of his new existence while avoiding the perils he faces from other devil hunters and devil opponents he meets. There’s a lot going on in Chainsaw Man, and the movie manages to be both action-packed and humorous despite its grim tone.

I am sure, after reading the amazing Chainsaw Man Manga Series Storyline, you really be wanting to watch it. People living in USA can easily watch it on Max, you will surely be needing a VPN (ExpressVPN is highly recommended by us) to access Max and watch Chainsaw Man Manga Series outside USA on Max.

Is there an Official Chainsaw Man Manga Series Trailer on Max?

Unfortunately, Chainsaw Man Manga Series Trailer is not available on Max, but you can still watch its trailer as it is available on YouTube. To watch this trailer, you do not require a VPN (ExpressVPN or any other VPN), as YouTube is not restricted to any country or city. The link to the trailer is given below.

Who are the Chainsaw Man Manga Series’ Characters and Voice Actors?

Chainsaw Man Manga Series Characters and Actors include:

Character Description
Denji The protagonist who can transform into Chainsaw Man
Pochita A chainsaw devil who is also Denji’s pet dog
Makima A public safety devil hunter who presides over Denji
Aki Hayakawa A devil hunter working in Makima’s team
Power A human-devil mutant (fiend) who is part of Makima’s team

Voice actors that are working behind the camera.

Character Voice Actor
Denji/Chainsaw Man Kikunosuke Toya
Makima Tomori Kusunoki
Aki Hayakawa Shogo Sakata
Power Fairouz Ai Kadota
Pochita Shiori Izawa

How many episodes are there in the Chainsaw Man Manga Series?

The details of Chainsaw Man Manga Series Episodes are given below:

Episode Title Release Date Description
Episode 1 Arrival in Tokyo 11th October Denji takes a job with the Public Safety demon Hunters to help pay off his late father’s debts, but he quickly finds himself in over his head when a demon attacks him on the job.
Episode 2 Meowy’s Whereabouts 18th October Denji and the hunters decide to visit a pub with a cat theme in order to increase their chances of finding Pochita, but their plans are complicated when a band of deadly villains shows up.
Episode 3 Gun Devil 25th October The notorious Gun Devil must be eliminated, and the hunters must discover his sinister master plot.
Episode 4 Rescue 1st November Denji and Aki are on the scene of a demon attack on a big shopping mall, and they must free the hostages and defeat the devil.
Episode 5 Interrogation 8th November During his interrogation by Makima and the demon Hunters’ higher ups, Denji reveals further details about his background and the demon that merged with him.
Episode 6 Wisdom and Courage 15th November As Denji and the hunters probe a demon cult, he finds himself at odds with an adversary whose values are diametrically opposed to his own.
Episode 7 The Darkness Devil 22nd November The mysterious Darkness Devil must be revealed, and the hunters must investigate a string of bizarre occurrences to do so.
Episode 8 Curse 29th November Aki is cursed by a demon, and Denji and the hunters must discover the devil and figure out how to cure the spell.
Episode 9 Future 6th December When Denji meets a new danger and witnesses his acts being analyzed, he begins to rethink his future as a devil hunter.
Episode 10 Hero 13th December The hunters are given the mission of saving several hostages from a demon, and it is at this time that Denji learns what it is to be a hero.
Episode 11 Promise 20th December As they confront the demon behind the gun assaults and learn the truth about the group that oversees the devil hunters, Denji and the hunters face their greatest battle yet.
Episode 12 Departure 27th December Denji and the hunters face up against the ultimate evil, with Denji making the ultimate sacrifice to save his companions and the world from the devastation –the ultimate villain threatens to unleash.

Details of HBO Max Subscription Plans to Watch Chainsaw Man Manga Series outside USA on Max

With the arrival of Max later this month, users can either with their current plan or upgrade to one of three new options. The new Max plans, Ad-Lite, Ad-Free, and Ultimate, will have somewhat different packaging and features than the old Max plans.

