How to Watch Evil Lives Here Season 14 outside USA


Get ready to watch Evil Lives Here Season 14 outside USA on Max with ExpressVPN.

For Season 14, the captivating and intricate show has been renowned for keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. Evil Lives Here 2023 will premiere on its primary channel, Investigation Discovery, on August 6; however, it will be easily accessible on Max, a combination of Discovery Plus and HBO Max.

However, due to licensing limitations, Evil Lives Here serial killer show streaming is not available outside USA. To get around geographic restrictions and watch Max or HBO Max outside USA, a VPN is necessary.

If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, then you can watch Evil Lives Here with Max free trial. Keep reading to find out how to get a free trial, and enjoy Evil Lives Here full episodes streaming on Max.

How to Watch Evil Lives Here Season 14 outside USA [5 Easy Steps]

You can watch Evil Lives Here Season 14 outside USA by complying with the instructions and using the best VPN for Max or HBO Max.

  • Register with ExpressVPN.
  • Connect to the US-New York server.
  • Clean the browser’s cookies and cache.
  • Visit the Max website to sign up or log in.
  • Search for Evil Lives Here.
  • And now you are able to watch Evil Lives Here Season 14 outside USA.

Note: Register with any American-issued credit card to pay for Max or HBO Max. Don’t forget to enable recurrent monetary transactions to guarantee continued access to your preferred shows.

Watch Evil Lives Here Season 14 Outside USA with ExpressVPN!Our Top Recommendation for Buffer-Free Streaming

Where Can You Watch Evil Lives Here Season 14?

You can watch Evil Lives Here Season 14 on Max on August 6.


Iconic Entertainment from the top streaming brands under a single subscription outside USA!

If you are wondering where to watch Evil Lives Here besides Max, you can watch it on its primary channel, Investigation Discovery. But Max is a highly recommended option for streaming due to its flexibility and large content accessibility, and it is the most affordable streaming site out there.

If you are unable to connect to Max in your locality and you are wondering is Max or HBO Max down, then no, Max is not down, but due to the streaming service’s geographical restrictions and the copyright laws that are applicable to its content, you are unable to access it outside USA.

You will require a VPN, such as ExpressVPN, to be able to watch Evil Lives Here Season 14 outside USA.

How Can I Watch Evil Lives Here Season 14 Using Max Free Trial?

You can watch Evil Lives Here online free by using third-party streaming sites like Amazon Prime or Hulu.

If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber. You can sign up for free, 7-day Max free trial as part of a Prime Channels promotion. Utilize the trial to receive Max for free for a week.

After that, you may decide whether to cancel Max or HBO Max subscription or continue using it. Hulu also provides its customers with free Max trials in its bundle.

If you decide to continue your Max subscription after the end of the free trial, you can do so by paying Max or HBO Max price, which is extremely affordable, to continue your subscription and stream unlimited entertaining content from Max.

Remember,  the show is not available for streaming outside USA due to geographical limitations.

In order to watch Evil Lives Here Season 14 outside USA, you need to connect to a top-notch VPN like ExpressVPN to see what happens to Rodney Metzer.

What is The Synopsis of Evil Lives Here Season 14?

Evil Lives Here plot is unavailable because it is a crime documentary based on the interviews and experiences of people who have survived living with serial killers; therefore, no specific plot for this show is available.

However, The show’s premise tells the tales of people who lived in the same house and had a loved one who turned nefarious, whether it was a parent, brother, other relative, or even an offspring. And no doubt, Evil Lives Here director, J. Tom Pougue has done fantastic work with the stories.

The Evil Lives Here watch online scenario is possible with Max. but it is not accessible to a global audience due to geographical constraints. Therefore, to watch Evil Lives Here Season 14 outside USA, you must use a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN.

Is There Any Official Trailer Available For Evil Lives Here Season 14?

No, the official Evil Lives Here Season 14 trailer has not been released yet, but it will be available soon.

What is The Release Date of Evil Lives Here Season 14?

Evil Lives Here Season 14 release date 2023 has been announced, which is August 6, 2023.

Fans are eager for the premiere of this enthralling and heart-throbbing crime documentary. And after knowing the Evil Lives Here release date, waiting for its airing is more difficult now.

How Many Episodes Will be there in Evil Lives Here Season 14?

