Hamilton on Disney Plus becomes the “Most Viewed” Show of July 2020

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  • Last updated: February 28, 2023
Hamilton becomes most viewed on Disney Plus

Hamilton Disney Plus

The Broadway musical Hamilton was a staggering success on Disney+, and the figures only just proved it right. The filmed musical beat Netflix’s most viewed shows by 37% in July. 

According to the 7Park Data obtained by Variety Intelligence Platform, Hamilton was the most viewed show in the US in July 2020. After that came Netflix’s docuseries “Unsolved Mysteries” with 14% viewership. 

Disney Plus Hamilton Data

This is a massive success for Disney Plus, as 7Park Data’s record of major streaming sites was less than 10% in June. The highest panel viewership for June was 8%, which belonged to Netflix’s “Space Force.”

The research firm 7Park utilizes a census-balanced panel of 15000-25000 households that tune into streaming sites using either a smart TV or any compatible device which easily connects their TV to the internet. 

While Disney Plus did not disclose any figures regarding the total number of audiences that have streamed Hamilton, the Disney CEO Bob Chapek claimed that Hamilton’s release on Disney Plus brought in a lot of new subscribers. 

Hamilton Disney Plus

Not only that, during the weekend after Hamilton’s debut, but Disney Plus also received over 500k downloads. The US received 72% more downloads than average. The rest of the countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, etc. saw a 46.6% increase. 

The number would have gone through the roof, but Disney+ is still not available in many countries across the globe. But thanks to modern day technology, a reliable Disney Plus VPN can set you up real quick so you can watch all your favourite Disney Plus shows.


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