What to Watch on Netflix Outside USA [December 2022]

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See everything that will be available on Netflix for December, including fresh new TV programs and movies, in the list below.

To help you decide what to watch on American Netflix in December 2022, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all the new content arriving in theaters and on streaming services this month. But before that, you must subscribe to a VPN and connect to its US server to access American Netflix outside USA as the US Netflix library is geo-restricted and can’t be accessed outside USA without a VPN.

What to watch on Netflix in December 2022

Name Style Genre IMDB Rating Release Date
The World of the Married Korean  Drama Romantic 8.7/10 4 Dec
When the Weather is Fine Korean  Drama Romantic 7./10 5 Dec
Mortal Kombat Movie Action 6.1/10 9 Dec
Monday Drama Romantic 5.8/10 10 Dec
Blood Ties Movie Action 7.2/10 14 Dec
The Batman Movie Action 7.9/10 15 Dec
Top Gear Season 31 Factual television program British motoring magazine 8.7/10 01 Nov
My Absolute Boyfriend Korean  Drama Romantic Comedy 7./10 12 Nov
R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the Damned Action Comedy TBD 15 Nov
Solitary Gourmet Season 9 Drama Action Series 8.0/10 19 Nov
Attack on Finland Action Mystry 5.3/10 01 Dec
The Bad Guys Comedy Famlity Film 6.8/10 01 Dec
The Bodyguard Drama Action, Romance TBD 02 Dec
Dennis the Menace Comedy Children film 5.6/10 02 Dec
Dolphin Tale Drama Children film 6.8/10 03 Dec
Key & Peele: Season 3 Action & Adventure Tv series Comedy 8.3/10 03 Dec
The Legend of Zorro Action Film 5.9/10 04 Dec
The Little Rascals Film Comedy 6.3/10 05 Dec
Man on a Ledge Action Crime Film 6.6/10 05 Dec
The Mask of Zorro Drama Action 6.8/10 05 Dec
Mile 22 Crime Film Action 6.1/10 05 Dec
Moneyball Drama Sports 7.6/10 06 Dec
Notting Hill Drama Comedy 7.2/10 07 Dec
Still Alice Novel Domestic Fiction 7.5/10 08 Dec
The Takeover Novel Fiction, Romance TBD 09 Dec
Think Like a Man Comedy Romance 6.5/10 10 Dec
Training Day Drama Action, Crime 7.7/10 11 Dec
Up in the Air Comedy Romance 7.4/10 12 Dec
Young Royals: Season 2 Teen Drama Romance 8.3/10 13 Dec
The Final Score Drama Action 5.8/10 14 Dec
Killer Sally Documnetry Crime TBD 15 Dec
Blockbuster Film Comedy TBD 16 Dec
The Dragon Prince: Season 4 Comedy Drama Fantasy Action 8.4/10 17 Dec
Panayotis Pascot: Almost Standup Comedy Documentry TBD 18 Dec
Buying Beverly Hills Reality-TV Lifestyle TBD 19 Dec
Ẹlẹṣin Ọba: The King’s Horseman Drama History 9.6/10 20 Dec
Enola Holmes 2 Drama Adventure 7.0/10 21 Dec
The Fabulous Comedy Romantic TBD 22 Dec
Lookism Drama Ramnace 4.9/10 23 Dec
Manifest: Season 4 Part 1 Drama Sci-fi 7.1/10 24 Dec
Orgasm Inc: The Story of OneTaste Documentry Crime 5.9/10 25 Dec
Captain Phillips Drama Action 7.8/10 26 Dec
Deepa & Anoop: Season 2 Comedy Animated, Family Film 8.5/10 27 Dec
Behind Every Star Drama Comedy TBD 28 Dec
The Claus Family 2 Comedy Family Fantasy 5.6/10 29 Dec
Neal Brennan: Blocks Documentry Comedy TBD 30 Dec

Upcoming top shows on Netflix in December 2022:

The World of the Married

A filmmaker and a doctor are the subject of the drama The World of the Married, which follows their seemingly picture-perfect marriage until betrayal and retaliation spark a wave of grief, healing, and forgiveness. Just watch The World of Married to know both of them cope up with this grief.