The total number of episodes of Evil Lives Here Season 14 has not been announced yet. Only the information for 2 episodes has been made public. You can check out the description of Evil Lives Here Season 14 episodes below:

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
01 We’re Glad Mom is Dead 6 August , 2023
02 Trapped in a House of Torture 13 August , 2023

How Can I Watch Previous Seasons of Evil Lives Here?

You can watch previous Evil Lives Here all Seasons on Max, excluding Season 14, which is yet to be released.

However, to watch Evil Lives Here outside USA, you must use a reputable VPN that can easily bypass geo-restrictions of Max so that you can stream Evil Lives Here all episodes without any restrictions.

There are a total of 13 seasons that have been released on Max. You can check their details by hovering over the below Seasons.

Evil Lives Here Season 13:

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
01 I Watched Daddy Bury Mommy 22 January, 2023
02 I Made It Out Alive 29 January, 2023
03 Scratch My Murderous Itch 4 February, 2023
04 Kill Him, Save Yourself 19 February, 2023
05 He Called It “The Need” 26 February, 2023
06 He Looks Like the Killer on TV 5 March, 2023
07 Fantasising and Hunting 12 March, 2023
08 The Hole in the Backyard 19 March, 2023
09 Ménage à Terror 2 April, 2023
10 Sisters in Silence 9 April, 2023

Evil Lives Here Season 12:

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
01 He Should Have Died Sooner 3 July, 2022
02 He Tied Me Up, Too 10 July, 2022
03 Sleeping With the Enemy 17 July, 2022
04 A Special Place in Hell 24 July, 2022
05 He Pretended to Save Me 31 July, 2022
06 I Found His Confession 7 August , 2022

Evil Lives Here Season 11:

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
01 Locked in the Closet 20 February , 2022
02 What if He Gets Out 27 February , 2022
03 I Will Always Be Scared of Him March 6, 2022
04 He Kept Her In A Tree Stump March 13, 2022
05 He Was A False Prophet March 20, 2022
06 Keeping My Brother’s Secret March 27, 2022
07 She Should Be Left to Die 3 April, 2022
08 Divorce? Never. Murder? Maybe. 10 April, 2022

Evil Lives Here Season 10:

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
01 My Son Should Die in Prison 11 July, 2021
02 He Got Into My Soul 18 July, 2021
03 Why Did I Let Him In? 1 August, 2021
04 He Got Away With Murder 8 August, 2021
05 My Sister Blamed Me 15 August, 2021
06 He Was My Hero and A Monster 22 August, 2021
07 I Want To Watch His Last Breath 29 August, 2021
08 I Still Love My Daddy 12 September, 2021
09 I Was Warned and Didn’t Listen 19 September, 2021
10 He Was Born Evil 26 September, 2021
11 Nobody Believed Me 3 October, 2021
12 We All Die Tonight 10 October, 2021
13 He Fed Them to Gators 17 October, 2021

Evil Lives Here Season 9:

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
01 What If He Was Innocent? 14 February, 2021
02 My Son is Damaged Goods 21 February, 2021
03 I Don’t Know Why He Spared Me 28 February, 2021
04 He Pretends to Be Human 7 March, 2021
05 They Said I Killed My Brother 14 March, 2021
06 The Box On Her Doorstep 21 March, 2021
07 He Lived A Double Life 28 March, 2021
08 To Infinity and Back 4 April, 2021

Evil Lives Here Season 8:

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
01 I Killed Dirty John 23 August, 2020
02 I Didn’t Know It Was Blood 30 August, 2020
03 I Don’t Believe in Forgiveness 6 September, 2020
04 Momma Made Me Help 13 September, 2020
05 The Prom Night Killer 4 October, 2020
06 My Son Broke My Heart 18 October, 2020
07 They Found Them In Storage 25 October, 2020

Evil Lives Here Season 7:

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
01 It Was All Judith 5 January, 2020
02 I Raised a Sociopath 12 January, 2020
03 The Nights I Don’t Remember 19 January, 2020
04 My Brother Made History 26 January, 2020
05 While I Was Gone 29 January, 2020
06 I Wished My Son Were Dead 9 February, 2020
07 You Have to Get Out 16 February, 2020
08 I Should Have Killed Him Myself 23 February, 2020
09 He Almost Got Away With It 1 March, 2020
10 He Said There Were More of Them 8 March, 2020
11 He Won’t Tell Us Why 15 March, 2020
12 The Werewolf Butcher 22 March, 2020