There isn’t much of a distinction between the ad-free and ad-lite plans, other than the fact that the former provides offline downloading in addition to HD resolution and two streams. The future iteration of HBO Max will adhere to the same commercial-free, subscription-based structure as the current HBO Max. Each and every membership plan has the full Max library.

Max’s contribution is summarized in the table below.

Ad-Lite Ad-Free Ultimate
Monthly price $10 $16 $20
Number of screens you can watch at the same time 2 2 4
Number of offline downloads 0 30 100
HD available Yes Yes Yes
4K Ultra HD available No No Yes

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Chainsaw Man Manga Series ououtside USA on Max?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Max to watch Chainsaw Man Manga Series ououtside USA on Max, Since it works flawlessly on all of your streaming devices and is fully compatible with Max, it’s the  service.


Stream Chainsaw Man Manga Series on Max with ExpressVPN

 Recommended Server: New York

ExpressVPN offers a number of useful extras on top of the usual fare of a VPN service, such as a kill switch for your network that is handled invisibly through DNS, split tunneling, and the Light Way Protocol. Increased processing speed allows for more rapid data transmission and reception, which in turn enhances usefulness. There will be no downtime for using up to five devices simultaneously with your membership.

ExpressVPN has over 3000 servers located in over 105 different countries and territories, including over 20 in the United States alone. Max’s New York server is where you should go if you value your time while watching the network’s top shows. IP masking services are available to the general public, so you may disguise your online identity in the same way, anybody else would.

With the help of these highly-optimized servers, you can also watch the latest movies and shows like Painting With John Season 3 and Downey’s Dream Cars on Max without any glitches or buffering.

Additionally, it is compatible with a wide range of today’s most widely used electronic devices and software platforms. HBO Max works with a wide variety of operating systems and mobile devices, including Max on Windows, macOS, Chromecast, Linux, iOS, and Android.

iPhone on Max can also be accessed. A large number of Smart TVs also support ExpressVPN. You may also watch HBO Max on your Smart TV from LG, Sony, Samsung, and many more.

HBO Max removes geographical restrictions from streaming providers, allowing users to watch American Netflix in the United States and Indian Rai TV from anywhere in the world. ExpressVPN is the best Virtual Private Network (VPN) service for protecting your privacy when watching Amazon Prime.

A media streamer DNS service is a great alternative to a VPN when you can’t access the service on your device. Payments are US$ 6.67 /mo (Black Friday Deal: Grab 3 Free Months + 49% OFF 12-Month Plan).

Top Shows and Movies on HBO Max in 2023

Watch Chainsaw Man Anime and the following shows on Max

Can I Watch Chainsaw Man Manga Series on Max outside USA?

Yes, if you have access to a premium VPN service, you will be able to watch Chainsaw Man Manga Series on Max outside USA. Following the instructions in this guide will allow you to unblock HBO Max in your region, as well as Discovery+ and other hubs like TNT, Adult Swim, and CNN original programs. (After the merge all these channels are accessible on MAX).

You can use a VPN to watch Chainsaw Man Manga Series outside USA on Max, or directly access Max if you are in USA.

Chainsaw Man Manga Series


Yes. If you sign up for a free trial of HBO MAX, you may watch the whole series of the manga Chainsaw Man without spending a dime. You will be charged a subscription cost after the trial period ends if you do not cancel your Max membership. You will still be needing a VPN (ExpressVPN is recommended) to get Max free trial.

Yes, HBO Max is available to Max members as part of their HBO package. It’s important to note that HBO Max does not include every episode of every HBO show, and that some HBO Max shows may require a paid subscription in order to see.

Other than Max, you can watch Chainsaw Man on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, VRV, and Crunchyroll. You can get any of these streaming platforms or can even get Max on Mac to enjoy the Chainsaw Man series.

Wrapping Up!

We hope now you know how to watch Chainsaw Man Manga Series outside USA on Max.

A VPN service (ExpressVPN is highly suggested by us) and Max subscription will allow you to access MAx from anywhere outside USA from which you can watch the Chainsaw Man Manga Series premiere easily on Max.

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