When the Weather is Fine

The Story of When the Weather is fine is based on love story. The story revolve between Cellist Mok Hae and Im Eun-seob. They both were high school class mates and met after years. They both time together in their village and spark of love. They fall in love with each other. The story is full of romance, you must watch When The Weather is fine to make your Christmas holiday weather fine and romantic.

The Batman

The gloomy underworld of Gotham City may be more intertwined with the city’s ruling class than Batman ever imagined as he pursues a killer. To learn more about the story just watch The Batman Now.

Mortal Kombat

In a high-stakes battle for the cosmos, MMA fighter Cole Young seeks out Earth’s best champions to oppose Outworld’s adversaries. The whole movie is full of action and thrill. So, if you are action movie lover then just sign up Netflix and watch Mortal Kombat.


Monday is a romantic drama between two stranger who met each other and fall in love instantly, they spent weekend with each other, but soon they both confront the Monday. Just know what is reality of Monday, watch Monday.

Blood Ties

Blood Ties is a crime movie that is based betrayal and leads to murder. After a betrayal leads to his murder. In Blood Ties A policeman’s spirit takes over his sister’s body after a betrayal results in his murder in order to inflict revenge on those responsible. Watch Blood Ties to know what happened next and how this crime story end.

Top Gear Season 31:

The 31st season of Top Gear, a British motor magazine and factual television program, premiered in the United Kingdom on BBC One and BBC One HD in the latter half of 2021.  If you are adventure lover then you must watch Top Gear Season 31 to learn more about Electric cars and best F1 car drivers and so on.

My Absolute Boyfriend:

Dan Dan is a special effects make-up artist, but her heart is as chilly as her profession. Then, out of the blue, she develops romantic feelings for Yeong Goo, a humanoid robot designed to be perfect. Yeong Goo, a humanoid robot designed to be the ideal partner, becomes her unexpected and unrequited soul mate.  My Absolute Boyfriend is based on 7 years relationship story and the story is full of ups and downs about relationship and career, you want to know what happened in last, so you must watch My Absolute Boyfriend.

R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the Damned:

Watch-R.I.P.D. 2:-Rise-of-the-Damned-outside-USA“Rise of the Damed” is a spiritual successor to “R.I.P.D,” set in 1876 in the American West (2013). After joining the R.I.P.D., Sheriff Roy Pulsipher is grateful for the opportunity to return to Earth (Rest In Peace Department.).
If a portal to hell opens in the abandoned mining town of Red Creek, endangering the people and mankind, avenging his own death may take second place to save the planet. The movie is full of thrill and suspense, you must watch R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the Damned to know story of sheriff Roy Pulsipher and his misadventures in the supernatural world.

Solitary Gourmet Season 9:

Watch-Solitary-Gourmet-Season-9-outside-USAPrevious seasons’ small, family-run restaurants will return. The series will explore “solitary dining” due to COVID-19 restaurant restrictions. Gor Inagashira, a lone salesperson, searches Japan for the greatest street cuisine in the live-action series and manga of Kodoku no Gourmet. The live-action show’s eighth season premiered in October 2019.

Solitary Gourmet Season 9 will give you an idea of Japanese dishes, cuisines and places to worth visit. If you ever think to visit Japan, just watch Solitary Gourmet Season 9 before book your tickets.


Yes, The Netflix app, for Windows 8 and later systems, is available for download in the Microsoft Store. Netflix is available on the Google Play Store for Chromebooks to download. Visit Google’s Help Center to get assistance with app installation.

No, The software is available for free download, but subscribers pay a fee to have access to many forms of entertainment. In addition to Windows, you can also get the Netflix app for Android, iOS, and macOS.

Currently, Netflix subscribers may choose from three different pricing tiers (the “Basic,” “Standard,” and “Premium”) that range from $9.99 per month to $19.99 monthly. A new Netflix membership option, Basic with ads, will be available on December. You can also cancel your Netflix subscription anytime in case you don’t like the content after buying the Netflix subscription


We hope you enjoyed our blog about what to watch on American Netflix in December 2022. There are so many different ideas that are coming out now on what to watch on Netflix, it’s hard to decide what to watch.

We are happy we could share with you some of the new and popular movies and shows coming soon. We hope that you are able to find the perfect new show or movie that you love after reading this article.

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