Evil Lives Here Season 6:

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
01 I Tried To Prevent This 14 July, 2019
02 The Face of My Torturer 21 July, 2019
03 Our Secret Identity 28 July, 2019
04 Until We Meet Again 4 August, 2019
05 He Knew What He Was 11 August, 2019
06 They Let Him Out 18 August, 2019
07 I Have to Do the Right Thing 25 August, 2019
08 My Twisted Sister 1 September, 2019

Evil Lives Here Season 5:

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
01 You Know My Brother’s Name 2 January, 2019
02 Let Her Rot 6 January, 2019
03 Evil Undercover 13 January, 2019
04 Under His Thumb 20 January, 2019
05 He’s Still My Son 27 January, 2019
06 I Was His First Victim 10 February, 2019
07 Is This the Night I Die? 17 February, 2019
08 I Hate Being Daddy’s Girl 24 February, 2019
09 I Wish I’d Turned Around 10 March, 2019
10 One of His Women 24 March, 2019
11 Poisoned by Love 31 March, 2019
12 He Was a Good Man to Me 7 April, 2019

Evil Lives Here Season 4:

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
01 I Invited Him In 13 August, 2018
02 In the Lion’s Cage 20 August, 2018
03 The Last Blanco 27 August, 2018
04 Fear Thy Father 3 September, 2018
05 Something Wasn’t Right 10 September, 2018
06 Master Manipulator 17 September, 2018
07 The Grim Reaper 24 September, 2018
08 We Looked Happy 1 October, 2018

Evil Lives Here Season 3:

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
01 He Comes to My Dreams 1 January, 2018
02 The Monster I Married 7 January, 2018
03 Deadly Fetish 14 January, 2018
04 The Black Widow 21 January, 2018
05 My Son’s Prisoner 28 January, 2018
06 First Love, Forever Evil 11 February, 2018
07 The Soap Star’s Secret 18 February, 2018
08 The Cop and the Killer 25 February, 2018
09 Blood Atonement 04 March, 2018
10 The Demon in His Eyes 11 March, 2018
11 Put on a Happy Face 18 March, 2018
12 The Monster Inside Him 8 April, 2018

Evil Lives Here Season 2:

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
01 Not My Boy 1 January, 2017
02 She Made Me Do It 8 January, 2017
03 My Brother, The Devil 15 January, 2017
04 The Horror I Don’t Remember 22 January, 2017
05 Son of the Prophet 12 February, 2017
06 My Secret Nightmare 19 February, 2017
07 My Brother’s Secrets 26 February, 2017
08 Our House of Horrors 5 March, 2017
09 Trapped in Hell 12 March, 2017
10 On the Run 19 March, 2017

Evil Lives Here Season 1:

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
01 Something Is Different About Robbie 17 January, 2016
02 My Brother’s Secret 24 January, 2016
03 Cheating Death 31 January, 2016
04 The Prophet 14 February, 2016
05 In Love with the Devil 21 February, 2016
06 Home Sweet Nightmare 28 February, 2016

What Are The Most Exciting and Thrilling Episodes of Evil Lives Here?

Almost all of the episodes including Evil Lives Here Mitchelle Blair episode are exciting and thrilling. Evil Lives Here is a documentary show about serial killers that is based on interviews with the victims.

Evil Lives Here I Made It Out Alive is the deadliest episode, which gives the audience shills. Evil Lives Here Season 13 Episode 2Made It Out Alive, is about a mother whose name was Mitchelle Blair. She has killed her two children and frozen them in the freezer. Gabi Blair has survived.

Later in the interview with Evil Lives Here Gabi Blair describes how she has been forced to keep her mother’s atrocities a secret and shudders every time she passes the freezer.

Besides, Evil Lives Here 360 Degrees of Terror revolves around a high school couple, Keara Hazel and Jorden Hazel, who got married at the age of 20 and later had two beautiful children. One day, Jorden Hazel came home with a gun and shot down his wife along with the two kids.

