How to Watch Expedition X Season 6 Outside USA on Max


Are you ready to embark on an exciting adventure with Expedition X Season 6? You can access this thrilling excursion by using ExpressVPN. Let’s look at how to watch Expedition X Season 6 outside USA on Max.

Season 6 of Expedition X features Josh Gates, Phil Torres, and Jessica Chobot while they investigate otherworldly occurrences, recover stolen valuables, and explore undiscovered territory, unraveling mysteries worldwide.

Following the merger with Discovery Plus, HBO Max became Max, delivering an even greater content selection. To unblock HBO Max outside USA, you must subscribe to a reputable VPN service, such as ExpressVPN, to circumvent the platform’s geographical limitations.

If you’re new to Max, you can watch Expedition X Season 6 with Max free trial. Sign up for Max, and you may watch Expedition X new season 2023 for free. It’s an excellent chance to catch up on your favorite shows without committing to anything, so don’t wait and start streaming now.

Quick Steps to Watch Expedition X Season 6 Outside USA on Max

To watch Expedition X Season 6 outside USA on Max, simply follow the steps below:

  • Register to ExpressVPN and download and set up the ExpressVPN application on your device.
  • Connect to a US-based server, like the New York server.
  • Clear your browser’s cache and cookies which guarantees a continuous browsing experience.
  • Browse the Max website while logged in or making a new account.
  • Begin watching Expedition X season 6 by looking for it on the platform.

NOTE: You can pay for Max or HBO Max in various ways. Check to see if your debit or credit card is registered in the United States and if it accepts auto-pay.

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Where Can I Stream Expedition X Season 6?

If you’re wondering where can I watch all seasons of Expedition X online, HBO Max is the place to go. Max provides access to watch new episodes of Expedition X, which makes it an excellent option for fans.

HBO Max price is also an affordable choice for fans outside US. The site brings you nearer to a thrilling voyage filled with mysterious events and encounters with eccentric beings by offering information at an affordable cost.


Iconic Entertainment from the top streaming brands under a single subscription outside USA!

It’s important to note, though, that Max imposes geographical limitations on its contents, restricting access according to your location. Thankfully, ExpressVPN allows you to bypass these limitations and enjoy watch Expedition X season 6 online outside USA.

You don’t want to pay for Expedition X season 6 streaming? Continue reading to learn how to watch Expedition X season 6 outside USA on Max online for free!

Can I Watch Expedition X Season 6 Using Max Free Trial?

There are a couple of ways to watch Expedition X season 6 on Max for free. Users of Amazon Prime can use a Prime Channels offering that provides a free seven-day trial period to Max.

You can also watch Max on Hulu, so you can also join up for a free trial. You can catch the interesting show throughout the 7-day trial period if you sign up with Hulu with Max. Remember to cancel HBO Max subscription before the seven-day free trial period ends.

You can use ExpressVPN to secure uninterrupted access to Max, especially if you live outside USA. This secure VPN service links you to a server in the United States, allowing you to watch all seasons of Expedition X online for free.

Plot of Expedition X Season 6:

Expedition X Season 6 renewed in an exciting show that follows the experiences of Gates, Phil Torres, and Jessica Chobot. Their objective includes delving into supernatural happenings to unearth the underlying realities behind these exciting experiences.

Through the series, fans are taken on an enthralling trip filled with unexplained events, encounters with strange species, and mystical encounters.

To watch Expedition X Season 6 outside USA on Max, use ExpressVPN as it is an excellent VPN for catching up on the show without difficulty.

Trailer Of Expedition X Season 6:

Max has not released the trailer. However, Expedition X new Season trailer has been made available on YouTube. You may watch it by following this link:

Use ExpressVPN, the best VPN for HBO Max, to circumvent geographical limitations and have access to amazing adventures with Josh Gates from outside USA. Indulge yourself completely in Expedition X season 6, without constraints or boundaries.

Furthermore, we’ll update you with the trailer for Expedition X season 6 episode 1, as soon as the platform announces it.

Release Date of Expedition X Season 6:

Set out on a journey for intrigue and adventure when Expedition X Season 6 release date is set for August 2, 2023. Prepare to join the daring explorers Josh Gates, Phil Torres, and Jessica Chobot as they venture into the unknown, stimulating your interest and captivating you with each fascinating episode till September 20, 2023.

Mark the Expedition X new season date and prepare to join the trio on their upcoming adventure. So keep an eye out for Expedition X season 6 on Max!

How Many Episodes are there in Expedition X Season 6?

Expedition X Season 6 will consist of 8 spectacular episodes that will take viewers on adventurous expeditions into the world of inexplicable and unknown creatures. ExpressVPN is the way to watch Expedition X Season 6 outside USA on Max.