Moreover, Evil Lives Here The Hole in the Backyard is about a missing case where Kou, Karina’s ex-husband, has gone missing. The police were searching for him and found a freshly dug shed in the yard, where Evil Lives Here Karina had buried her ex-husband’s dead body.

In Evil Lives Here Delilah Yang, her youngest daughter, narrates the story as she was the first eyewitness. Also, the story of Jordan Hazel is also something that will certainly excite the viewers. And if you want more, then Mark Burns Evil Lives Here
episode also needs your attention.

What is The Cast of Evil Lives Here Season 14?

Below, you can check out the list of the cast of Evil Lives Here Season 14.

Name Role Name Role
James M. Reilly Adult Dustin Brian Vadim Bill
John Cerny Police Officer T.J. Craig Josh
David Wenzel Det Broderick Kathy-Ann Hart Intake Nurse
Robert Levey II Corey Breininger Steve Schroko Grandfather
Andrew Colford Peter Tobin Marian Murray Angela Parsons Kreider
Mark Lehneman Co-worker Hillary Hamilton Candace Sims
James Zeiss Detective Ava Briglia Young Lindsay Wrinkles
Tim Rerucha Eric Wrinkles Frank Di Napoli Bishop
Amaya Press Little Sister Ryan Adeleen Rosner Adult Lindsey Wrinkles

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to watch Evil Lives Here Season 14 outside USA?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for HBO Max to watch Evil Lives Here Season 14 outside USA because it offers quick speed, reliable encryption, and legitimate security.


watch Evil Lives Here season 14 outside USA with ExpressVPN!

Recommended Server: New York

With an extensive worldwide network of nearly 3000 servers dispersed over 105 countries, the VPN gives the bestest experience.

Also, Max’s Evil Lives Here documentary TV series can be streamed uninterrupted if you are connected to the New York server.

ExpressVPN additionally offers a great MediaStreamer (DNS) solution. This clever solution allows Max to be accessed on devices without native VPN capabilities. ExpressVPN also supports plenty of devices. You can use Max on PS4, PS5, computers, and gaming systems. It is simple to use. Up to five devices can be linked together at once.

ExpressVPN uses advanced encryption protocols like AES-256 to safeguard your online privacy and data against threats.

With ExpressVPN’s 24/7 customer care, you can also fix Max or HBO Max not working in your area, making ExpressVPN a great match for Max.

You can utilize this VPN to watch Battle of The Decades and Sister Wives with your friends and family.

Max has a massive library of the best documentaries and also shows like Nasa’s Unexplained Files.

You can take advantage of a free trial to watch Max or HBO Max through Amazon Prime and enjoy shows like Warrior Final Episode.

For US$ 6.67 /mo (Black Friday Deal: Grab 3 Free Months + 49% OFF 12-Month Plan), you can get this VPN. In addition, ExpressVPN offers a 30-day refund if you change your mind.

Watch Evil Lives Here Season 14 Outside USA with ExpressVPN!Our Top Recommendation for Buffer-Free Streaming

Other Best Shows and Movies For You on Max

Now you can stream popular series on Max from other streaming services. Here are some recommendations for popular HBO Max movies and TV shows. Check out the list below:

Evil Lives Here


Yes, you can watch Evil Lives Here online free. It’s important to remember that the free trial is only available for 7 days. To get the free trial, you must register for HBO Max. After the trial has been activated, you can watch the Evil Lives Here HBO Max show and other Max content for free. If you are in the geo-restricted Max zone, you will additionally require ExpressVPN.

To Infinity and Back S9E8 is the highest-rated episode and is considered the best episode of Evil Lives Here.

Yes, If you already have an HBO Max subscription, you’ll have access to Max without having to sign up again. You will shift from HBO Max to Max with ease. If you launch HBO Max, the App will either upgrade right away to Max or you will be required to install the Max App.

There are a total of 110 episodes in Evil Lives Here. Each episode is filled with something that excites you for the next episode.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have provided an extensive guide to watch Evil Lives Here Season 14 outside USA. You should comply with the given instructions and get yourself a reliable VPN to watch this mind-blowing criminal biographical documentary in any location worldwide on Max.

You won’t miss a single spine-chilling episode of Evil Lives Here Season 14 by using ExpressVPN to get around regional limitations and watch Evil Lives Here outside USA on Max. Don’t let geographic boundaries hinder the quality of your entertainment.

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