Expedition X Seasons Overview:

Expedition X has been broadcast five seasons to date, with the sixth season presently in progress. Here’s a quick rundown of Expedition X all seasons:

  • Season 1: Expedition X season 1 brought audiences to the world of weird and unexplained events, combining mystery and reality-TV aspects to uncover cryptic narratives and research.
  • Season 2: The adventurous team’s exploits continued as they explored further into supernatural mysteries, sightings of UFOs, and mysterious animals.
  • Season 3: With fascinating investigations and unexpected interactions, Season 3 presented even more captivating secrets and unknown territory, keeping fans in their seats.
  • Season 4: Following the prior season’s success, Season 4 sent the Expedition X crew on a mission to unearth the hidden facts behind even more intriguing cases.
  • Season 5: The crew broadened their investigation into the realm of the inexplicable in the fifth season, embracing the genres of adventure and reality TV to engage spectators.

Join the quest for one of the globe’s hardest-to-find creatures from the ease of your home and ensure uninterrupted watching regardless of where you are with ExpressVPN.

Season 1:

Below are the details of Expedition X Season 1:

Episode number Episode name Description Air date
1 Mothman Phenomenon Jessica Chobot and Phil Torres investigate the Mothman mythology by looking for evidence in a long-sealed cave and a top-secret Air Force base. February 12, 2020
2 Cambodia’s Jungle Monster The explosion of human activity around the discovery of an old city pushes Phil Torres and Jessica Chobot deep into the Cambodian bush in quest of a monster that has terrorized villagers for ages. February 19, 2020
3 Terror on Doll Island Phil Torres and Jessica Chobot battle camera problems and mental breakdowns to discover what is going on on the Island of the Dolls, a perilous location that residents have long avoided. February 26, 2020
4 Mystery in Mammoth Cave Phil Torres and Jessica Chobot examine a weird occurrence that has plagued Mammoth Cave for years. March 4, 2020
5 Mt. Adams’ UFO Encounter Phil Torres and Jessica Chobot investigate a proactive volcano in Washington after reading about underground hangars and odd orbs of light. March 11, 2020
6 The Amazon Cursed Ruins Expedition X investigates an abandoned and ghostly outpost in the Amazon rainforest, where they interact with tribes deep in the bush and hear odd occurrences at night that induce dread. March 18, 2020
7 Lake of the Dead Phil and Jessica travel to Lake Lanier, a man-made lake that encompasses over 20 cemeteries and the corpses that remain buried there; they explore in and around America’s deadliest lake to find rumors of drownings and eerie encounters. March 25, 2020

Season 2:

Below are the details of Expedition X Season 2:

Episode number Episode name Description Air date
1 Curse of the Old West Outlaw Locals think the soul of a famed bandit wanders the town due to an unjust hanging; Phil and Jess’ research leads them into a deadly abandoned gold mine. November 11, 2020
2 Round-Up at Death Ranch Josh Gates sends his team to explore strange livestock abnormalities in the Pacific Northwest; the bizarre fatalities make Jessica and Phil wonder if the cattle are the prey of newly arrived extreme predators or something more nefarious. November 18, 2020
3 Terror of the Bell Witch Josh investigates one of the nation’s oldest witch stories; villagers in the Tennessee backwoods report being assaulted in a massive cave system; and Jess and Phil venture underground and discover terrifying mounds of bones and suspected human remains. November 25, 2020
4 Ghost in the Swamp In response to scary visions in a Texas swamp, Josh dispatches his crew to the Big Thicket, where Phil and Jess explore the ghost lights that have frightened locals for years. November 25, 2020
5 Devil in the Forest Josh dispatches Jessica and Phil to the forests of southern New Jersey to search for the notorious Jersey Devil; residents are scared of a demonic creature that has terrorized them for over 300 years. December 9, 2020
6 America’s Lake Monster Josh receives video evidence of a big monster that lives in Lake Champlain, so Phil and Jess travel to explore this 30-foot serpent that has been observed in the lake for decades. December 16, 2020
7 Thailand’s UFO Cult Josh deploys Phil and Jessica to Bangkok in pursuit of the outfit responsible for alarming predictions of global and natural disasters. December 23, 2020

Season 3:

Below are the details of Expedition X season 3:

Episode number Episode name Description Air date
1 An American Werewolf Following the Beast of Bray Road, a half-man, half-beast living in suburban Wisconsin involved in frequent attacks and new sightings paralyzes locals. April 14, 2021
2 The Beast of Bray Road Eyewitness tales and sightings lead Josh Gates, Jessica Chobot, and Phil Torres to a distant woodland where terrifying clues may disclose the beast’s true nature. April 21, 2021
3 UFOs Over New Mexico Answering to the latest UFO sightings, Josh Gates forwards his squad to New Mexico for a new investigation into the iconic, unresolved Socorro Landing Incident; Jess and Phil attempt to solve Socorro using never-before-used equipment and new witnesses. April 28, 2021
4 Ghosts in the Canal Josh is interested in investigating eerie occurrences and terrible sounds emanating from a deserted canal on the Potomac; Jess and Phil delve into the gloomy depths and seek hidden tunnels. May 5, 2021
5 Canyon of the Apes In the Pacific Northwest, Phil and Jessica discover a spate of recent reports and new evidence, new leads concerning a terrifying encounter led them into rough, treacherous territory along Mount St. Helens. May 12, 2021
6 Aliens of the Deep Declassified footage captured by the US Navy sparks Jess and Phil’s inquiry into enigmatic supersonic vehicles soaring over – and racing beneath – the waters around Catalina Island, California. May 19, 2021
7 Into the Alien Ocean After discovering an extraterrestrial underwater facility connecting the island and the mainland, Jess and Phil’s inquiry into mysterious submerged items off the shore of Catalina Island increases. May 26, 2021

Season 4:

Below are the details of Expedition X season 4:

Episode number Episode name Description Air date
1 Terror in Appalachia Hikers go missing in Appalachia’s Great Smoky Mountains amid stories of bizarre, human-like animals. Phil and Jess set out to discover the truth beneath these disturbing occurrences. September 1, 2021
2 The Van Meter Monster Residents in southern Iowa are terrified after seeing a massive winged creature. Phil and Jess investigate the enigma that terrorized Van Metre a century ago. September 8, 2021
3 Thailand’s UFO Cult Phil and Jessica travel to Bangkok, Thailand, to investigate the group responsible for scary global disaster forecasts. September 15, 2021
4 Graveyard of the Great Lakes Phil and Jess look into claims of ghostly phenomena on Michigan’s Shipwreck Coast, where Lake Superior has wiped out countless lives. September 22, 2021
5 Ghost Fort of the Civil War Phil and Jess obtain entry to Fort Morgan to explore ghostly sounds and apparitions, but Gulf Coast storms threaten the old fort. September 29, 2021
6 Civil War Ghost in the Bay Jess and Phil investigate Fort Morgan’s terrible history, which is prompted by disturbing bell noises heard outside the fort’s walls. Amy Bruni and Adam Berry of Kindred Spirits join them. October 6, 2021

Season 5:

Below are the details of Expedition X season 5:

Episode number Episode name Description Air date
1 Ring of Fire UFOs While examining unusual objects flying over Mexico’s largest active volcano, Phil and Jess investigate the science behind a bizarre phenomenon. May 25, 2022
2 The Ozark Howler Jess and Phil travel deep into the Ozarks to explore a mysterious predatory beast; eyewitness accounts, security footage, and new recordings of bone-chilling cries bring the team to a surprising discovery about the famous beast. June 1, 2022
3 Mexico’s Haunted Cenotes Phil and Jess examine aquatic tunnels thought to be gates to the Maya underworld in the Yucatan; some blame angry spirits for unusual lights and strange animal behavior, but the holy cenotes hold secrets worse than any legend. June 8, 2022
4 Avalanche Ghost Train Josh Gates and the group investigate the undiscovered realms. June 15, 2022
5 Monster of the Amazon Phil pursues an unknown creature while Jess searches for signs that a fabled creature is nearby. June 15, 2022
6 Alaskan Lake Monster Phil and Jess look for a fabled beast now the subject of serious scientific investigation in whitewater rapids and an icy Alaskan lake. June 22, 2022
7 The Beast of Andros Island Jess and Phil walk into the dangerous seas surrounding Andros Island in search of a sea monster, only to discover something far more horrifying. July 6, 2022

The Cast of Expedition X Season 6:

Following is the Expedition X season 6 cast:

Name Role Name Role
Josh Gates Self/Host Jimmy Church Self/Radio Host and Researcher
Phil Torres Self/Field Biologist Jeff Wamsley Self/Curator, Mothman Museum
Jessica Chabot Self/Paranormal Researcher Sandro Gama Pedroso Self/Jungle Guide
Brian Garrity Self/Co-Executive Producer Rachel Sanders Self/Eyewitness
Bob Kennedy Self/Boat Captain Mark Wenner Self/Cave Research Foundation

These are the significant components of the expedition crew, along with Expedition X director (Arno Marten), who play crucial parts in the Expedition X season 6 while they begin their journey to uncover the secrets.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Expedition X Season 6 Outside USA on Max?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Expedition X Season 6 outside USA on Max. ExpressVPN’s exceptional speed of 89.78 Mb/s provides uninterrupted streaming of a wide range of HBO Max shows.


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If you want to know about the Expedition X review, we assure you that the Expedition X IMDb rating is 6.4/10, so don’t miss out on the amazing adventure the trio offers on Max.

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Expedition X Season 6

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Jessica Chabots, played the role of a paranormal researcher in the show Expedition X season 6.

Josh was married to Hallie Gnatovich. However, Josh’s now ex-wife confirmed in an August 2021 Instagram post that she & the Expedition Unknown actor parted ways on July 12, 2021.

Yes, Expedition X season 6 is already on air on Max. Download ExpressVPN service and connect your device to watch the show outside USA.

Wrapping Up

We are confident that these simple instructions will allow you to watch Expedition X Season 6 outside USA on Max. So, don’t miss out on the exciting journey of the three and their hardworking trio’s investigation of the incidents.

Join ExpressVPN now and see your geographically restricted concerns fade away.

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